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It seems that no matter how hard I try to be on top of these things, I always end up with a week to go and a billion things to do. BUT! Thanks to a tip from [ profile] gallo_de_pelea I'm getting my prints from Adorama this time, so I'll at least save myself the shipping time (they're in Manhatttan and I can pick the prints up myself.)

I wanted to get prints made of some older pieces -- many of which I've never gotten prints of before -- but quite a few of them have...problems. I don't have the time or energy to completely redraw them all, but I wanted to at least go in and fix people's faces and hands, usually the biggest problem areas. So that's pretty much what I've been doing since late afternoon. D:

Here's my art folder sorted by "date modified" to give you an idea:


Tomorrow: coloring unfinished lineart, ordering the first round of prints (to be safe) and starting in on the rest of the bookmarks/pinups/buttons I have planned.

God and I haven't even started making new buttons and bookmarks from the existing designs.

D: D: D: D: D:

Question: I'd like to get at least a couple different poster-sized prints made but I'm not sure which pieces to go with. Any ideas?

Finally: THANK GOD FOR DIGIMON, which has been keeping me sane through all this.



EDITEDIT: ARG Adorama closes at 1PM tomorrow and stays closed all weekend. I'm sure if I had everything in to them by first thing Monday morning it'd be ready for pickup by the time I had to leave for the con but ARG WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE SO CLOSE! I'm tempted to upload everything now, but I'm tired enough that I'd probably make a stupid mistake :|

EDITEDITEDIT: ORDER MADE. Nothing like spending $100+ before 9AM!? Hopefully I didn't make any major blunders in my sleep-deprived state.
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Finished up my queue ([ profile] wordplay, BB, you still gotta let me know what you want ;3) and still critically underemployed, SO! I figured I'd open up a few more slots in case anyone is interested!

The usual deal: $15 each, postcard-sized watercolors of one or two characters, which I will then mail to you. They''ll look something like this when they're done! I'll also make it a point to do these as soon as possible, within a week if I can and definitely by early next month.

Like usual it's first-come, first-serve -- leave a comment to hold a place, then send payment via paypal to: ali_wildgoose [at] yahoo [dot] com to officially make your way into the queue!

Four Five slots this time (though I'm giving [ profile] meredyd right of first-refusal on one because she asked <3)

1. [ profile] meredyd

2. [ profile] hoshizora

3. [ profile] airemay

4. [ profile] teh_lobster

5. [ profile] ifotismeni

ETA: All done for now! THANKS GUYS! My tiny heart and my empty wallet are both super-appreciative <3
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EDIT: Slots are full, but I know a few of you had things in mind ([ profile] calloocallay?) for next time. So if you're willing to wait a little longer than a couple weeks, feel free to comment below and I'll add you to the less-than-insta-queue. ^_-

Now that [ profile] emsariel is officially unemployed ( D: D: D: ) I'm feeling pretty damn short on funds again. And with Idol on again twice a week, I have some serious in-front-of-the-TV-time coming up that would otherwise be spent vaguely reloading my email. SO!

I'm gonna open up four commission slots. $15 each, postcard-sized watercolors of one or two characters, which I will then mail to you. They''ll look something like this when they're done! I'll also make it a point to do these as soon as possible, within a week if I can and definitely by the end of the month.

Like last time it's first-come, first-serve -- leave a comment to hold a place, then send payment via paypal to: ali_wildgoose [at] yahoo [dot] com to officially make your way into the queue!

1. [ profile] blinkidybah

2. [ profile] wordplay

3. [ profile] honestys_easy

4. [ profile] patrickat
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Gacked from MANY MANY people:

The first five people to comment in this post get to request a sketch of a subject/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

(It'd be NICE if other folks did this, but you know, we're all pretty busy this time of year. <3)

Also, for those who care, the first issue of Nick Magazine featuring new Avatar comics is on the newstands RIGHT NOW! The cover looks like this...

...and includes the comic "Game Time," written by Katie Matilla and drawn by Justin Ridge! (And riffed on by Dave Roman here - oh boys, never change!)

ETA: You guys and your "I CALL SHOTGUN!" commenting is charming and hilarious beyond belief <3

ETA2: I'm doing these a little out of order, since I was out of the house tonight and had to stick to what I didn't need reference for, but so far I've finished:

Jet and Zuko from my Crazy Ba Sing Se AU for [ profile] mrmoonpants

Aang and Katara, grown up and in the Fire Nation (with MEAT) for [ profile] ifotismeni

Tiny Katara and Sokka WRASSLIN for [ profile] pikabot

Maka's Dad the Death Scythe from Soul Eater, for [ profile] ilikebigtoes

Elisa Maza cuffs Fox for [ profile] patrickat

Bertrand Goldenhour for [ profile] foxysquid

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Thanks to the influence of [ profile] bzzinglikeneon I am now HOPELESSLY ADDICTED to ColourLovers, a website that allows you to create and browse through palettes and patterns. Yes, that's right. PALETTES. THAT IS HOW MUCH OF A NERD I AM.

My own page is here, and is so far not too too embarrassing!


Oct. 19th, 2008 12:46 am
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So you know, I feel that [ profile] gallo_de_pelea and I actually kicked a fair amount of ass today! The pics she sent of her WIP panels were GORGEOUS, we both made a lot of progress, and now we can both sleep a little easier, knowing we were TOTALLY VIRTUOUS COMICKERS this afternoon and evening!

If you're curious, my log of the day's progress and the three pages I finished are over on my other journal!

Thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments on my entry, which I have now seen!

EK wants to make a regular habit of this, and I think she may be on to something -- I don't want to unhook my modem and marathon through 12 hours EVERY DAY, but a few times a month certainly wouldn't hurt. ;3
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Thanks to kind insta-commissioners and some last-minute purchases on Sunday, Providence Anime Con wasn't as much as a financial disaster as I was worried it might be. However, it was still pretty damn disastrous, to be honest, and so! POST-CON SALE!

A lot of you expressed an interest in the bookmarks, in particular -- hope you like how they came out!

If you want any of what's below, comment with the items you'd like and wait for me to respond. Once I've responded and confirmed that the items are still available, you can paypal your payment to me at !

Anything I have on me will be sent within a couple days. Bookmarks I've run out of or special-ordered prints will take a little longer, but I'll let you know as much in my reply to your comment.

Bookmarks, watercolors and prints behind the cut! )
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I have internet access here, I have art supplies, and I have time to kill. SOLUTION: I'm taking insta-commissions!

What you get: A postcard-sized watercolor. (It actually IS a postcard, with address lines printed on it and everything!)

What it costs: Only $15, because I'm really really bored.

How you get it: Comment below to hold a slot. Once I've edited this post to add your name, paypal me at (make sure to include your LJ username so I know who you are!)

I'll paint it today and mail it this week! When I say INSTA I mean INSTA. <3

I have three slots for today! Let us see how this goes.

1. [ profile] gothic_hamlet

2. [ profile] kittyjimjams

3. [ profile] reflectedeve

4. [ profile] hoshizora
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Some things!

- I like to listen to podcasts while I work, as they keep my brain from leaking out of my ears and (unlike with most movies and TV) I don't actually miss anything by not watching them, seeing as they' know, audio. In the course of this, I have listened to an ungodly amount of This American Life. I've taken to searching for contributors I particularly like -- David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, Starlee Kein -- and then plowing my way through whatever comes up. From what I can tell there have been 363 episodes so far, and I'm...kind of worried I'm going to run out? Yeah. YEAH. THAT IS A LOT OF THIS AMERICAN LIFE.

- I have fallen back in love with the story I've been working on with [ profile] foxysquid. Not that I ever fell OUT of love with it, but I just cleaned up some old illustrations I drew for it (yes, I know) and I was listening to the soundtracks I made for it (YES, I KNOW) and then I spent a lot of time sort of sitting around and sighing dreamily.

- I've been drawing an awful lot of bookmarks. I like how they're coming out, but I hope they end up being worth the time investment -- my justification for putting Chronin aside for a couple weeks while I do con prep is that while I MAY in some DISTANT FUTURE make a few thousand dollars off of Chronin's sales (IF IT IS FABULOUSLY SUCCESSFUL AND SELLS OUT ITS ENTIRE PRINT RUN, MIND YOU) I could really use some extra cash right now. I've been extremely conservative with ordering prints, I'm putting a lot of thought into the bookmarks....we'll see I guess?

- Which reminds me of a thing that I've been having sort of an issue with lately. I'm having a difficult time believing in the likelihood of my own success. know, I think I'll be OKAY. I'm not too worried about being a total failure, that's just silly. But I'm not wholly convinced I'll break even with expenses for Providence Anime Con and Manga Next. I entered the vidding context at AWA, and have been going a little mad waiting for the results to be posted, but I don't really think that I won anything. I'm working on a fic right now (though not much, since I have so much else to do) that I'm really excited about, but I'm not really expecting anyone to read it. It takes a lot out of me to be hopeful and then have those hopes not amount to anything. Other stuff's going really well -- some freelance I'm doing for NickMag (which I'll go back to once I post this, actually...) the pages I've drawn for Chronin, some promising leads that I need to follow up know, not bad! But dammit...DAMMIT AWA JUST POST THE FUCKING CONTEST RESULTS ALREADY D:

- On the other hand, few things are as satisfying as ordering giant-ass prints of your own artwork. Who cares if no one wants to buy my 12"x18" Mulan and Mirai prints? I CAN JUST HANG THEM IN MY OFFICE.

- Minx was canceled. Man. That really really sucks.

- I am incredibly irritated about last night's Project Runway.

- I remain undecided on David Cook's new single.
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[ profile] erinfinnegan had some advice on this front, but she suggested I consult the masses...AND SO HERE I AM.

I'd planned on drawing Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke (a la Shippuden) together on one of the bookmarks I'm drawing for cons, but Erin suggested that other Naruto groups are better loved in the fandom.

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So I'm trying to figure out what images to include in my portfolio! I still have the old one kicking around, but it was OLD, and it's about time I rework it anyway. But of all the things I hate in this world, self-promotion of any kind is primary among them, and so not very good about representing myself. Also, despite years of art school and professional experience, the niggling details of portfolio-building still elude me.

How many pieces? I was thinking something like fifteen to twenty, half all my own and half pieces I've colored for other people. What about fanart? I feel like it's fine as long as there's variety, but who knows?

So I've pared the selections down a little, but I'm stuck on the final cut! Any advice y'all might be able to offer -- particularly those of you who have to look at portfolios as part of your work -- would be very much appreciated. I feel a bit of an idiot, but far be it for me not to ask for help when I need it!

Twenty-seven BIG images behind the cut! )
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A while back I was lucky enough to help my friend [ profile] yaytime and crew out with the second all-Avatar issue of Nick Magazine. It was probably the most satisfying work-for-hire I've ever done, and I think the magazine turned out pretty damn awesome!

One of the things I did was to write a "School Time Shipping"-style chibicomic, which was then drawn by Ethan Spaulding. Except it wasn't so much a script as thumbnails-with-dialog, since it's hard to get gags across with just text. It's pretty cool how the whole thing evolved, so I thought I'd post the various steps here!

First, I drew the whole thing out as a series of quick sketches, which I just put in a huge, long column because I like to put off paneling as long as humanly possible apparently.

Then, after getting notes from the editors, I refined the sketches, made some tweaks, and turned the whole thing into two pages of comics: thus and thus.

Then the whole thing was handed off to Ethan, who made it look all PRETTY and PROFESSIONAL and AWESOME. Here's a side-by-side, for the sake of my amusement (click to see the larger version, of course)


If you want to see the full, finished comic with text and everything, it just went up on the NickMag website! Which was what reminded me to do this post, incidentally, after a year or so of putting it off for no reason ;3
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I'm trying to burn my way through the next page or two of my Chronin roughs, and weirdly, I feel like having some random no-pressure nonsense to draw would help. So.

Give me stuff to draw! It can be DUMB/SHIPPY/FANNISH/RIDICULOUS/PERVY/ETC, I don't care, I don't promise I'll draw everything or that I'll draw it well, but I'll at least give it a shot.

Offer goes from now until when I don't feel like it anymore!


Current list of drawings:

Momo and Hawky make friends
My friends' dog, Cody
Ryan and Simon
A Meeting of Zukos
D. Cook, Small David, and hair ruffling
Batman riding a Beautiful Horsie
Reian and Nelius
Sokka and Suki
A Dominic
Solar Mackenzie, zeppelin mechanic
The less-than-epic adventures of Aang, TJ and Amal
A witch!
A Unicorn!
Tiny Zuko and Tiny Jet
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So I finished the hipster drawing. But that's not what I'm posting about.

What I'm posting about is the ridiculous reference I ended up putting together in order to draw it.

Which is behind the cut! )
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Along with everyone else on my flist -- that meme in which I admit many embarrassing things about my past and present! (Though I would point out that my present day thought bubble was meant as a JOKE and should not prompt any of you to worry about my life priorities.) Click to see the large-enough-to-read-all-that-text version!

Ages are 16 and 27, respectively.
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And so, in celebration of this year's TOP DESIGNER, I give you an incredibly spoilery PINUP )
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It's long past due. BUT.

Last year, [ profile] foxysquid and I engaged in what one might call a GAY WAR. And due to my own weakness and lack of commitment, I was soundly defeated, pummeled by her rainbow-powered onslaught of homosexual love.

And so: I formally and publicly SURRENDER.

But of course, surrendering isn't enough. Reparations must be made.

Said ENTIRELY UNSAFE FOR WORK reparations are behind the cut. )
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A couple months ago, as part of an effort to entertain [ profile] foxysquid, I accidentally invented what may be THE MOST ridiculous of the many Avatar AU's in my head. It's called "That Sozin!" and it's an 80s-style sitcom set in the 1950s. And Foxy and I maaaaaaaaay have gotten a little carried away while expanding upon it.

Sozin and his BFF Roku are the main characters, of course. Sozin is kind of a screw up -- think Ferris Bueller, only he never actually gets away with anything -- and is forever dreaming up WACKY SCHEMES to make money, be more popular, or generally advance his own doofy agenda. (He runs for class president! He starts a lemonade stand! He enters a dancing contest!) And poor Roku, upstanding guy that he is (straight-A student, president of the Math Club, well-liked by his classmates, adored by his teachers, destined for GREAT THINGS!) lets himself get dragged along with whatever's grabbed Sozin's attention this week.

Sozin is often grounded, but this doesn't stop him! His dad keeps a ladder in the back, and Roku leans it up against Sozin's window when he wants to visit.....or to reluctantly help him make a bid for freedom. (Yes, I watched a lot of "Clarissa Explains it All")

Every episode ends the same way: someone throws back their head and yells, "SOOOOOOOOOOO-ZIN!" And we cut to Sozin, in the midst of sneaking out the back way. We freeze the shot as he grins sheepishly at the camera.

And of course, there's an ever-growing CAST. The central conceit of which is that all the kid chracters -- Aang, Zuko, Azula and so on -- are the teachers. And all the adult characters are the students.

And yeah. There's some art.

Roku, Sozin, Zuko, Azula and Zhao behind the cut! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA, GUYS. )
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This is completely gratuitous, BUT! I've been doing a lot of art for Anime Boston these past couple months, including a subway ad! And thanks to the super-awesome [ profile] amiraelizabeth I now have PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that my artwork was on display on the T! I mean, I GREW UP IN BOSTON, so this is extra super exciting.

Said photographic evidence behind the cut! )
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Lack of funds + more lack of funds + moderate amount of free time = I'm once again open for commissions! If you're interested, details can be found over on my DeviantArt page.

I'm almost done with this @#$@#$@ fic chapter. I think it's only moderately terrible? We'll see.

Also, I got my first Fresh Direct delivery today, and it was beautiful. However, it leaft me wondering: how much do people tip the fresh direct guy? I mention also that I am on the 3rd floor of a walkup.


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