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I've spoken to some of you about this before. The idea started nibbling away at me a couple years ago, and on the bus ride home from PAC our chatting about the problems with that con led to my thinking about the old idea again.

I've been to a lot of conventions. Not as many as some of you, of course, but a lot, and a pretty wide variety. In particular, I've visited and exhibited in several different artist alleys at anime cons, and I've spent a lot of time at independent comics shows like MoCCA and SPX. As I see it, comic artists like myself and like many of my friends, who have their own original projects going but dedicate a chunk of their time to fanart and fancomics, are in kind of a weird spot. Our interests and our body of work aren't entirely accommodated by either of these sorts of cons.

Let me explain. )

In short: Fancomics artists, even if they also produce original work, are kind of stuck in the middle.

With that preamble out of the way, let's move on to what this post is actually about:

What if there was a con -- even a small one -- which focused on those artists I mentioned? The artists who, for whatever reason, dedicate some of their time to producing excellent fancomics? What if there was a con that supported and encouraged people to develop their craft in the fan community, and showed them how they can use those skills to cross over into the professional world? Which drew connections between fanwork and work-for-hire, and how one can sometimes lead directly to another? Which showed young artists that even seasoned professionals indulge in fun, fannish side projects, and explained how creators they know and respect used the fan community to get where they are?

Of course, I've started hashing out the details of how I'd like this to go. )

Right now, this is all just percolating harmlessly in my brain. What I want to do is gather information. So if you have links you think I should look at, advice or opinions on the things I've talked about, or suggestions for other stuff I should try, please comment and let me know. Also, please link this to anyone you think might be interested. If this con actually happens, its success would depend on the community and its participation, so getting the word out is a big priority.

I should probably be asking you guys to talk me out of this? But then, much of what I do is motivated by stubbornness, so that might not actually go very well in the end. ;3


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