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So far it is pretty great! A couple people seem to actually care about the Zuko Book, and everyone has been super-nice! Say what will will about HP and its fandom -- rarely have I been at a con so overwhelmingly positive and well-intentioned.

I am super-nervous about my reading/signing/keynote panel tomorrow (uuuuuuughgghskdfjksdjfsafksjdf) but that's fine! Because I'm so behind on my freelance work that I have PLENTY to keep me distracted until then!

I am also feeling more nostalgic for my Potter fandom days than I have felt in a very VERY long time. 22-year-old me would have freaked the fuck out at that welcoming feast, let me tell you. LET ME TELL YOU. She would also have been in her Hogwarts uniform, giant-roller-skating-related-ass-bruise-and-roadrash-combo be damned. (oh yeah, that happened. Sitting down was kind of an adventure for a few days thar)

The Ladies have talked me into using some of my super-old Harry/Draco fic as my material for the reading tomorrow, since most of my current work is either ATLA-related or comics or both. I hope everyone is duly entertained by what my younger self thought was TOTALLY AWESOME to put in the first chapter of a fanfic.


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(sorry, I was helpless in the face of that subject line once it occurred to me)

As alluded to previously, I am going to be at Infinitus next month, mostly so that I can participate in the Friday afternoon "keynote luncheon" with Naomi Novik, R.J. Anderson, Karen Healey, and one other possibly-supposed-to-be-a-surprise-guest-so-I'm-not-sure-if-I'm-allowed-to-mention-her-name friend of mine. The topic of the panel will be "fan writers turned pro," an issue which I have some FEELINGS about, many of which I've discussed at length on this journal or perhaps regaled (assaulted?) some of you with in person.

So basically, I am posting to ask:

• Man, what should I even talk about? I assume I should be formulating Notes of some kind beforehand and getting my thoughts in order. Are there particular issues or perspectives I should be pondering? Experiences of mine I should make sure to mention? (aside from the obvious ATLA-related HOW IS THIS MY JOB anecdotes, of course....but even then, what aspects of that situation are other people actually interested in hearing about?)

• Aside from [ profile] pinkfinity and [ profile] jlh and [ profile] bookshop, will any of you be there?

• This is a Harry Potter conference but man, I have NOT really been paying attention to HP fandom in a looooooong-ass time. I have no idea what awesome fics have been written post-canon. So tell me: what should I read? What fic has been EXCELLENT and aligns to some degree with my narrative priorities? ie, what should I be putting on my ipod to read on the plane?

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I am aware that, among my group of RL friends especially, I'm known as the crazy slasher who just CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THAT BOY/BOY ACTION, OH LORDY!

So while I've avoided talking about the Potter books here for a while -- mostly due to my soul-crushing disappointment in them, which I'm really tired of explaining to every random stranger who corners me at a party -- I felt like it would be wise to express my feelings regarding yesterday's revelation that Dumbledore was gay, as people keep asking me about it anyway.

Here's the thing. If it wasn't in the books? And I mean, ACTUALLY in the books, on at least a clearly intentional sub-textual level, if not explicitly discussed? It doesn't count. Just like all the other random nonsense she's been saying in these post-canon interviews doesn't count. Authorial intent is interesting. The books themselves are all that actually matters.

She doesn't get brownie points for being so BRAVE! And for daring to go against the heteronormative grain of society! (OH MY GOD!) Because she didn't actually do that at all. Holly Black, author of Tithe? SHE did that. As did countless other modern YA authors. JKR doesn't get to be special just because she mentioned something offhand in an interview. Especially as, being the most popular author on the entire planet, she was better positioned to actually make some kind of difference than anyone else.

And don't tell me that it's not her responsibility to teach moral lessons to the world, because the way she conducted herself as an author CLEARLY demonstrates that she DOES want her books to provide some sort of guidance to her readers. Just not, as it turns out, the kind of guidance some of us were expecting.

And now I really need to stop talking about this. Because if I keep talking about this, I'll start to dwell on the sad fate of generations of children sorted into Slytherin, and the utter failure of magical society to take care of them! AND NO ONE WANTS THAT!
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On the weekend of July 21st, I'll be in Baltimore for my yearly dose of Otakon Madness.

Unfortunately, this is the same weekend of the Book Seven release.

Since I'm sure that the con itself will be a frothing mass of aggressive spoiling on Saturday morning, I refuse outright to step foot inside until I've finished reading the book. The question: WHERE should I acquire this much-anticipated item?

POSSIBLE ANSWER: The Barnes & Noble on Pratt Street, which didn't turn up in my initial search for some reason.

SO! WHO ELSE IS GOING? I plan to buy my book ahead of time, as I doubt the B&N is savvy enough to know that there will be a GIANT NERD CON that weekend, and thus an unprecedented demand for copies.
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I had A LOT of fun with my answers to last week's fanon meme -- much thanks to everyone who gave me a chracter to riff on! I'm actually pretty pleased with the results, so I've tidied them up and archived them for your convenience.

Star Trek

Data )

Jean-Luc Picard )

Odo )

Elim Garak )

Julian Bashir )


Zuko )

Mai )


Madarame Harunobo )

Codename: Kids Next Door

Heinrich von Marzipan )


Demona )

Harry Potter

Ron and Hermione )

Severus Snape )
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How ridiculous is it that when I saw the release date for the final Harry Potter book, my first thought was "OH MAN. TIME TO FINISH THAT FANFIC!"


And wow, you know....the week before comic con? DAMN. I'm going to spend that entire weekend tempted to go online and watch the shippers devour each other. Because no matter who wins that particular war and how, it's going to be bloody.

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Got my ticket! WOO-HOO! First mezzanine, so a healthy balance of expense and view.

I absolutely hate Ticketmaster, however. Every time I have to buy tickets from them, I feel as if I'm selling another tiny piece of my soul to some dark power. It just makes me glad that most of the shows I attend do their ticketing through TicketWeb, which seems at least marginally less evil.
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Yesterday I finally finished (and subsequently presented) a drawing that I'd been working on as a belated xmas present for [ profile] jlh! It's the cast of characters from her potterfic, Eight Ways from Sunday, and I think it came out pretty well! She'd asked for a group shot, and I thought to myself, "What better locale than their favorite room at the Hogsmeade Inn?"

In case you're wondering, the characters are Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, Seamus, Dean, Ron and Padma. ^_^

Click to see! )
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Chapter Eight of Sins of the Father is up on FA. Rock.

Now if I can just finish this stupid thing before Book 7 comes out... ^_^;;
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I submitted chapter eight of Sins of the Father, my fifth-year AU potterfic, to FA last week.....but alas, there seems to be something of a backlog. So while I wait for it to be approved and uploaded, I thought I'd post the first section here for those of you who might be interested.

Sins of the Father, Chapter 8 -- A Call to Arms

Harry woke in the midst of an argument. )
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Mmmm, productivity....DELICIOUS! :D

As those of you who have [ profile] hpart friended might already have seen, I recently finished a looooong overdue gift pic for the lovely lady [ profile] wordplay. She's something of a Percy/Hermione fan, and wrote a number of Christmas-themed fics, so this particular setup seemed appropriate. (click to see the full version ^_-)

I've also made some progress on comissions!

-- Anne = Mustachioed Ron [paid]
-- Amanda = Powerpuff Snape [paid and DONE!]

If the idea of puffed Snape intrigues you, I encourage you to look behind the cut! )

And for old times' sake, you could also check out the oooooooooold potter puffs from days gone by. Ah, nostalgia!

If you're interested in comissioning me, now is the time dearies -- my official cut-off date is now December 17th, as after that I'll be too swamped to get much of anything done in a timely manner.

And now...back to holiday-ness... *eyes pile of giftwrap warily*
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...but then, you already knew that.

What should I be doing? Research for Chronin. What AM I doing? Making a store on cafepress.

Love Slithers
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So I got my new G5 desktop in the mail today (and might I say "EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!") and have thus been trying to sort through the ridiculous accumulation of nonsense on the OLD computer and figure out what needs to be on the new one.

In the process, I came across an HP fandom newbie guide I wrote for Diagon Alley AT THE BEGINNING OF TIME. ) Talk about your fandom time capsules! XD
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Harry and the Potters are on tour, and as you can see they'll play Brooklyn next saturday, the 22nd. They may not be musical prodigies, but their shows are fun and their songs are clever and I am SO TOTALLY GOING. Who's with me? :D

This is goddamn hilarious, and yet also strangely badass. Book Seven of HP as envisioned by a Jazz Dance Troupe.

This is an HP parody of Van Halen's "Right Now" music video, and I think it's fabulous. The technical side isn't as clean as it could be, but the wit and appropriateness of the content more than makes up for it. "Right now the trio is planning a world tour," indeed. ^_-

And on a wholly unrelated note, This teeshirt is awesome.

eta: thanks, madame beast, for the dance-related corrections ;}
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As promised, now that I'm back from Otakon (which I will discuss at length at some point) I'm offering up my button hoard to the internet masses!

Feel free to share the link around, of course, and enjoy! I suspect I'll have to make more of some buttons, at least, but orders will be filled in a timely fashion :)

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Needless to say, I'll be shipping out to Otakon next weekend. I'm even taking a chartered "Ota-bus" with Scott and Erin and N, organized by the NYU anime club and chock full of geek. What fun! What mayhem! What an opportunity to sell some comics before I even reach the con! >:D

This year, I'll be sharing a table with the lovely lady [ profile] bhanesidhe and will be selling comics, prints (including all six of these on colored card stock) and buttons. Admittedly, it's the buttons that I'm SUPER EXCITED about. So much so that I TOOK PICTURES.

More behind the cut! SO MUCH MORE!! )

So if you'll be the con, make sure to come by! I'd love to see you!

ETA: I'll definately be selling these to the world at large post-con, so if you're interested just leave a comment and I'll reply with details as soon as I have them ^_^

ETA Part Two: The button store is up! You can check it out here! :D
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...I've put together a little poll regarding HBP and the reading thereof. Please feel free to pass this link around, as I'd like to get as wide a sampling as possible! :)

[Poll #549263]
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Sins of the Father
Chapter Seven -- Flesh Wounds

New chapter's up on Schnoogle. To those who care -- enjoy ^_-
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I'm sorry, guys, I'm just going to be really pottery for a while. I promise I'll go back to babbling about Time Traveling Samurai soon enough.

In the meantime, Harry and Snape (no spoilers, I promise!) )


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