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Chapter Eight of Sins of the Father is up on FA. Rock.

Now if I can just finish this stupid thing before Book 7 comes out... ^_^;;
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I submitted chapter eight of Sins of the Father, my fifth-year AU potterfic, to FA last week.....but alas, there seems to be something of a backlog. So while I wait for it to be approved and uploaded, I thought I'd post the first section here for those of you who might be interested.

Sins of the Father, Chapter 8 -- A Call to Arms

Harry woke in the midst of an argument. )
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Sins of the Father
Chapter Seven -- Flesh Wounds

New chapter's up on Schnoogle. To those who care -- enjoy ^_-
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So I figure that now that I'm 13,000 words in, I can officially say that I will be posting an update to Sins of the Father before Book Six is released on July 16. The plan, I will now reluctantly admit, is to have the damn thing entirely finished in one, fell swoop. I may, however, have to settle for two swoops, with the second one taking place in a post-release world. It all depends on how much of my outline I can tear through this weekend.

But this is all beside the point. The POINT, my lovelies, is that in about two weeks (panic? me? NO) I'm going to need at least one Beta reader to help me beat this thing into readable shape. Normally I'd just email my usual betas, but as it's been like A REALLY LONG TIME since the last chapter I feel that might not be fair to them.

In an ideal world, I'd have three betas: One for grammar and stylistic problems; one for canon-accuracy; one for consistancy with the rest of my own fic. With everyone chipping in on the general "Making Sure Alison Doesn't Sound Like a Twit" patrol duty.


Any volunteers? :D

eta: And you know, what the hell? I haven't been able to post a cookie in YEARS, and now's as good a time as any!

So here you go, from the first few scenes of the new chapter: There was a knock at the door.... )
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So, I know at least of few of you have read my as-yet-incomplete Potterfic, Sins of the Father. And so, I have a favor to ask.

It's been a really long time since I last updated. Like...really. And rereading the previous six chapters in their entirety, while fairly important for the story to make sense (as those details, man...they get fuzzy) seems a lot to ask of people.

The question is: I don't suppose that any of you kind folks have some time to burn, and might be interested in writing up a summary for me....? I would do it myself but (1) I suck at summarizing things like a hoover vacuum, and (2) what I notice isn't important, as I'm not the reader...what a READER notices, and sees as relevant, is far far better for this kind of thing.

My reward for such a generous good deed: I will totally draw you something. OMG. Just name it, and I will DRAW IT HARD CORE.

As for why I'm asking...?

*polite cough*

No reason. O:)

ETA: [ profile] tea_and_toast OWNZ ME.


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