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January 13th

I'd planned to spend today luxuriating at Spa Castle, but when I woke up in the morning I realized that I wasn't quite up for it after all -- the weight of my goddamn unfinished fanfic was pressing down too forcefully for me to enjoy a day of ignoring it, and so instead of Queens I headed to midtown. More specifically, the New York Public Research Library on 42nd and 5th, which is goddamn gorgeous and a better place than most to sit and write a while. I didn't make quite as much progress as I'd hoped (and I'm convinced that I'm going to have to delete half of the scene I just wrote) but I made SOME, and afterward I met up with [ profile] erinfinnegan and [ profile] kyoto_idol for "Vertical Wednesday" and listened to Ed Chavez talk about the state of the Manga industry for a few hours -- not a bad way to spend a day, certainly.
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January 12th

As I dig down through the clutter in my office, I've discovered little hoards of treasures that I'd almost forgotten existed -- like two entire boxes of toys and such from my desk at KND, unopened since my last day of work. I flipped through my well-worn show bible and dusted off pvc figurines and set aside the cards from my first pitch, and wondered if I'll ever have a job like that again. As excited as I am about Chronin and the Zuko!Prequel and various other projects I've moved on to, nothing measures up to the experience of sitting on Mr. Warburton's couch at Curious Pictures, hashing out story beats and trying to figure out how to rescue ideas from "Purgastory."
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January 11th

The warning shots of freakout continued into the morning, so rather than sit around the apartment being useless I opted to take my uselessness elsewhere: the movies. Although I both left the house late and misjudged how long it would take to cross Prospect Park, I made it to the theater just in time to catch the opening credits of "Up In The Air," a film I enjoyed immensely. (I can see how the ending might leave some cold, but I felt that anything more tidy would have been trite, and even if the specifics of the plot weren't entirely wrapped up the thematic arc alone was very satisfying to me.)
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January 10th

This was the last weekend [ profile] emsariel and I will be spending alone in our apartment for some time, so I guess it's fitting that we didn't go out very much. Nearly all of today was spent reorganizing drawers and closets -- with breaks to proofread a chapter for a friend -- and honestly, I'm kind of glad I had so much mindless work to do. A wave of antsy freakout has been threatening to crash over me, and I think sorting through all those clothes may have kept it at bay for at least a little while.
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January 7th

After weeks of stalling, I finally began the frankly gargantuan task of getting my office in order again -- if I'm going to be sharing it with [ profile] emsariel for the foreseeable future, it might help for the second desk to not be completely covered in books. [ profile] jlh came over to keep me company for a while, as well as reassure me that yes, I was making a dent as time passed. There's nothing quite like organizing your yarn stash while your friend explains the intricacies of various fandom wanks you missed while you were away for the holidays.

January 8th

My mom and sister drove down from Cape Cod for a day out on The Town, which gave me an excuse to do several very New York things that I almost never get around to. In particular, we went to see the production of South Pacific currently running at Lincoln Center. I'd be interested to hear what others make of it -- for me, it seems surprisingly progressive in its intentions but still cringy in the ways it's (inevitably) a product of its time.

January 9th

The spontaneous purchase of two double-decker steel-frame wardrobes for our bedroom kicked off a day of hardcore apartment reorganization, both of us properly putting away things that had sat in bags and boxes since we moved in two years ago. After an afternoon of this, we finally steeled ourselves to go watch Avatar in 3D, which somehow managed to at once be a little better and far worse than I'd expected. There's something uniquely frustrating about watching a film that could have been great, meanders through a problematic but gorgeously realized world for its first two-thirds and then plunges abruptly into explosive WTF-kery in the final stretch, from which it never emerges.


Side note: I caved a little while ago and signed up for a Tumblr, which I'm now using consistently enough for it to be worth mentioning? So you know. That is a thing.
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January 6th

I was away for nearly two weeks over the holidays, and although we got back on Sunday night I'd been too busy with work since then to even leave the apartment. But today I had errands to run downtown, and man -- I've lived in this city for over ten years and by all rights should be jaded by now, but every time I go out I'm reminded of how much I love beng here. I walked along Broadway toward Houston and watched the Chrysler building shine against a slate-blue sky, and I wondered how anyone could stop looking up, no matter how long they've been here.
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January 5th

Of all the things I really need to work on as a freelancer, my inability to accurately estimate how long something will take me to do is WAY at the top of the list, right next to "tendency to watch entire television series in one go" and "being the slowest writer in the world." All I needed to do was reread a 23,000 word treatment and make the last round of minor changes, which I thought couldn't possibly take more than a few hours but NO -- no, it took pretty much the entire day. (Watching "Turtles Forever" probably didn't help speed-wise, but it sure as hell improved my mood. *______* <3 )
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January 4th:

It's almost 5AM, and my day is finally ending -- I've finished with the major revisions on this treatment, and after I give it one last readover in the morning I'll be able to send it out and have it over and done with. The script itself will follow soon enough, but I can spare a few days to clean house and turn [ profile] emsariel's home office into a bedroom. And maybe, if I'm lucky, start to settle back into working on Chronin again...which I hope I haven't forgotten how to do.
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A few people on my flist (most notably [ profile] emsariel) are doing this right now -- writing a minimum of three sentences in their LJs every day. I have a tendency to leave a lot of my life out of my posts here, and I have a feeling that January is going to be particularly eventful for a lot of reasons. Personally, I think I'll try to keep my posts in this series to JUST three sentences as an added exercise in concise wording, but I'll cave to rambling if it means the difference between sticking to or abandoning the experiment.

So, the first few days, to get me started:

January 1st:

I woke up in a Summerville attic room and started the day with free coffee, french toast stuffed with goat cheese and pears, and the company of good friends. We rode the commuter rail back south again, were picked up by Mom at the end of the line and treated to dinner halfway back to her house. The conversation wandered to some pretty unfortunate places, but I know she means well, and if she's going to take me out to eat the least I can do is hear out her thoughts on family planning and real estate.

January 2nd:

My first full day with the new computer, during which I retreated to the apartment over my mom's garage and cranked out some until-then-logistically-delayed freelance revisions. I think I need to spend more time going out to write at the library -- the quiet and the change in atmosphere seem to do me a lot of good, and unlike coffee shops, I don't feel obligated to pay for the privilege of sitting there. Perhaps once [ profile] hoshizora is here doing the freelancer thing with me, it'll be easier to get myself up and out the door in the morning.

January 3rd:

The bus from Hyannis to Port Authority went better than it could have, but the cab ride home was a near-miss with disaster -- I left my (gift from my mom) purse in the back seat, along with my wallet and everything that entails. I spent the evening canceling cards and working myself up into a state of proper despair before my dad called to tell me that the taxi driver was trying to get in touch -- he'd found a check from my paternal grandma in the wallet, and used it to call her and start tracking me down. The driver came by to drop it off before 1AM, and thus my ludicrous history of leaving my wallet places only to have it ~*~miraculously~*~ returned to me continues.


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