Jun. 20th, 2009

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Tonight Scott and I went to see "Moon," a new film being distributed by Fox Searchlight starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey, both of whom turned in fantastic performances. It's about a man on a three-year, solo contract running a mining operation on the dark side of the moon. And it was so fantastic that I'm kind of in shock.

It's also in limited release, and I can't seem to find any indication as to what plans for wide release might be. I suspect box office numbers will help determine that? So if you live in or near New York or LA (which seem to be the only cities playing it) go out right now and buy a ticket and bring a friend and help make a Juno out of this thing. Because it was THAT. GOOD.

And...seriously, if you know me? You'll know that while there are many things I enjoy, there are actually very few that I put a hardcore stamp of unconditional THAT WAS AWESOME approval on. And "Moon" just became one of them.

Short okay not-so-short, unspoilery explanation of LOVE:

"Moon" is a hard science fiction film. It's set in outer space, and its plot is intimately tied to that setting. But it's the kind of science fiction that we so rarely see anymore -- thoughtful and interesting, a future that quietly goes about its business in the background, technology that's convincing in part because it looks like it's been used. It's a one-man moon colony but it's also a mining camp and a home -- there's dust and dirt, grey old spacesuits and rumpled clothes, photos taped to mirrors and postit notes stuck to the robots, hair that he's let grow a little too long and weird, awkward messages from home.

It's hard SF. There's no handwaving away of inconvenient details. It's neither a fluffy popcorn romp nor a needlessly high-strung thriller. I don't want to say anything else because I don't want to spoil it (I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SPOIL IT) but it never did any of the stupid, cheap things I worried it might. I can't tell you how long it's been since I felt that way about a movie that's set in space. Or a movie that has much of an SF plot at all, really. (SO. LONG.)

So, yes. The plot and setting are as straightforwardly SF as they come. (Which isn't to say they're dull or predictable, as they aren't at all.) But the movie -- the experience of watching it -- is deeply, beautifully human. And "human" doesn't mean wallowing in angst and pain and awfulness. It doesn't mean people screaming at each other for scene after scene.

Sam is a man who's lived alone on a space station for three years. His struggles make perfect sense, are real and simple and quiet and all the more beautiful and heartbreaking and satisfying because of it. He never becomes a characature; he's never forced into some mold or another for the sake of the story. He's Sam, and he's kind of lonely, and sometimes he doesn't bother to shave for a while, and he can't wait to go home and see his young daughter.

So. Yeah. GO SEE IT if you possibly can. If there's some way to ask your local indy theater to try and get ahold of it, do so.

I'm going to go see it again if anyone's interested?

(I was going to write a few specific, spoilery thoughts behind a cut, but...has anyone else actually seen this? If not, you know -- you really REALLY don't want to spoiled for this film, so I'm not even going to provide the temptation if there's no point in doing so.)

ETA: There may be spoilers in the comments! Just a fair warning!


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