Oct. 28th, 2009

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YET AGAIN I'm a few days away from a deadline and completely freaking out (which in this case involved running away to my mom's place on Cape Cod in an attempt to prune distractions) BUT! I wanted to emerge long enough to share a mini-update on what's going on with the Zuko!Prequel!

SO UH...you know, with these things it's impossible to say what will happen or what problems will come up until the books are printed and on shelves. But right now I'm pretty optimistic! We SEEM to have gotten the script through the approval process with only a few, small changes, and (fingers crossed) hopefully the same will be true for [livejournal.com profile] space_coyote's completely fantastic pencils. (seriously, I get little shivers of joy just flipping through these things. I feel like between her and [livejournal.com profile] yaytime I've won the Awesome Goddamn Collaborator sweepstakes.)

Dave and I wrote a book about Zuko being sent away on his tiny boat and struggling to find his place in the world and having adventures with handsome outlaws and sitting beside his uncle on hillsides while they talk about family and loss, and somehow we actually managed to shepherd the thing (INTACT!) through all the obstacles that invariably turn up with projects like this one, and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I THINK IT MAY ACTUALLY BE OKAY? MAYBE?

Again: fingers crossed. I'm still ready for it all to collapse in on itself in a horrific black hole of awful. But I can't help but savor the little glimmers of hope.

So anyway...ANYWAY! I mentioned before that there's an Amazon page up already, which remains pretty great. But today I discovered that I apparently have an author page on the Random House website as well! Given that early on in this process I was usually left off of press releases and forgotten about in panels, it's all the more rewarding to have that dumb little page to open up and gaze upon like an idiot.

You guys.





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