Mar. 15th, 2010

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I've been surprised by the degree to which Tumblr has carved out a distinctive internet niche for itself. Different users no doubt have very different experiences, but my dashboard is largely a never-ending parade of pretty pictures, collections of stills from beloved TV shows, quotes from awesome people and the occasional miniature essay. It seems to be an "all joy all the time" place for the most part, and I think that's fantastic. I love that it's been a haven of sort for several friends of mine, who appreciate having a virtual fountain of positivity and beauty in their internet routine.

But I've noticed something recently about the content that's been making the rounds. Not a bad thing, I would stress -- not something I'd ever ask my friends not to do. A large part of why I'm making this post is that I'm not entirely sure how I personally feel about it.

Briefly put: there are a great many photos of very thin, conventionally beautiful women on my Tumblr dashboard, often with very little in the way of clothing. And nearly all of them are posted by other women. And I have got to say, it's starting to wear me down a little. )

(And incidentally, WHILE I'M HERE, more pictures of lady factory workers from WW2 would be just fine. Also pilots.)


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