Apr. 26th, 2010

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There was a secret on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets the other day that...didn't BOTHER me so much as struck me as vaguely ominous with regards to my own situation. And got me thinking. It was about one of the various Buffy comics, and suggested that authors of tie-ins should "leave fan fic to the fan fic writers. They aren't in it for the money, and will (typically) do the story justice."

My thoughts, in bullet points for all of our convenience:

• I write fanfic AND official tie-ins. So where does that put me? Is the integrity of my fic compromised by the professional work? Is the professional work automatically of lower quality than the fic, even though it was written by the same person? I realize I'm being a little facetious with this, but seriously. CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, THE DRAMA!, etc.

• While I will freely admit that writing licensed work and adaptations provided nearly ALL of my income last year, I would stress that said income was laughably small, as in just barely above the poverty line. The work included several dozen pages of comics at a standard rate, half of two graphic novels and an adapted screenplay (that I'm still working on oh god so much to do) and I don't know if packing much more in would have been feasible. Any one who's "in this for the money" should have their head examined as it's not exactly lucrative.

• It's absolutely true that many tie-ins and adaptations are terrible, often because of the constraints of the project or a lack of caring on the part of the authors and artists creating the licensed work. But then, plenty of licensed work is AWESOME, like the Simpsons comics that Nina Matsumoto's worked on in the past. As with so many things, they're only as good as the effort the people involved are willing to invest. But has the reputation of tie-ins been so thoroughly tarnished that there's no point in trying to redeem them? I'm so biased for a whole host of reasons that I can't really stand back and consider the issue objectively. How would I feel about the Zuko!Prequel if I hadn't written it?


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