Jan. 4th, 2012

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The Yuletide reveal has passed, so now I can talk about what I got up to this time around! Perhaps a couple of you will be interested? I've had so little time for writing this year, it was a treat just to have an excuse to sit down and bang out a couple stories. Which were:

Helping you is what I do. -- Moon

Eighteen years on the far side of the moon.

My recipient requested a fic from GERTY's perspective, and after reading a gigantic pile of essays about AIs (friendly or otherwise) and taking obsessive notes on the film, this is what I came up with. One part for each Sam, which means that some of them are pretty sad.

A Surfeit of Noms, in Need of Deliverance -- Glitch

The Giant, Pot, preferred to keep logistical concerns well clear of his merrymaking, and in this matter Rue was indispensable.

I was hilariously ill on Christmas, but I was DETERMINED to write at least one fic for Yuletide Madness. This absurdly silly story is what resulted.


I'm still not entirely finished poking through the Yuletide Archive, but rather than put this off indefinitely I'm just gonna go ahead and talk a little about what I've most enjoyed so far!

Adventure Time

So we all are growing young by CherryIce

Marceline may be a thousand years old, but Princess Bubblegum has been eighteen for a very long time.

This was just a super-interesting read, particularly in how it pokes at the edges of Ooo and its history, through the lens of Bubblegum's curiosity and through what Marceline does and doesn't want to share.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

One Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty-Three Feet by Kyra

The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"

A Ferris/Sloane/Cameron fic about college and longing and New York City and Chinese takeout. (And kissing.)


A Glitch in Time by fourthage

There's a new creature in the world, and the giants aren't quite sure what to make of it.

The Constellations of Tii by redsnake05

Tii finds beauty in order and meaning, in knowing the details that lie under appearances. It seems that some of the other giants can't look past zir appearance.

These are both insanely adorable, and neither will make any sense at all to those of you who haven't wasted giant amounts of time playing Glitch.

Hey, Arnold!

Stay and See (What Becomes of Us) by TrisB

Fire compels, fire consumes / you are a cheater, you are fireproof / I am a smoky plume / I am up a ladder to your bedroom

I'm only passingly familiar with Hey Arnold so I'm sure I missed some of the finer details of this, but it's about Helga and Arnold and their complicated teenaged relationship, and THAT much I can certainly appreciate.

The Left Hand of Darkness

The End and the Way by Luzula

On Posthe Tuwa of the Year One in the reign of Argaven XII, Harny Sord of Gernahan gave birth to a pervert.

A fully realized short story set in the LHoD world, this was hands-down the most impressive Yuletide entry I read this year. I haven't read the original novel since I was in college, and now it's been bumped to the top of my re-read list -- in large part so I can better appreciate what the author of this fic managed!

Lilo and Stitch

All My Dreams Fulfilled by escritoireazul

Nani Pelekai falls in love.

Stuck On You by Katherine

Cobra obediently checked in his appointment book for the mentioned day (clear) before Lilo told him why.

"That's my birthday," Lilo said. "I'm having a party, and everyone is giving me bricks. That's the theme."

Someone asked for Cobra/David/Nani as a domestic OT3, and it must have hit the pinch list because several authors rose to the challenge. Leaving me in the very strange position of shipping this kind of a lot out of absolutely nowhere? BUT I AM NOT EVEN A LITTLE SORRY.

Love Actually

Alone Together by Miggy

The movie didn't give everyone a happy ending. Some of them have to wait just a bit longer.

Takes two of my least-favorite storylines and heals the narrative wounds a little.

Mass Effect

All for One by Peripeteia

The virtues of belonging stopped mattering to her a long time ago.

Basically, I really want [personal profile] hoshizora to start his Mass Effect replay so that I can go back and read this again.

The Matrix

I See With My Eyes by Suaine

A young woman wakes up from a dream and finds herself in a nightmare.

An interesting take on a trans character which feels, in retrospect, like an obvious thing to explore with this canon.


Covalent Bonds by pinstripesuit

In 1968, the United States Senate holds an investigative hearing on Aperture Science’s culpability in the alleged missing astronauts at their Enrichment Center facility. Cave Johnson and his assistant Caroline are in attendance.

Hilarious enough in places that I read large chunks of it aloud to explain why I was laughing so hard.

Test Subject Starter Kit by Vintar

The Aperture Science Bring Your Daughter to Work Day is the perfect time to have her tested.

Featuring tiny!Chel, this fic very nearly killed me. I only wish it was longer!

Terra Nova

We Are Not Heroes And This Is No Triumph by pts

In her bones, Maddy Shannon knows that the Terra Novan colonists must become a different sort of human than the species that preceded them.

I can say, with complete confidence, that this fic is the one completely good thing I have experienced wrt Terra Nova. It is charming as hell and funny to boot.

True Grit

A Living Fire by th_esaurus

Mattie had been bitten young by the spirit of adventure, and it had near killed her.

This was my Yuletide gift, and it is completely fantastic! I asked for an exploration of Mattie Ross as an adult -- how she came to be the woman that we see at the end of the film -- and I couldn't be happier with the result.
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Given that everyone I know who still posted on LJ is migrating over here, I suppose it's time to give up the ghost and try to actually use DW as my primary journaling platform. It's that, or just sit around feeling sad about how Tumblr doesn't have threaded comments.

However, before I can make this jump, I have to deal with a CORE ISSUE that's kept me clinging to my permanent LJ account these past couple years:


You guys, it's like trying to choose between my babies.

I ponied up for a paid account, so I have 100 slots. I have 205 icons on my old account.




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