Jun. 6th, 2013

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So I launched my very first Kickstarter earlier this week -- the print edition of the spooky Cat-centric webcomic I started back in September -- and it occurred to me that I should probably mention it here!

I'm actually super excited about this project! I have some fun stretch goals planned if it ends up being successful enough for me to afford them, but honestly, I'm just thrilled to be able to print this book! Offset is almost definitely going to be out of the question, but I've found a really great digital print guy in PA who does a lot of comics like mine, and I think he'll do a fantastic job.

I'm also really happy with how my Kickstarter video came out -- particularly the music, which was composed just for this project by the fantastic [personal profile] pts.

There's something like 26 days left, so WHO KNOWS what'll happen! Probably not much, but after the shock of meeting my goal so quickly, I've given up entirely on trying to manage my expectations.

There's been a lot of stressful, unpredictable, sometimes discouraging stuff going on with my work in the past year...but this comic? So far it's mostly just been a really fun thing that I've been able to share with some folks online. And this week I've felt like a very, very lucky woman.

So check it out, if you're interested! I'd love to have more awesome folks to mail things to the fall.



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