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If you've been friends with me for long enough you probably already know this, but it bears repeating: I really, really like Billy Joel. "Glass Houses" was burned into my soul at a tender age, and though as an adult I recognize how completely ridiculous he is I CANNOT HELP BUT LOVE HIM JUST THE SAME.

The thing about Billy Joel is that he's unapologetically dorky and relentlessly sincere (qualities I can certainly relate to) and while I know that YES, he can be so damn cheesy and YES, half the time his narrative ballads make no sense and YES, he's often breathtakingly derivative and YES YES OH MY GOD YES he is constantly singing about things he has no personal experience with whatsoever I CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO CARE.

Billy Joel is hilarious and awesome, and I don't give a shit what those jerks on Slate think (nice timing, though, guys!) -- I will continue to love him, however fatally uncool that may make me.

About a week ago I rescued all my music off the near-dead ipod that had been languishing on my desk for a year. Suddenly I once again had EVERY SINGLE BILLY JOEL ALBUM EVER on my computer. So I suppose, really, this was bound to happen.

You May Be Right (I May Be Crazy)
a dweebtastic compilation of the musical stylings of one William Joel
[Download Here (28 tracks, 171 MB)]

Note that I've left off most of the songs that were ever actually popular -- no "Piano Man," no "Just The Way You Are," and DEFINITELY no goddamn "We Didn't Start The Fire." These are the songs that I personally enjoy for whatever reason -- because they're fun to sing along to, because they say something that's actually kind of interesting, because they're heartbreakingly sincere, because they're deliciously melodramatic, because they're hilariously insane, because they're inexplicably in French. (No, I have no idea what he was thinking.)

Track List!

01. Angry Young Man
02. Everybody Loves You Now
03. A Room Of Our Own
04. Close To The Borderline
05. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
06. Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)
07. Laura
08. All For Leyna
09. Pressure
10. Stiletto
11. Sometimes A Fantasy
12. She's Right On Time
13. This Is The Time
14. Vienna
15. Summer, Highland Falls
16. C'Etait Toi (You Were The One)
17. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
18. Famous Last Words*
19. Code Of Silence**
20. Goodnight Saigon
21. The Stranger
22. Travelin Prayer
23. Don't Ask Me Why
24. Tell Her About It
25. You May Be Right
26. The Longest Time
27. River Of Dreams
28. Two Thousand Years

*I used lyrics from this as my quote in the High School yearbook. No really, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY.
**GUEST VOCALS BY CYNDI LAUPER! SO MUCH LOL. The eighties were a beautiful thing.
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