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So [ profile] a_white_rain posted her top ten Disney songs, and I found that I couldn't actually resist that level of temptation.

I have listened to pretty much all of these soundtracks on repeat for days at a time, particularly when I was in my early teens and at the height of my love affair with Disney Musicals. As such, it was actually really hard for me to not just link to the soundrack versions as opposed to the clips from the films, because OH MAN there's all this TALKING and SOUND EFFECTS and weird editing MESSING UP THESE SONGS OF MY HEART.

I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum because I actually do have a lot to do today AND that's a long, dark path to start down. So you know....Here are my top ten! Largely in no particular order!

This list would be different on another day in another mood, but here's how it stands on this sunny Saturday morning:

Shadowland -- The Lion King

Oddly, the performances of the stage musical completely took over the Lion King section of my soul. And now most of my favorite TLK songs aren't actually from the movie at all, but were instead inspired by its score which I really really really adored! Note that Nala is the best lady lion ever in any context.

Why Should I Worry -- Oliver And Company

This soundtrack and the film itself were out of print for a very long time, and before the heady days of the internet it was pretty hard to get a copy of this song. I don't actually even LIKE the film all that much, but I adore Billy Joel and songs about New York and apparently can handle the silly pop culture references (to Billy Joel, lol).

I Won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules

I just...adore every single thing about this song and also the lady who sings it!

I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan

This convenient package contains EVERY SINGLE THING I love about Mulan -- DonnyOsmand!Shang, Mulan's PERSONAL JOURNEY, THE POLE CLIMB OMFG, men (and a lady) learning to be badass, Mulan/Shang moments that sing to my shipper's heart. A good damn time all around.

Part Of Your World -- The Little Mermaid

The lyrics are clever, the song is really fun to sing, and this sequence is one of my favorite from the film! SO THERE YOU GO.

Belle -- Beauty and the Beast


Hellefire -- Hunchback of Notre Dame

I still can't believe this made it into a Disney Movie. Hot.

One Jump Ahead -- Aladdin

Fun and clever and catchy! And when I was watching it this morning, I realized I had (HAVE?!) kind of a monster crush on that kid. What is it with me and charming vagabonds, seriously?!

Kiss The Girl -- The Little Mermaid

It's a great song! And the first properly romantic one that I ever loved as a kid.

i2i - A Goofy Movie

I am CURRENTLY obsessed with this song and the AMV I am going to make with it, about ZUKO AND THE PEOPLE HE LOVES and how IF THEY LOOK INTO EACH OTHER'S HEARTS, THEY'LL FIND THEY'RE NEVER TO FAR APART. My reward for finishing Vol 1 of Chronin will be to edit this AMV, because that's how my internal reward system works I guess -- finish working on one thing and then you can work on ANOTHER THING!

(I was very dearly tempted to link to this version, in which you can hear the whole song and it hasn't been sped up in a strange way, or this version, in which three 19-year-old boys perform a dance they've choreographed in various locations in their old high school, because....well. Yeah.)
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