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As previously mentioned, my somewhat elderly but dearly beloved ibook, Alphonse, met a sudden and dramatic end on Thursday morning. Fortunately for me, my friends are incredibly kind people (thanks especially to [ profile] jlh and [ profile] calloocallay and [ profile] hoshizora for calling to talk me down from the ledge and/or offer aid in the immediate aftermath!) and [ profile] emsariel and I are of only middling levels of broke-ness, so we had a lot of options to choose from in terms of how we were going to sort things out.

After an hour of wandering around the house thinking about how this was a perfect time to get a ~*~new laptop~*~ and feeling REALLY guilty about it (although Clio and Paul in particular were like, "Alison, seriously, you were going to have to get a new one soon anyway") Scott and I decided that yeah...YEAH...maybe we were actually going to just splurge. I do all of my writing on the laptop, I use it for fairly important video editing and photoshop work when I'm away from home so it has to be a decent machine, and inheriting someone else's older laptop would only put off the inevitable for so long. ALSO -- if we bought the new machine on the 31st, we could write it off of our 2009 taxes. (lol when did I become an adult oh god)

We were going into Boston for First Night, so we took the train out to Cambridge Side Galleria and went to the Apple Store and.....

.....bought a Macbook?

(I cannot overstate how strange that was, btw. I have NEVER just walked into a store and bought a computer. EVER. IN MY LIFE. Every computer I've selected for myself [as opposed to the machines my parents brought home] -- the blue G3 tower, the graphite clamshell ibook, the G5 tower and the G4 ibook -- was ordered online and delivered through the mail. But yesterday I gave a man my credit card and he handed me a little cardboard suitcase with a GODDAMN LAPTOP INSIDE OF IT WHICH I HAD JUST PURCHASED?!?!? WHAT!??!)

The problem with being from Boston, btw, is that it did not even occur to either of us to check to see if that Apple store was still the most convenient one. It had been the only Apple Store in the city for FOREVER after all. We therefore spent two hours going two and from it instead of....oh, I don't know....going to the GIGANTIC NEW THREE-STORY APPLE STORE that was directly across the street from where we spent most of First Night.



So I have a new machine! I carried it around in my laptop bag all night and it made it through just fine and I brought it back to my mom's place and started it up and logged onto the old machine via Appletalk and moved the most important files over and named it "Sam" (as in Sam Bell, to go with GERTY the ipod touch) and now I am doing my freelance on it and I am pretty damn pleased.

I feel like getting a new computer is kind of like breaking up with a boyfriend -- for every good reason you have going in you'll think of TEN MORE once you've done it. Alphonse the ibook was a little old and pretty slow, sure. And his harddrive was completely full. And sometimes his screen wouldn't turn on properly when I opened him, or he wouldn't wake up the way he was supposed to. And he wasn't really registering the power cord properly, such that it would flicker on and off until I could get it to sit just right, a problem that had been getting steadily worse for months and might have turned into complete failure to connect at any time. And the latch was broken so he never stayed closed properly. And his screen was so dim that it was often hard to read. And he wasn't an Intel machine so there was a lot of software and services I couldn't take advantage of.

And you know.

Now his screen has a giant crack in it and is completely non-functional.

I take some comfort in the fact that it wasn't me who dropped him. While we probably would have made all the same decisions, I think I'd be feeling a LOT more guilty about purchasing Sam if I'd been the one to destroy my old computer.

As it is, I am just FANTASTICALLY PLEASED with every single thing about this machine, from the keyboard to the trackpad to the new OS to the big empty harddrive to the much much much nicer and higher res screen. I am so pleased that I kind of feel like a character in a commercial -- like John Hodgman is going to try and lure me to Windows 7, only to have me pat him on his head before running into the arms of Justin Long.



At least now work is a lot sparklier?
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