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This weekend contained:

• Watching Taiko Drumming (fun fact: I first saw the Soh Daiko troupe when I was like ten at the Black Ships Festival in Newport, and it quite literally CHANGED THE COURSE OF MY TINY LIFE with how much I loved it) and folk dances and saying hi to [ profile] naniwa and loling at the human cartoon that is Borough President Marty Markowitz at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens' Sakura Matsuri.

• Attending the Bell House's Kentucky Derby party with [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora and [ profile] jlh and [ profile] kyoto_idol. The $5 cover charge got us three rounds of free Mint Juleps, a rope and whip show, an excellent vantage point for the hat contest and the race itself, and a venue where Paul and I were not the most overdressed people in the room. (At Sakura Matsuri he was mistaken for a Holmes cosplayer, which only served to further cement my plans for Halloween this year.)

• Picking up some free comics at the new-ish store on Bergan Street, which I hadn't been to before but will certainly go to again.

• Getting a small amount of work done on various projects.

• Watching Back to the Future 2, which I had not seen since the debut of the iphone (and really, the massive popularization of texting) which makes the 2015 scenes seem dated in completely new and different ways. (Fax machines? REALLY? lol paper. But the giant wall-mounted flat-screen video conference where your personal information scrolls by under you weren't actually that far off.)

This weekend did not contain:

• A copy of the Del Rey Showcase.

By the time we got to the shop, they'd run out of the Del Rey books entirely. There was also a preview of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies inside, you see, which made it something of a HOT TICKET ITEM, particularly in a young/hip/nerdy neighborhood like Park Slope. Apparently a LOT of people had a hard time getting ahold of that sampler, such that only a few friends of mine seem to have seen it at all.


(thankfully, [ profile] space_coyote got a copy from her roommate, so she got to see some of her gorgeous artwork for this book in print. And [ profile] halifax_slasher snagged a copy for ME at Midtown, which I'll hopefully have by tonight. But seriously, it's pretty hilarious to find myself in a place where I hope people WILL scan something I've done and put it online. THE SUSPENSE. UNPLEASANT!)
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