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Guys, it is Deadline Night and I have thousands of words left to write, and I am tired. I AM SO TIRED. Fandom is full of fail and shockingly bad judgment and my weekend was not so much full of sleep and it is very hot in this apartment. And I had to stay home instead of going to watch the fireworks with [ profile] hoshizora and [ profile] emsariel. < /whining >

BUT SO YOU KNOW, I am trying to stay positive! I am trying to keep my chin up! I am trying not to waste time feeling pissy when it would be much better to finish this work and you know DO SOMETHING ELSE TOMORROW THAT IS NOT WORK. But holy fuck, it is so hard to concentrate on anything. SO HARD. Like every sentence I type is a battle against my desire to be doing PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING ELSE.

That said. A thing that helps me concentrate? Non-lyrical music. Particularly soundtracky type music.

But there are only so many times I can listen to the "Moon" soundtrack in a single day, you know?

So: do any of you have some good-to-write-to tunes you can share with me?

If so, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! *_____*

But regardless, here, have one of my favorite tracks from the aforementioned Moon soundtrack! It is pretty great!
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