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So! Watched the new Mad Men. I experienced a great many Thoughts and Feelings, but in particular I was wondering if I'm alone in my interpretation of what's going on with Don and Peggy.

Over the course of their evening together, Don opened up to her in a way that's nearly unparalleled in his adult life. They seem comfortable around each other, if not particularly free of conflict. There's a mutual respect, unbalanced by gender and the power structure of their company, but undeniable regardless. And they seem to share a genuine affection completely separate from romantic or sexual attraction. Now, more than ever, Don is in desperate need of someone to ground him, to ease him back from the brink of self-destruction and to be there for him when he can't stand to be alone. Not a girl like Allison, who perfectly met his daily needs at the office but whom he could never take seriously, as a coworker or as a person. But someone who will simultaneously accept him for all his flaws, provide a lap for him to rest on (literally or metaphorically) and gently, pragmatically chastise him when he's being an ass.

For years and years and years, that woman was Anna. His touchstone, whom he saw as the only person in the world who truly understood him. And now, I think we're being told that that woman may very well be Peggy, now that Anna is gone.

It seemed to me that the show was telling me this fairly explicitly. The vision of Anna appeared to him when he was lying in Peggy's lap, smiling at him and then walking away, as if she were just checking in to make sure he'll be looked after. And when he gets off the phone with Stephanie, and Peggy is looking straight at's like he sees that same no-nonsense, good-hearted spirit that he so valued in his old friend, and that moment of recognition -- the fact that Peggy has taken that place serves to drive home the fact that Anna is gone -- is what finally causes him to break down.

Of course, I could be wholly off-base with this. But that's the feeling that I got!
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