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So one nice thing about being out of town for Christmas and away from all my productivity machines is that I had more than the usual ammount of time to read Yuletide stories! I have a long way to go, still, but here are some of my very favorites so far, organized by fandom!

The Good Wife

Chasing Names
(Alicia Florrick, Kalinda Sharma, Diane Lockhart, Elsbeth Tascioni)
Not all cases are meant to be won.
My gift this year, and I have to say -- the character voices are SPOT. ON.

The Left Hand of Darkness

Cast No Shadow
(Genly Ai/Therem HarthGenly Ai Therem Harth rem ir Estraven)
“A lack of feeling is a symptom of freeze,” he said, still grimacing. “Perhaps... well.” It was not like him to mince words, and I slowly began to worry. Perhaps this was some attempt at shifgrethor, or another incomprehensible Gethenian ritual which he assumed I knew and at which I could only balk. “To know anything of the intensity of it, I'll have to unfreeze it. To keep it from dying, if it hasn't. I've wasted enough time already; lie down.”
An excellent and thoughtful take on a tricky subject, which made me want to re-read this book SOMETHING FIERCE.


Old Things in Need of Repair
(Summer Qing/Joe Simmons)
Summer Qing learned early to love old things. She also learned early to love dangerous things.
Offers some much needed history and inner-life to one of Looper's most interesting and most neglected characters.


(Werner Locksmith, Tanabe Ai, Fee Carmichael, Yuri Mihairokov, Edelgard Rivera, Hoshino Hachirota, Sally Silverstone, Kyutaro Hachirota)
Following an explosion aboard their spacecraft, it seems all but certain that astronauts Hachirota Hoshino and Sally Silverstone are dead or dying. Ai Hoshino (née Tanabe) believes otherwise, but she'll have to convince the most calculating man in space exploration of her theory, and Werner Locksmith did not get to where he is in life by doubting his own intellect.
A criminally underappreciated fic for a criminally underappreciated canon. This is a fabulous short SF story, and a great device for pitting Ai and Locksmith against eachother in a sort of Feelings Standoff that I really enoyed.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

(Miki Sayaka/Sakura Kyouko, Kamijou Kyousuke/Miki Sayaka, Miki Sayaka/Tomoe Mami, Miki Sayaka, Kamijou Kyousuke, Tomoe Mami, Sakura Kyouko)
Or: Three people Sayaka loved and one she never managed to
I read this on a lark, as the description and pairings weren't really doing anything for me...but MAN. This fic had some really interesting things to say, and it said them well. My series rewatch has been bumped up accordingly!

The City of Witches
(Akemi Homura/Kaname Madoka, Akemi Homura, Kaname Madoka, Tomoe Mami, Sakura Kyouko, Charlotte the Dessert Witch)
Every street in the city of witches leads to despair, but Homura Akemi will never lose her way.
I almost didn't finish reading this, as a device in the early scenes wasn't working for me, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Very smart, very evocative, and some fantastic post-canon scenes.


A Sealed Heart
(Duane Adelier/Sette Frummagem)
Someone has found Duane's organs, and is using them in a pymaric ritual to summon and bind him. Sette is not going to let that happen, though. After all, Duane is *her* attack zombie.
This turned out to be a gripping, well-paced and often kind of touching adventure story, and I really enjoyed it, but MAN! TAKE THE WARNINGS SERIOUSLY! It is for a ship with an underage character, and it is really really violent!


That's it for now -- MORE SOON I HOPE!


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