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I'm less than ten pages away from the end of the prequel, and despite the fact that it's due TOMORROW I'm feeling pretty good. I wish I'd finished about three or four hours ago, but WE CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING WE WANT and right now I'm just trying to concentrate on banging it out fast enough for [ profile] yaytime to have time to properly look it over.

I owe several of you emails, replies to LJ comments or RL interactions of some sort, for which I am very sorry! I'm also a day late posting my next chapter of the BSS AU, because I haven't had time to go in and do a few last revisions, let alone proofread and code it. I haven't started making dinner yet because I keep thinking I can get this out to Dave before taking that much time away from the computer.

But you know, at this moment I'm surprisingly okay and chill about the whole thing? Just gotta buckle down.

I think, weirdly, that the fact that this is the end of the story is helping. I'd expected to be freaked out about screwing it up, but mostly I'm just incredibly glad that I've had the chance to write it at all. Iroh is talking to Zuko about family and loss and hope, and when I'm done the scene will be proofed by my awesome cowriter and drawn by an incredibly talented artist, both of whom have been an absolute joy to work with.

This summer has been insane and exhausting, but seriously? My life could be a helluva lot worse.
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Apparently you can pre-order the Zuko-tastic prequel graphic novel from Amazon already?! Some of the information is wrong -- the book is probably going to be 100 pages, not 176 -- so I have no idea if that May release date is accurate. But still! *laughs* Although man, who's this "Nickelodeon" guy who's supposedly the author? ;)

I spent this weekend trying to crawl my way out from under a completely insane flu (although not THAT flu) and have only just gotten to the point where I can stay awake long enough to get much of anything done. So...TIME TO GO WORK ON THE AIRBENDER BOOKS? (And various other things that I owe various other people, like the extremely patient [ profile] goraina.) The deadline for the scripts for BOTH of the books is early October, but since [ profile] hoshizora will be arriving at the end of September I have quite a bit of motivation to get this stuff mostly finished even earlier than that. This wasn't a great month for my body to horribly betray me, but you know...I'll manage. I just ordered a giant pile of groceries from Fresh Direct, so at least I'll be able to hunker down in the apartment and slave away without having to go outside for sustenance. (I ordered myself an entire steamed lobster and a pint of cocktail sauce, I am so excited you don't even know.)

Finally: Anyone coming into town for New York Anime Fest? [ profile] jetbaby, you're gonna be there, right?
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It's been one of those crazy weeks for a lot of reasons (kind of like it's been one of those crazy summers) but the last day or so have been pretty all right, I have to say. A big long-term project was wrapped up, which is ALWAYS just....yes. Finishing things is awesome. AWE. SOME.

And after spending the weekend under the shadow of possible!problems, it looks like things are moving along nicely with the prequel graphic novel, about which I am ludicrously excited. [ profile] space_coyote has gotten the first chunk of script and hasn't sent me any "WTF IS THIS NONSENSE?!" emails, so that's good! VERY GOOD!

It kills me that [ profile] yaytime and I can't really talk about the story just yet, because I think we've come up with some pretty fun stuff, and I can't wait to see what y'all make of it! I think fans will be surprised by some of the faces that turn up and pleased by the events that we decided to focus on. We're giant nerds and we love ATLA like A WHOLE DAMN LOT, and our nerdy love is ALL OVER this script, it's hilarious. Those of you who know me at all will laugh VERY VERY HARD when you see some of what we did, of that I am sure.

Also, now that I'm sitting here choosing an icon for this post: if any of you were to make/link me to icons of 1) Zuko on his ship with the shaft of OMGAVATAR light bursting from the horizon, 2) bandaged!Zuko looking like an understandably sad boo at the WAT, or 3) AGNI KAAAAAAIIII -- that would be pretty great! They are all icons I find myself wanting to use CONSTANTLY in relation to this project, BUT FOR SOME REASON I DON'T HAVE THEM?!
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Recently, John Rogers (the creator/showrunner for Leverage) was asked for his thoughts on fanfic, and actually took the time to articulate some pretty positive thoughts on the matter! I won't repost his entire response here (others have done so already, if you don't want to have to skim his post) but the one aspect of his outlook that irked me can be summed up with this quote: "Sure, a lot of fanfic is crap. Of course it's crap. It's written by people who are not professional writers."

I realize this is an INCREDIBLY minor point in the larger context of his not being an ass about fanwork. But it's a point that I'm particularly interested in for (probably obvious) reasons.

I'll admit: I was a little frustrated by the implication that fanfic is inherently inferior in quality because it isn't professional. )
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I'm on Cape Cod this weekend visiting my mom, as well as recharging my batteries a little and trying to push through another big swell of work, mostly professional but with some personal stuff mixed in to keep myself sane.

I spent from the bus trip Friday until this afternoon working on the Airbender/ATLA prequel in between the requisite socialization, and man...what I finished was the script for what will be 22 comic pages, and that SOUNDS like it shouldn't be a big deal. But when I sent my draft off to Dave a few hours ago, I felt like I'd been drained of every ounce of creative energy. I think it came out well, though -- hopefully Dave will agree with me ;3

Which reminds me: how glad am I that "Airbender" and "Avatar"/"ATLA" mean distinctly and clearly different things within fandom? I know it's a small thing, but it's nice. I feel like I want to get a hat that says "ATLA" on it and just let people assume I have a thing for Atlanta.

The big Problem this weekend has been absolutely shitty internet access. Unless I'm sitting in my mom's bedroom directly next to the modem, the signal keeps wandering in and out, which makes even simple tasks like replying to comments and email WAY MORE of a pain than they should be. Mom's out right now, so I think maybe when I've posted this I'll go sit on her bed and try to work through the backlog that's built up before she gets home.

....annnnnd the power just flickered out for about twenty seconds. That was....odd. Hmm.

I keep hoping that if I can just finish ONE MORE THING, if I can just push through ONE MORE DEADLINE, I'll be able to take some time to do fun shit and catch up with friends and you on chat every once in a while. I miss everyone! I AM NOT AVOIDING YOU, FRIENDS, I AM JUST BURIED UNDER A MOUNTAIN OF MY OWN CREATION. D:

Oh. And I have a mild stomach bug, which means that periodically I have to lie quietly on my back not doing anything until my body decides to stop being an asshole. My disapproval is great!

OH. OH! And. I feel a need, for some reason, to tell everyone that this icon? This icon is actually ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE ICONS. It makes my tiny fangirl heart ache a little every time I see it. I don't think I've ever encountered anyone else who feels this way about it, but that's okay, as I FEEL ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE, TRUST ME.

ETA: Just to be clear, the prequel is much longer than 22 pages! That's just the chunk I finished yesterday, pp23-44 ;3
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I'm still way, WAY behind on practically everything -- the con is over and sadly [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora have left me, but I'm up against a deadline that's still eating up most of my time. HOWEVER! After months of sneaking around I can finally TALK about what that deadline is for.

There was an announcement at SDCC and rumors have been flying in the days since, but here's what's actually going on:

Dave Roman (aka [ profile] yaytime) and I are going to be writing two books for DelRey connected to The Last Airbender -- an adaptation, and a prequel about Prince Zuko's banishment and his time at sea. They'll be drawn by Joon Choi and Nina Matsumoto, respectively, the latter of which I met at the con and was a super-nice gal all-around.

Obviously Dave and I are both huge supporters of the show, and we're going to do all we can to make sure these books are something ATLA fandom can enjoy: different in the details, but maybe not in spirit.
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The next round of NickMag Avatar comics is on its way, starting with a (deeply silly) story I wrote called "Don't Blow It" in the newest issue of Nickelodeon Comics Club!

(art by Elsa Garagarza, who did a really fantastic job!)

GUYS, THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR MY EXCITEMENT! [ profile] yaytime put up a big post with lots of preview art from upcoming stories, including another of my contributions: "Dragon Days," an adventure with Aang and his BFF Kuzon!


Seriously, guys, GO CHECK IT OUT!

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Me: *pulls out laptop during the He Man and Shee-Ra Xmas special*

John: *peers over shoulder* What is that, fanfic?

Me: No, actually, just some work for Dave.

John: What's the difference? *laughs* I guess you're getting paid for this...

Me: Also, it's in script format. *thinks* And there's less kissing.

(What I took away from this: There should be more kissing.)
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Had not one but TWO MEALS at Ikea today. Felt inexplicably proud of myself. Also, purchased many many shelves and a bottle of medicinal Sweedish cola. Many thanks to [ profile] jlh and M for dealing so elegantly with my sleep deprivation, and for taking care of my broken bottle emergency. (I realize crying over spilled elderflower syrup is ridiculous, but man! $5 is two and a half subway fares!)

Spent a smashing day in Chinatown with [ profile] mattbayne on Thursday. He decided he needed a day in the city to get his creative juices flowing, and I am pretty much ALWAYS up for dimsum and bubble tea. I lived in Chinatown for two years while I was in school, and sometimes I do miss it so. I'll have to find more excuses to go, it's not like it's a long subway ride for me. (Also, [ profile] foxysquid, I totally ended up buying a little jade rabbit to hang on my purse. There is so, so much wrong with me.)

Tomorrow, it's Christmas Specials and excellent company, which should help get me out of this O SHIT IT'S CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!!?! panic mode I've been in. It's hard to panic when there are twinkle lights and mugs of hot liquid to be had.

While all this merriment and socializing has been a great distraction from the world and its many ills, it's also meant I have not gotten a whole lotta work done this week. [ profile] gallo_de_pelea and I did another comics marathon on Tuesday, which helped, but since then it's been hard to find a few hours to sit down and churn things out. Though I HAVE managed to pick away at my freelance, and by some miracle have finished my fic for Yuletide.

I have also recieved several excellent and lovely holiday cards! Many thanks to [ profile] kittyjimjams, [ profile] quezzie, [ profile] piratecore, [ profile] a_white_rain and [ profile] redvelvetaddict -- getting mail is TOTALLY FUCKING SWEET, YOU GUYS. <3

Now, hopefully this vodka has made me tipsy enough that I can push my way through the OMGTHISSUCKS panic and finish these damn freelance revisions!


Oct. 19th, 2008 12:46 am
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So you know, I feel that [ profile] gallo_de_pelea and I actually kicked a fair amount of ass today! The pics she sent of her WIP panels were GORGEOUS, we both made a lot of progress, and now we can both sleep a little easier, knowing we were TOTALLY VIRTUOUS COMICKERS this afternoon and evening!

If you're curious, my log of the day's progress and the three pages I finished are over on my other journal!

Thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments on my entry, which I have now seen!

EK wants to make a regular habit of this, and I think she may be on to something -- I don't want to unhook my modem and marathon through 12 hours EVERY DAY, but a few times a month certainly wouldn't hurt. ;3
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So I'm trying to figure out what images to include in my portfolio! I still have the old one kicking around, but it was OLD, and it's about time I rework it anyway. But of all the things I hate in this world, self-promotion of any kind is primary among them, and so not very good about representing myself. Also, despite years of art school and professional experience, the niggling details of portfolio-building still elude me.

How many pieces? I was thinking something like fifteen to twenty, half all my own and half pieces I've colored for other people. What about fanart? I feel like it's fine as long as there's variety, but who knows?

So I've pared the selections down a little, but I'm stuck on the final cut! Any advice y'all might be able to offer -- particularly those of you who have to look at portfolios as part of your work -- would be very much appreciated. I feel a bit of an idiot, but far be it for me not to ask for help when I need it!

Twenty-seven BIG images behind the cut! )
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It looks like I'll have one more day of this job, after all. Which is a little alarming, admittedly, as I'm moving on Friday and -- since this job came up so suddenly and ran through the entire weekend -- I have a lot of packing to do. A lot. As in, I have not packed anything so far, though Scott and our friend, Evonne, took care of all the books. (Clio, if you're reading this, we should talk regarding kitchen pack logistics. <3)

My brain is too fried to handle my usual workday entertainment -- the Ghetto Audiobook -- and instead I've been listening to old episodes of This American Life, because the stories are so short, and if I miss something due to distraction or general exhaustion it doesn't much matter. I've listened to something like EIGHT of them today (each episode is an hour long) and so far my favorite was the episode dedicated to Testosterone, which included a woman-turned-man talking about how his testosterone injections made him gratuitously check out The Ladies at every opportunity. Good times, good times.

(Thus concludes today's attempt to use this thing like a real journal, instead of posting once very two weeks to spazz out about Avatar. NOT THAT I PLAN TO STOP DOING THAT, TOO.)
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I'm trapped at work, likely until late tonight, with only a tinytiny playlist and a DESPERATE need for auditory distraction.

Translation: Feed me music? PLEASE? <3

ETA: I have a particular urge to listen to "Apache" by the Sugar Hill Gang on loop, should anyone have a copy to share. :P
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I just wasted like TWO HOURS watching TV, and it was AWESOME.

I have often been busy in my life -- ever since AP US History in my sophmore year of highschool, it's always one thing or another keeping me up 'till all hours and begging for every free moment I have to offer.

But never in memory have I experienced the kind of gut-wrenching, panic-inducing, heart-pounding, brain-melting and yet completely euphoric busy that's been my M.O. for the past month. I'm about to finish my second book for scholastic, I've handed in the first draft of my very first gen-u-ine television script, I've colored two collectible trading cards and (though this is largely unrelated) I'm two weeks away from moving in with mah boy.

The insanity! OH, the INSANITY!

It's like everything I've been aching to do is suddenly on my plate all at once, and I'm about to explode from eating so fast. O_O


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