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A few people on my flist (most notably [ profile] emsariel) are doing this right now -- writing a minimum of three sentences in their LJs every day. I have a tendency to leave a lot of my life out of my posts here, and I have a feeling that January is going to be particularly eventful for a lot of reasons. Personally, I think I'll try to keep my posts in this series to JUST three sentences as an added exercise in concise wording, but I'll cave to rambling if it means the difference between sticking to or abandoning the experiment.

So, the first few days, to get me started:

January 1st:

I woke up in a Summerville attic room and started the day with free coffee, french toast stuffed with goat cheese and pears, and the company of good friends. We rode the commuter rail back south again, were picked up by Mom at the end of the line and treated to dinner halfway back to her house. The conversation wandered to some pretty unfortunate places, but I know she means well, and if she's going to take me out to eat the least I can do is hear out her thoughts on family planning and real estate.

January 2nd:

My first full day with the new computer, during which I retreated to the apartment over my mom's garage and cranked out some until-then-logistically-delayed freelance revisions. I think I need to spend more time going out to write at the library -- the quiet and the change in atmosphere seem to do me a lot of good, and unlike coffee shops, I don't feel obligated to pay for the privilege of sitting there. Perhaps once [ profile] hoshizora is here doing the freelancer thing with me, it'll be easier to get myself up and out the door in the morning.

January 3rd:

The bus from Hyannis to Port Authority went better than it could have, but the cab ride home was a near-miss with disaster -- I left my (gift from my mom) purse in the back seat, along with my wallet and everything that entails. I spent the evening canceling cards and working myself up into a state of proper despair before my dad called to tell me that the taxi driver was trying to get in touch -- he'd found a check from my paternal grandma in the wallet, and used it to call her and start tracking me down. The driver came by to drop it off before 1AM, and thus my ludicrous history of leaving my wallet places only to have it ~*~miraculously~*~ returned to me continues.
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As previously mentioned, my somewhat elderly but dearly beloved ibook, Alphonse, met a sudden and dramatic end on Thursday morning. Fortunately for me, my friends are incredibly kind people (thanks especially to [ profile] jlh and [ profile] calloocallay and [ profile] hoshizora for calling to talk me down from the ledge and/or offer aid in the immediate aftermath!) and [ profile] emsariel and I are of only middling levels of broke-ness, so we had a lot of options to choose from in terms of how we were going to sort things out.

After an hour of wandering around the house thinking about how this was a perfect time to get a ~*~new laptop~*~ and feeling REALLY guilty about it (although Clio and Paul in particular were like, "Alison, seriously, you were going to have to get a new one soon anyway") Scott and I decided that yeah...YEAH...maybe we were actually going to just splurge. )

As it is, I am just FANTASTICALLY PLEASED with every single thing about this machine, from the keyboard to the trackpad to the new OS to the big empty harddrive to the much much much nicer and higher res screen. I am so pleased that I kind of feel like a character in a commercial -- like John Hodgman is going to try and lure me to Windows 7, only to have me pat him on his head before running into the arms of Justin Long.



At least now work is a lot sparklier?
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It's New Years Eve, and I find myself in a pretty tight spot.

About an hour ago, someone (who shall go unnamed such that they aren't publically shamed on my LJ) dropped my laptop on a hardwood floor and broke the screen to the point that it's no longer useable.

I use that laptop for all of my writing, including the revisions I have to turn in on Monday.

So....kind of in need of some advice.

It's a 12" G4 iBook that's about 4 1/2 years old - the "chiclet" kind - and was on the lower end even at the time since I'd be using it primarily for word processing. The screen would probably cost $450 to replace, assuming there aren't any other problems. If this hadn't happened I would probably aim to get at least another year out of it before looking for a new machine.

I could fix it. I could get a Netbook like [ profile] emsariel's and "hackintosh" it and hope for full functionality on less fancy hardware. I could buy a new low-end Macbook. I could do nothing and just never be able to work away from home. Or maybe I could do something else I'm not even thinking of.

Thoughts? :(

(typing this on my suddenly essential iPod btw, so apologies for any typos)

ETA: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I am in the Cambridge Apple Store buying a Macbook?!??!?! So apparently that answers that question? (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!??!)
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Christmas was pretty great this year, despite the little detail that I'm still finishing up my last few knit presents. I didn't really ask for much in particular, so everything was a pleasant surprise. A giant new skillet! Stripey socks! A dress that miraculously fits like a glove without my having been there to try it on! And um....

...t-the iPod touch I'm typing this entry on? Way to make my goddamn holiday, [ profile] emsariel, seriously. *____*

I think my Christmas present to myself wil be to play with it a little longer and then sleep for about twelve hours. And you my poor hands a little.

.....s-so much knitting...



(and btw? app recs would be super swell <3 )

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I was going to skip doing this -- I've been so absentee lately that I hardly feel like I'm deserving of any internet cookies right now -- but it's 4AM and I have an alarming amount of work to do in the next twelve hours or so and I am not made of stone.

So here is my comment on that love meme thing that is going around! If you feel inclined to say a nice thing, I would certainly be grateful, and could use the positivity something fierce. <3
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Apparently you can pre-order the Zuko-tastic prequel graphic novel from Amazon already?! Some of the information is wrong -- the book is probably going to be 100 pages, not 176 -- so I have no idea if that May release date is accurate. But still! *laughs* Although man, who's this "Nickelodeon" guy who's supposedly the author? ;)

I spent this weekend trying to crawl my way out from under a completely insane flu (although not THAT flu) and have only just gotten to the point where I can stay awake long enough to get much of anything done. So...TIME TO GO WORK ON THE AIRBENDER BOOKS? (And various other things that I owe various other people, like the extremely patient [ profile] goraina.) The deadline for the scripts for BOTH of the books is early October, but since [ profile] hoshizora will be arriving at the end of September I have quite a bit of motivation to get this stuff mostly finished even earlier than that. This wasn't a great month for my body to horribly betray me, but you know...I'll manage. I just ordered a giant pile of groceries from Fresh Direct, so at least I'll be able to hunker down in the apartment and slave away without having to go outside for sustenance. (I ordered myself an entire steamed lobster and a pint of cocktail sauce, I am so excited you don't even know.)

Finally: Anyone coming into town for New York Anime Fest? [ profile] jetbaby, you're gonna be there, right?
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I'm on Cape Cod this weekend visiting my mom, as well as recharging my batteries a little and trying to push through another big swell of work, mostly professional but with some personal stuff mixed in to keep myself sane.

I spent from the bus trip Friday until this afternoon working on the Airbender/ATLA prequel in between the requisite socialization, and man...what I finished was the script for what will be 22 comic pages, and that SOUNDS like it shouldn't be a big deal. But when I sent my draft off to Dave a few hours ago, I felt like I'd been drained of every ounce of creative energy. I think it came out well, though -- hopefully Dave will agree with me ;3

Which reminds me: how glad am I that "Airbender" and "Avatar"/"ATLA" mean distinctly and clearly different things within fandom? I know it's a small thing, but it's nice. I feel like I want to get a hat that says "ATLA" on it and just let people assume I have a thing for Atlanta.

The big Problem this weekend has been absolutely shitty internet access. Unless I'm sitting in my mom's bedroom directly next to the modem, the signal keeps wandering in and out, which makes even simple tasks like replying to comments and email WAY MORE of a pain than they should be. Mom's out right now, so I think maybe when I've posted this I'll go sit on her bed and try to work through the backlog that's built up before she gets home.

....annnnnd the power just flickered out for about twenty seconds. That was....odd. Hmm.

I keep hoping that if I can just finish ONE MORE THING, if I can just push through ONE MORE DEADLINE, I'll be able to take some time to do fun shit and catch up with friends and you on chat every once in a while. I miss everyone! I AM NOT AVOIDING YOU, FRIENDS, I AM JUST BURIED UNDER A MOUNTAIN OF MY OWN CREATION. D:

Oh. And I have a mild stomach bug, which means that periodically I have to lie quietly on my back not doing anything until my body decides to stop being an asshole. My disapproval is great!

OH. OH! And. I feel a need, for some reason, to tell everyone that this icon? This icon is actually ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE ICONS. It makes my tiny fangirl heart ache a little every time I see it. I don't think I've ever encountered anyone else who feels this way about it, but that's okay, as I FEEL ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE, TRUST ME.

ETA: Just to be clear, the prequel is much longer than 22 pages! That's just the chunk I finished yesterday, pp23-44 ;3


Jun. 22nd, 2009 03:08 am
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Everyone seems to be posting photos of their dads tonight, and hey! I also have a dad!

In San Diego this past Christmas, with my stepmom, Nastia! )

He lived in Russia for twelve years, so it's nice to have him a little closer and a lot easier to get to. I'll be out there again for SDCC with [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora -- WATCH OUT DAD, THE NERDS ARE COMING. <3
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So Anime Boston actually went really well! I feel like I barely slept and spent most of the weekend somewhat dazed, but sales were good and people were friendly and even though I pretty much NEVER LEFT the Artist Alley, I still feel like I had the full con experience due to how much traffic there was, the fantastic cosplayers wandering by, the brief but AWESOME Avatar meetup on Saturday, and the fact that I was staying with [ profile] gothic_hamlet and [ profile] blinkidybah (and variously accompanied by [ profile] bhanesidhe, her Mysterious Brother Person, [ profile] erinfinnegan, [ profile] emsariel, [ profile] froglartbge, [ profile] gothic_ham and two insane cats.) So many baby seals! So much alcohol-soaked watching of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead! So much eating of a Vermonster! So much time spent looking for reference of Ash and Misty for that one commission I was desperately trying to finish on Sunday!

I also really enjoyed being back in Boston again. Much as it's a pain in the ass, it's where I grew up! Sure it sucks trying to find a place to order delivery at 11PM on a Sunday (turns out, your options are crap Italian and wings). Sure all the good/cheap restaurants on Newbury Street close before 10PM. Sure desperately running to catch the last train at 12:30AM and then sitting in Downtown Crossing for 45 minutes while they wait for connecting trains is pretty lousy. But you know...lousy in kind of a cute, nostalgic way?

But yes. THE CON! Thank you SO GODDAMN MUCH to all of you who took the time to stop by and say hello, even if it was only for a minute! It cheered the hell out of me, and I only hope that in my muddled state I still managed to express my gratitude! I was really, REALLY worried about how this con would go, and y'all made a huge difference.

However, my internet access was total crap at the con, and things were actually busy enough that I wouldn't have had time to use it besides. I'm still desperately catching up on replying to emails ([ profile] foxysquid I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU) and taking care of various business. But I'll be on Cape Cod with my mom for the next few days, which should give me the time/space/energy to get it all sorted out. In particular, I have commissions to finish and a shitload of writing to do. It wasn't practical to bring Chronin work with me, but I'm hoping that clearing other things off my plate will leave me feeling pumped and ready to get back to work once I'm in the city again.

How about you folks? Have a good weekend? <3
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Anime Boston is this weekend and I'm slowly, sloooooooooowly approaching readiness.

The current checklist is something like this:

Revise/reformat older art
Draw new bookmarks
Print/cut/laminate bookmarks (Thank god for [ profile] jlh and [ profile] emsariel and their papercutting abilities! Seriously, I might otherwise have DIED)
Order prints
Print out more "adult" material for the Special Print Book
Finish the custom notebooks/clipboards so I can polyurethane them
Buy storage cube set to use as table display
• Design table display
• Hem the new fabric I'm using as a tablecloth
• Draw new buttons
Print/cut button sheets
Make buttons
Design/print new pricesheet and binder labels
• Organize art supplies that I'll be bringing
• Organize prints in binders
Buy new phone battery?
• Pack suitcase

.....I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Hmm.
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Because, appropriately enough, [ profile] kittyjimjams demanded it: A PHOTO OF MY TWO CATS! )

For ~15 years I have had one cat: Julien Bashir, cuddliest and friendliest and squishiest of all. Recently my uncle had a stray turn up at his house on Long Island, one who seemed very good around people, was litter trained and obviously starved for affection. My aunt HATES CATS and they already have two small dogs that a cat could kick the crap out of, so my uncle asked Scott and I to give his homeless kitty a try.

We named him Miles O'Brien before he even got here. We were kind of doomed after that. He is ~2, and very curious, and built rather like a small panther, and seems to be getting used to my desire to pick him up and kiss his little face every five minutes.

It's been a couple weeks, as and you can see, they seem to be getting used to each other! About which I am very pleased, as it's a little hard to get work done when there are random bursts of hissing in the other room.
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Guys, I won't lie. I really really hate April Fools' Day. 1) Because I'm the most gullible person on the planet and I always fall for EVERYTHING! 2) Because I am not a fan of pranks in general and mean-spirited ones specifically. 3) Because sometimes ACTUAL STUFF happens on the first of April, and I don't like spending 24+ hours running all information through my nonfunctional bullshit detector.

So I am just going to post a list of things that are TOTALLY TRUE. BECAUSE SOMEONE MUST TAKE A STAND.

  • I have a new cat! His name is Miles. (My other cat's name is Julien. Yeah. YEAH I WENT THERE.)
  • I am going to a convention on Long Island this weekend, and plan to spend the entirety of it writing fanfiction in the hotel lobby.
  • I just started on the last chapter of Volume One of Chronin, which means I may actually be done with it in...not a huge amount of time!
  • I spent most of this morning drawing Sokka and Zuko's swords. No really.
  • I spent most of the afternoon reading a series of excellent essays about Deep Space Nine
  • I am now drawing Japanese landscapes, using various 19th century prints of Tokaido post towns just east of Kyoto as reference.
  • I am about start my first attempt to watch Farscape.
  • I am way behind on replying to comments and should probably be doing that instead of writing this entry if I'm going to be faffing around on LJ anyway.
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Last night I made my second loaf, and it was MORE DELICIOUS THAN THE FIRST, particularly fresh out of the oven and covered in butter. I mentioned this on Twitter and a few folks asked for the recipe, so HERE IT 'TIS!

The recipe is from the Joy of Cooking (ie my beloved kitchen bible, of which I have two copies because the first has been adored to pieces) requires no special equipment, contains very few ingredients and takes less than an hour to make. TOTAL. Including pan-greasing and baking time and digging through the fridge for that bottle of beer you know is in there somewhere.

Beer Bread Details behind the cut! )
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Had not one but TWO MEALS at Ikea today. Felt inexplicably proud of myself. Also, purchased many many shelves and a bottle of medicinal Sweedish cola. Many thanks to [ profile] jlh and M for dealing so elegantly with my sleep deprivation, and for taking care of my broken bottle emergency. (I realize crying over spilled elderflower syrup is ridiculous, but man! $5 is two and a half subway fares!)

Spent a smashing day in Chinatown with [ profile] mattbayne on Thursday. He decided he needed a day in the city to get his creative juices flowing, and I am pretty much ALWAYS up for dimsum and bubble tea. I lived in Chinatown for two years while I was in school, and sometimes I do miss it so. I'll have to find more excuses to go, it's not like it's a long subway ride for me. (Also, [ profile] foxysquid, I totally ended up buying a little jade rabbit to hang on my purse. There is so, so much wrong with me.)

Tomorrow, it's Christmas Specials and excellent company, which should help get me out of this O SHIT IT'S CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!!?! panic mode I've been in. It's hard to panic when there are twinkle lights and mugs of hot liquid to be had.

While all this merriment and socializing has been a great distraction from the world and its many ills, it's also meant I have not gotten a whole lotta work done this week. [ profile] gallo_de_pelea and I did another comics marathon on Tuesday, which helped, but since then it's been hard to find a few hours to sit down and churn things out. Though I HAVE managed to pick away at my freelance, and by some miracle have finished my fic for Yuletide.

I have also recieved several excellent and lovely holiday cards! Many thanks to [ profile] kittyjimjams, [ profile] quezzie, [ profile] piratecore, [ profile] a_white_rain and [ profile] redvelvetaddict -- getting mail is TOTALLY FUCKING SWEET, YOU GUYS. <3

Now, hopefully this vodka has made me tipsy enough that I can push my way through the OMGTHISSUCKS panic and finish these damn freelance revisions!
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I was talking with [ profile] ikyoto yesterday about her system of coffee-making. She makes it one cup at a time with a little filter-holder that sits on top of the mug, and she explained that she first started using one when she was in Japan because it happened to be what was available, and later bought one because it makes great coffee, keeps her from drinking too much too fast, and takes up less space than a machine.

So now I'm curious: If you regularly drink coffee or tea, how do you make it? Do you have a routine? What kind of coffee or tea do you drink and how much do you typically go through in a day? Is there a story behind your own way of doing things?

Personally, I drink unexciting coffee in large quantities. )
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I'm not a political blogger, and I'll just make a fool of myself if I attempt to post like one. But that was a pretty incredible speech. He could have just cruised by on big words and inspiring one-liners and everyone would have been happy, but he actually stood there and laid out what he was going to do and how he was going to do it, he was gracious and respectful, he stood firm against the opposition without resorting to the divisive language and tactics that helped put America into this terrible state in the first place.

Even before Obama started speaking, I looked at that stadium and thought fucking hell, there are 80,000 people in that thing, and they're there because they wanted a chance to see this man in person, to breath the same air and cheer him on to his face. And...I don't know. Earlier today, I spoke with someone who was critical of the change in venue -- it seemed too flashy and show business to her. I disagreed then, and I disagree even more strongly now.

Obama is a candidate of the people. The people wanted to be there with him, and so the DNC chose a venue where such a thing would be possible. It isn't about celebrity. It's about people believing so strongly in someone that they just...crave that personal connection, however small. And that's pretty fucking amazing.

I'm a sap. I'll admit it. I have cried an awful lot of tears while listening to the speeches made during this campaign. I hope that three months from now I'm still crying for all the best reasons.

ETA: I just got an email from the Human Rights Campaign in my inbox, which pointed out something I hadn't really thought of in these terms: "Tonight, Barack Obama accepted his party's nomination for President of the United States. Never before have we had a chance to elect a President who proudly, openly stands up for GLBT equality. This is a life-changing moment in American politics." Fuck yes, HRC. Yes it totally fucking is. <3
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The cat and I are hiding in the bathroom, which smells strongly of kitty litter but is at least out of the flightpath of large objects.

I've never had movers (my parents have, but I don't think that counts, somehow) and I must say. Movers are expensive? BUT HOLY SHIT. THEY ARE A BEAUTIFUL THING. They carry heavy boxes up and down stairs! They disassemble and reassemble our furniture! They put our mattress into a large box! They even take all the hanging stuff out of the closets and and put them in hanging boxes and then re-hang them in our NEW closets! I HAD NO IDEA, GUYS. I HAD NO IDEA THAT MOVERS ROCKED THIS HARD. I feel like a pot smoker who just tried heroin. LIKE I CAN NEVER GO BACK AGAIN.

They showed up an hour early, but in retrospect I'm kinda glad. SOON WE WILL BE DONE. AND THEN I CAN SLEEP THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD.

Rumor has it that there's NEW AVATAR IN CANADA TONIGHT, and after a day of this crap I plan to sit in the empty apartment and work on mini-FSTs while I wait for the ep to get uploaded. A thing that I don't often talk about is that, a little over a year ago, I sat in on part of a pitch for an Avatar episode. WHICH FUCKING ROCKED. *laughs* BUT I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO TALK ABOUT IT SINCE THEN. AND IT HAS DRIVEN ME SLOWLY MAD. AND I AM FAIRLY CERTAIN THAT PART TWO OF THE TWO-PARTER THAT'S SUPPOSEDLY AIRING NEXT IS THE EPISODE I SAT IN ON. AND SWEET JESUS I AM SO READY TO SAY THE STUFF I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT. IT'S NOT EVEN THAT MUCH STUFF. I JUST REALLY REALLY WANT TO SAY IT.



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