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Some of these were written for me, some just drew my attention as I was browsing doubt more will follow as I work my way down through the archive. :)

Nine Steps In a Circle -- Little Miss Sunshine, Frank and Dwayne

Two men accept where they've found themselves and figure out what they're going to do next.

Deluge -- Mushishi, Ginko and Adashino

"On occasion, Ginko forgot what human interaction was like. Not often; his work brought him into contact with every sort of person. But sometimes, on the treks through the mountains that could take weeks, he forgot voices existed."

Small Moves -- Contact, Ellie Arroway

It takes a century, but we get there eventually. And after years of discouraging setbacks, Ellie finds the place in the world she's always deserved.

Honor To Us All -- Mulan, Mulan/Li Shang

"He should be relieved, but the anger growing inside him burned with a fire so hot, it turned everything else to ashes. She'd lied to him."
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Gacked from MANY MANY people:

The first five people to comment in this post get to request a sketch of a subject/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

(It'd be NICE if other folks did this, but you know, we're all pretty busy this time of year. <3)

Also, for those who care, the first issue of Nick Magazine featuring new Avatar comics is on the newstands RIGHT NOW! The cover looks like this...

...and includes the comic "Game Time," written by Katie Matilla and drawn by Justin Ridge! (And riffed on by Dave Roman here - oh boys, never change!)

ETA: You guys and your "I CALL SHOTGUN!" commenting is charming and hilarious beyond belief <3

ETA2: I'm doing these a little out of order, since I was out of the house tonight and had to stick to what I didn't need reference for, but so far I've finished:

Jet and Zuko from my Crazy Ba Sing Se AU for [ profile] mrmoonpants

Aang and Katara, grown up and in the Fire Nation (with MEAT) for [ profile] ifotismeni

Tiny Katara and Sokka WRASSLIN for [ profile] pikabot

Maka's Dad the Death Scythe from Soul Eater, for [ profile] ilikebigtoes

Elisa Maza cuffs Fox for [ profile] patrickat

Bertrand Goldenhour for [ profile] foxysquid

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Thanks to the influence of [ profile] bzzinglikeneon I am now HOPELESSLY ADDICTED to ColourLovers, a website that allows you to create and browse through palettes and patterns. Yes, that's right. PALETTES. THAT IS HOW MUCH OF A NERD I AM.

My own page is here, and is so far not too too embarrassing!
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I finished watching an anime called "Mushishi" about ten minutes ago. It's twenty-six episodes long, and once I got past the requisite mid-series backstory revelation I pretty much steamrolled through the remainder of the show over the course of a week.

I liked it! Some things I liked A LOT and I found myself feeling pretty down when I ran out of show to watch. Other things I was a little disappointed by. And of course, I am left with QUESTIONS. All of which are behind the cut if you're curious! )
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My AWESOME and TALENTED friend, [ profile] bhanesidhe, is in need of some emergency funds, and so she's taking $10 commissions. She does AWESOME FUCKING WORK and is also a damn swell lady, so if you have some cash kicking around and want to support another artist in need, go to her journal on DA or her livejournal and check out the details!
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My friend Erin had a bunch of us over a month or so ago to read and review her huge stack of yaoi manga, and now she's posting the edited podcasts. The latest episode went up today, so if you want to hear me talk about dubious consent and awkward prostitute hiring, you should check it out!

Annnnnnd while I'm pimping things....

A LOT of you folks have made noises about how you want to watch Avatar but were waiting for the entire series to be available on DVD. So here I am, telling you that you can preorder the Season Three box on Amazon right now (it ships on September 16th) for only $45. These DVDs usually have great extras, too, like commentaries and mini-documentaries. I AM SUPER EXCITED, YOU GUYS, OMFG.

Incidentally, I'm also really excited by how well it's doing so far -- it's #48 in DVDs, up from #71 a few days ago! The DVDs selling well makes it about a billion times more likely that Nick will greenlight further Avatar goodness in the future, so you know -- hooray for fans supporting the show! <3
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When I was a child (and we're talking, like, six-years-old here) this was perhaps my favorite movie in all creation. I have no idea how many times I watched it, dozens at least, but I think a particularly telling detail is that when my mom suggested that I watch Mary Poppins as well -- that I might like it for some of the same reasons -- I was MORTALLY offended that she would suggest ANYTHING could be as awesome as Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and for some time after that I resented the perfectly sweet Miss Poppins on PRINCIPLE.

Movie-related rambling and the youtube link behind the cut! )
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My friend [ profile] piratecore made something AWESOME and CUTE and now I am pimping it! You can download the PDF at her lj!

Now back to getting my ass whupped by Chronin! WOO!
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You may think, when you first start watching this, that you know what it's going to be. I stress that you MUST KEEP WATCHING until the lyric actually begins. And then, only then, will you understand why this video rules me.

Seriously, this was posted TODAY and I feel it is my duty as a citizen of the internet to spread the world.
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I needed a little cheering up today, so I watched a whole load of the AMVs I happen to have saved on my computer. It actually worked pretty well as a cheering method, so I figured I'd SHARE THE LOVE and link to a few of them here!

Some of these are VERY VERY OLD, but I found them entertaining! Uh, and only a few of them are Avatar-related, I swear!

A whole load of embedded crazyness behind the cut! )
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First, let me continue today's trend on my flist and remind you all that Avatar Week starts on Nickelodeon today. A new episode will air every day at eight, starting tonight! "The Southern Raiders," the first episode that hasn't already leaked onto the internet, airs Thursday, followed by "The Ember Island Players" on Friday and the Series Finale on Saturday!

First, the official trailer, which is pretty awesome:

And since I'm a huge dork who has a great, GREAT love for cheesetastic over-the-top fan trailers of awesomeness, I highly recommend the "Back from the hiatus" trailer Ravenhlptc24 made! It doesn't contain new footage, and is from when we all thought the series would wrap up in May, but it's a lot of fun and always gets me jazzed up!

Also, while I'm reminding people of things: bidding on my [ profile] livelongnmarry auction (in which I will write WHATEVER RIDICIULOUS FANFIC YOUR HEART DESIRES for charity) closes tonight at 12:01AM PST! It says "1000+ words" but if bidding goes any higher than it is right now, you can be assured my guilt will result in it being considerably longer.

Auction is here, good times good times. <3
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I am admittedly having a little too much fun with the doodle requests y'all threw at me. Still going strong -- we'll see how far I get!

As some of you guys already know, there's a fandom charity auction going on right now to benefit marriage equality, [ profile] livelongnmarry! (Check the profile for more info) I decided I may as well attempt to be useful, so I've offered up a 1000+ word fanfic (pretty much anything at all for Avatar or Mulan) to be finished by September 1st. If for some crazy reason you're interested in bidding, you can do so here until July 15th!
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(As if you needed any)

The new Matt Harding video totally made me cry. JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER ONES DID.

Also: A Goofy Movie is still totally fucking awesome. I suspect its unrelenting sincerity, needlessly excellent animation, charming characters, road trip narrative (THIS IS, PERHAPS, THE CAUSE OF MY LOVE FOR ROAD TRIP NARRATIVES) and hilarious fake pop star are at fault.
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I have a great and powerful affection for Fan Soundtracks, and over the years I've grown particularly attached to a few in particular. However, some were picked up in odd places, some were never really crossposted, some are (relatively) old, and thus not something that most of fandom would necessarily know about.

So I decided it was about time to do some pimping with a side of re-upload.

Covers, downloads and liner note links for ten FSTs behind the cut! )
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For those of you who follow the adventures of Aang & Co., parts one and two of The Boiling Rock are now online. And uh....yeah, I think my FACE HAS BEEN RADDED OFF BY THE SHEER RADNESS OF IT ALL.

Part One
Part Two


For those of you who don't care about Avatar, but do care about Ninja Turtles, or Lt. Commander Data, or both? I have been meaning to share something with you all for a long time. Something DEEPLY AWFUL from my SORDID PAST. Someting I wrote when I was 12 that has somehow survived on the internet for all this time.

I give you: Shades of Green. A TMNT/ST:TNG crossover. Also, my furry OCs.

Have a nice weekend, kids!
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There's a lot of stuff that TOTALLY ATE MY LIFE in regards to the NYCC panel, but more than anything else it was the collection and assembly of fanstuff that did me in. BUT NOW THE JOURNEY IS OVER! And I've made a post over at Avatar Fans that has a list of everything we showed (with links!) and a copy of the big compilation vid I put together. You know, in case any of y'all who missed the panel are curious what nonsense I got up to ;3
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Okay guys. This weekend is New York Comic Con. And as I have mentioned before, [ profile] yaytime and [ profile] rufftoon and I will be running one of the two Avatar-oriented panels on Friday.


However, I don't want folks to show up entirely out of pity. SO! The details, which may tempt you into genuine interest:

Time: 6:00 PM on Friday
Place: Room 1E08
The DL: Basically, in addition to talking about all the fantastic stuff that NickMag has done, our plan is to spend most of an hour showcasing the AWESOME FUCKING SHIT that Avatar Fandom has produced! Fancomics! Fanvids! Puppets (IN PERSON PUPPETS GUYS)! AN ANIMATED STAR WARS PARODY THAT WE'RE PREMIERING AT THE CON AND IS LIKE SORT OF UNBELIEVABLY ELABORATE! Also, you know...a lot of the three of us being nerds.

Dave and I have spent an infinity of time getting everything ready, and I feel that a surprising level of RAD has been achieved.

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I'll admit that I've been watching American Idol pretty religiously this year. And while this is mostly because it's fun to talk to [ profile] jlh about it, I'll also admit that my affection for one contestant in particular drives this loyalty: Chad, known to the rest of the world as Jason Castro.

Now, ridiculous fanfic associations aside, I actually think Jason is a pretty talented kid! I genuinely enjoy his performances, and I'm rooting for him because I think he'd make a great record, not just because he reminds me of my favorite O.C.

Below, a few of his tracks, such that you can judge for yourselves:

Based on the Gypsy Kings cover. (Studio version)

If I Fell
(Studio Version)

Based on the Jeff Buckley cover. (Live Version)

Over the Rainbow
Based on the Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole cover. (Live Version)
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I may have appeared on a podcast.

It may be a regular occurrence.

My dignity may be in tatters, but my geeky little heart beats more strongly than ever.
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I've been watching an awful lot of fanvids lately, trying to find stuff to use on the panel. And although most of them are bad, and many of them are only worthwhile in bits and pieces, a few are OUTSTANDINGLY HILARIOUS or otherwise worthwhile in their entirety.

(Incidentally, if you are one of the three people on the internet who haven't watched the two episodes that aired in Canada, you should probably just stop here!)

First: Badassery, because there's way less of it.

Remember the Name, which is a little heavy on the effects for my taste, but won me over with ATTITUDE.

Catch a Firebender, which features JEONG JEONG and thus rules me forever. Firebenders kicking ass is difficult to argue with, really.

Second: Fannish dorkitude

Cosplayers do the Dragon Dance at a con masquerade. With a TWIST, of course. (PS: This twist does not involve kissing YOU PERVS WHO KNOW WHO YOU ARE.)

Fans freaking out about the premiere of Season Three. AWWWWWWWWWW <3

Earthbending! I think what I like most about this is how lofi it is.


Fun with Ty Lee and Azula. Involves the Fun Song, as sung by Spongebob and Plankton. Yeah. YEAH. <3

Sokka's Dream Comes True. This is old, admittedly, but SHOULD BE SEEN AT LEAST ONCE BY EVERYONE. Sokka + Dane Cook skits = POSSIBLY THE BEST THING EVER. (seriously, I just watched part of it again and THOUGH I HAVE SEEN IT APPROXIMATELY EIGHT BILLION TIMES? LOL)

Rough Rhino Musical Troupe. I would tell you what they're singing but I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Because it's pretty rad.

The REAL theme song for "The Headband". Apparently the audio clip is from Scrubs? Hee hee. <3

Haben Sie Gehoert Das Fire Band? Music from The Producers. Zhao as Hitler? YES. YES PLEASE.

A Simple Explanation for Zuko's decision at the end of season two. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah, that poor kid. ^_^;;

Azula's Gonna Get What She Wants. Remember that "OMG SHOES" video? I almost can't handle how perfectly these two things have melded, forming a better, faster, stronger, bitchier hybrid of shoe coveting goodness.

This post brought to you by a need to entertain myself on a rainy Saturday. ;3

EDIT: Though not necessarily something you can sit through the entirety of, I suppose I really do need to link to this vid, about how Sozin doesn't like Roku's girlfriend. <3


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