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I went ahead and gave it a shot this year -- the results are over on my other LJ, if you're interested! I was a little freaked out by how much time it ended up eating out of my day, but you know, there are worse ways for a comic artist to waste time than drawing a lot of semi-elaborate backgrounds and attempting accurate portraits of real people.

My birthday is in a couple of weeks -- two days after the iPhone FINALLY comes out on Verizon (yes, I'll be preordering mine at 3AM on Thursday, the earliest possible moment). It's actually kind of a blessing that I won't get it earlier, as I'm making a big push to see how much of Chronin V1 I can finish before I turn 30, and the last thing I need is a brand-new long-coveted iPhone 4 distracting me with its technological wonders.

Although I am kind of looking forward to coverage-quality experiments with [ profile] hoshizora, who jumped ship to AT&T back when the first iPhone came out and has been beating his head against crappy signal since he moved to NYC. Will Verizon be completely hosed by the flood of "JFC FINALLY!!!!!" Verizon customers? TIME WILL TELL.
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Guys, I won't lie. I really really hate April Fools' Day. 1) Because I'm the most gullible person on the planet and I always fall for EVERYTHING! 2) Because I am not a fan of pranks in general and mean-spirited ones specifically. 3) Because sometimes ACTUAL STUFF happens on the first of April, and I don't like spending 24+ hours running all information through my nonfunctional bullshit detector.

So I am just going to post a list of things that are TOTALLY TRUE. BECAUSE SOMEONE MUST TAKE A STAND.

  • I have a new cat! His name is Miles. (My other cat's name is Julien. Yeah. YEAH I WENT THERE.)
  • I am going to a convention on Long Island this weekend, and plan to spend the entirety of it writing fanfiction in the hotel lobby.
  • I just started on the last chapter of Volume One of Chronin, which means I may actually be done with it in...not a huge amount of time!
  • I spent most of this morning drawing Sokka and Zuko's swords. No really.
  • I spent most of the afternoon reading a series of excellent essays about Deep Space Nine
  • I am now drawing Japanese landscapes, using various 19th century prints of Tokaido post towns just east of Kyoto as reference.
  • I am about start my first attempt to watch Farscape.
  • I am way behind on replying to comments and should probably be doing that instead of writing this entry if I'm going to be faffing around on LJ anyway.
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So the thing is, at this point in the production process? Working on Chronin is pretty monotonous. Since the script is finished, most of the creative decisions I make are over and done with by the time I've laid out a page. And then I just have to...well, draw it. Which takes a long time. And is (for me personally) not the most interesting thing in the world. So if I don't have something to keep my brain busy, I have a damn near impossible time concentrating at all.

Which means I have been watching a LOT. A LOT. Of television on my computer.

But I'm running out of things to watch. And I'll be working on Chronin for a very, very, VERY long while yet.

I'm Netflixing Deep Space Nine right now (I'll go through all the ST series in order, though I may skip Enterprise) and I'm watching Babylon 5 and Mad Men while I wait for new discs to arrive. I'd love some really awesome old TV series to dig through, preferably ones that are complete so that I can gobble them up in one go. They also have to be in English (or have a really good dub) so that I can work while I'm watching them.

So uh...recommendations? TV or miniseries? They really, REALLY don't have to be SF/F, I just want them to be good and/or entertainingly bad!

Shows I'm already thinking about:

- Horatio Hornblower
- Sherlock Holmes (the good one)
- The West Wing (until it goes south, of course)
- The original Battlestar Galactica (lol)
- Farscape (I'll admit I'm curious)
- Extras
- Spaced

NOTE ALSO: I am open to suggestions for excellent podcasts as well! Right now the not-produced-by-my-friends shows I'm listening to are:

- This American Life
- On The Media
- Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
- The Bowery Boys
- Radiolab

I promise that even if I don't like something you rec, I won't say jerky things about it on my LJ! ;3
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So I seem to have been nominated for some crazy fanfiction award thing? I realize that I'm supposed to laugh this off dismissively, but I'll admit I'm at least a little pleased as I have never been nominated for a silly internet award before! FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING?

That said, I don't actually have any desire to harass y'all into voting for me as that is 1) ridiculous even by my standards and 2) completely pointless, as Stormbenders is nominated and dude, that fic has like 10,000 reviews, who am I kidding?

So uh...I dunno? GO VOTE FOR RAWLES AND FOXYSQUID?!?! Hahaha though they will probably kick my ass for saying that.

Now I want to start my own silly internet award. But what would it be for? Right now I am leaning toward "Best Song Lyric Quotation In Livejournal Subject Line" or "Most Artful Use Of"

EDIT: Okay so as soon as I posted this I actually WENT to and I personally think Mirai's never looked so FOINE... )

(I blame Wonkette)
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I was planning to celebrate it by doing dumb shit all day instead of working on Chronin.

BUT WILL THE GUILT BE TOO MUCH TO BEAR?!?! ONLY TIME WILL TELL. I've technically finished my quota for the week, and if I do another two pages before Sunday I'll make up for what ComicCon did to the week before.

But SINCE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY, I will share with you a thing that is pleasing me greatly at the moment:

Radiohead performs 15 Step at the Grammy Awards, accompanied by the USC Marching Band.

(Download the video here)

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It's 4AM, and I am finally finished with the freelance I've been picking away at all afternoon and evening! Fortunately for my sanity, I had some AIM company, and in the course of one of my conversations I suggested that writing summaries might be less intimidating if done in a capslocky manner. And then I summarized Chronin as such:


And you know...I feel this is about as accurate as the summary I used to sell the book.

(I invite others to summarize their own projects, original or fannish, in a similar fashion for my amuuuuuuuuuuusement ;3 )


Oct. 19th, 2008 12:46 am
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So you know, I feel that [ profile] gallo_de_pelea and I actually kicked a fair amount of ass today! The pics she sent of her WIP panels were GORGEOUS, we both made a lot of progress, and now we can both sleep a little easier, knowing we were TOTALLY VIRTUOUS COMICKERS this afternoon and evening!

If you're curious, my log of the day's progress and the three pages I finished are over on my other journal!

Thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments on my entry, which I have now seen!

EK wants to make a regular habit of this, and I think she may be on to something -- I don't want to unhook my modem and marathon through 12 hours EVERY DAY, but a few times a month certainly wouldn't hurt. ;3
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[ profile] gallo_de_pelea and I have decided to cheat a little (or rather, maintain some shred of our sanity and schedule) and do 12-hour-comics day, as both of us want to make progress on our projects and HEY WHY NOT?

However, as I have no self-control whatsoever, this means I'm going to now disconnect my modem and put it in Scott's office for the day in hopes that I will not actually get so desperate that I go through the trouble of fetching it.

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(Not that I ever let that stop me!)

- I'm in the middle of the first big flashback-to-the-future sequence in Chronin, and it's actually going really well! I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening drawing the inside of a diner and people drinking coffee, and it ALMOST LOOKS LIKE A REAL COMIC THAT SOMEONE MIGHT PAY MONEY FOR! Shocking, I know, but there you are.

- I made an Avatar AMV last week that was so sad I almost made myself cry. Oh, me. *sighs*

- This, combined with a few other recent projects of mine, has led to the decision that I am calling a MORATORIUM on the creation of sad shit for the time being. Enough is enough! Only puppydogs and butterflies from here on in. Uh, and diners? I guess.

- Speaking of which, I had lunch today in a diner that's in the lobby of a hospital (I had to get a hearing test) and it was pretty great! I love diners to begin with, and for some reason the idea of a diner INSIDE OF ANOTHER BUILDING amuses me to no end. I was like, I'm in the hospital! AND YET, CREAMER CUPS AND COLE SLAW! Then I put the cole slaw on my burger and life was pretty fucking great.

- I figured out some plot stuff that had been bugging me for months in the space of about fifteen minutes. I feel I have the burger to thank.

- My hearing is fine, FTR, despite wandering around with my iPod shuffle turned all the way up while I listen to "I2I" and plan my Avatar Vid of Destiny (which, btw, is also making me cry EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NOT YET ACTUALLY MADE IT.)

- Tonight I am going to see a band called I EAT PANDAS. What else needs to be said?

- I'm leaving for Seattle at 5AM on Thursday. My paranoia regarding sleeping through my flight again is mitigated only by the fact that Scott will also be there, and he has a hard time falling asleep in public places. WIN. (Bonus: the return flight on Sunday is also at 5AM!)

- Does this count as a bulleted list even though I was too lazy to type actual bullets? Hmm.
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Like everyone else on my flist, it seems, I have made a wordle! Of the script for Chronin, specifically, which was more revealing than I thought it would be. I expected everyone's names to be huge, especially since they're typed before every single line of dialog (SCRIPT!) but I am sort of hilaritized by what DOESN'T show up on this thing. It's supposedly a manga about timetraveling undergrads pretending to be Samurai, and yet I cannot actually see the word "Samurai" on here. At least "Shishi," "Shinsengumi" and "Sword" are all there, if super super tiny. *laughs* Oh, Samurai comic that has nothing to do with Samurai!

I am amused at how the wordle chose to arrange people's names in relation to each other, however. Apparently it ships Gilbert/Kako! *shakes head sadly* Sorry, Wordle, it's never gonna work.

I suppose I should get back to roughing out pages, now. Forty or so down, A MILLION ZILLION BILLION LEFT TO GO.
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Part of the difficulty in working on Chronin is all the research it requires -- I won't pretend to be an expert in Japanese history, by any means, but I try to get the details right when I can. Visual details are often the hardest, as very few photos exist that predate the Meiji restoration of 1868, and even then most of them seem to be of people in palanquins, temples and geisha. What I really need are scenes of everyday life -- what normal people looked like, where they lived, the shops they went to, that sort of thing. So I was VERY VERY HAPPY to discover an enormous collection of antique photos and prints hosted online by the New York Public Library.

Below the cut are some of my favorites, as I thought y'all might be interested!

Lots and lots of images, just to warn you! )

PS: I am in love with my new icon
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It sometimes occurs to me that, while I update my DeviantArt and Ygal pages pretty frequently, I almost NEVER post any of my artwork here. And oh man...I HAVE BEEN DRAWING SOME STUFF? *laughs* Not nearly as much as I should be, however.

A quick roundup of some recent and not-so-recent material (all links to DeviantArt!)


Zuko, in pursuit of Destiny -- begun almost a year ago, and then forgotten about until about 1AM last night

Yaoi Meme -- (Jet/Zuko, Roku/Sozin) No excuse for this at all, really. Except that [ profile] foxysquid made me do it.

Mai and Zuko, a portrait -- based on the wall hanging in Day of Black Sun

Aang and Katara, bending -- SPOILER: AANG TOTALLY DIGS HER

Sky Pirate Zuko -- Yeah, I'm still not done flailing, really.

Jet and Zuko, dual swords -- in which Jet's armor makes me want to kill myself with its aggressive asymmetry.

Sokka and Zuko, shirtless for no good reason -- Drawn on the back of a diner placemat while visiting [ profile] rawles a few months back. I'd just read a GIANT RIDICULOUS FANFIC in which Zuko joined the watertribe and made everyone call him "Li" and spent a lot of time fondling his manly new watertribe choker. Also, he and Sokka made out. Somehow this was the result.

Mai and Zuko, weapon of choice -- this is probably too old to be reposting here, but I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH? Seriously. I'm a sucker for weapon swapping, apparently! Who knew?


Hiro and Yashiro -- Yeah. There's some gay in this book. Actually, the gay romance is arguably the most important to the entire plot! ALSO, I TOTALLY SHIP THEM.

Mirai and Gilbert -- Uh. I also ship them. <3

Wow, there's a lot of random Chronin in my sketchbook and on my computer that I just...haven't finished! For no good reason! I should do something about that...

::Misc Fanart::

Kamina -- from Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann, which I may or may not be spelling correctly!

Mello -- from Death Note, drawn on commission

Bertrand and Aloysius -- from one of [ profile] foxysquid's WIPs! (BERTRAND YOU TRAITOR!)
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As I plow headfirst through my last day of putting all my worldly possessions into boxes, it occurs to me that I would REALLY REALLY LIKE something to distract myself with when I need to take a break now and then. And nothing wards off moving-related panic attacks like MEMES and NERDITY.

I have thus created a meme of my very, which someone else has probably done before me, but I kind of don't care!

Name a character/pairing/situation/location/etc and I'll upload a song that reminds me of it!


Kako, to Kuji (Chronin) -- Bachelorette, by Björk

I'm a whisper in water
Secret for you to hear
You're the one who grows distant
When I beckon you near

Kuji (Chronin) -- Bus Stop Boxer, by the Eels

I don't miss where I came from
But each night I dream about being back home
When I wake up in the morning
I'm too tired, tired of being alone

So I get up and go downtown
And pick me out a little piece of ground
Where I can prove something to the world
I can prove something to the world

Gilbert (Chronin) -- Clark Gable, by the Postal Service

I was waiting for a cross-town train in the London underground when it struck me
That I've been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound like a movie
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This year, my Christmas present to myself was finishing my (hopefully final) draft of my script for Chronin. Which means I can spend the rest of this week writing dumb fanfic GUILT FREE. Er...heh...well, when I'm not writing Thank You notes, anyway. ^_^;;

I'm currently ensconced in Scott's family's house upstate, wherein life is pretty much like it is for me anywhere else, only with less OnDemand "Sex in the City," no cat trying to worm his way into my lap (and good graces,) and a marked lack of last-minute shopping options. That's cool, though. It leaves me more time to slink into the basement and work on my Super Secret Project. Which involves a lot of glue.

I've been having a lot of conversations with [ profile] jlh and [ profile] foxysquid, lately, about my Nerd Shame. A sad thing, as I'm so militantly AGAINST nerd shame in others! One of the reasons I never post much about what I'm working on here is because half of it is Chronin (which is really dull, right now, you know? REVISIONS ARE NOT EXACTLY FASCINATING STUFF.) and the other half is fannish in nature. And due to the well-meaning influence of several friends in the past, who explained to me about how I really shouldn't be wasting my time on such things, I'm sort of paranoid about admitting the extent of said fannishness here. So many of you are people I know in other contexts, and I afraid of being JUDGED. JUDGED FOR THE TRUTH THAT LIES IN MY HEART.

But then again....if y'all are friends with me, you already know I'm a nerd. *le shrug* So expect one of my "Big List of Fandom Crap I've Been Doing" posts soon enough.

Of course, now I'm reminded that I have so far failed entirely to post my reaction to "The Western Air Temple." But then, you know...THE WESTERN AIR TEMPLE CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. SO YEAH. Clearly I just have to rewatch it again. So it'll be fresh in my mind when I post. *NODNOD*
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Q: Why is it that after weeks of having to FORCE myself to even look at Chronin, often choosing instead to loll around the apartment like a useless lump despite the fact that there was NOTHING ELSE of interest for me to do, I am now electing to stay inside and do revisions instead of enjoying the beautiful countryside I'm currently surrounded by?

A: ....I have a keen sense of Irony...?

Of course, I suppose I should enjoy this delicious freedom while it lasts. Thumbnails are next, and once those are done I'll be chained to my drawing table and desktop computer for god knows how long. Of course, I've got some serious plans for that period, most of which involve getting a NetFlix account and watching all of TNG, DS9, B5 and various other genre televisions series while I draw several hundred pages of timetraveling grad students.

Bonus Nerd Update: I AM helping with the house building a little. And this morning, I spent the entirely of my construction time with a stalk of hay in my mouth. Three guesses as to why, and the first two don't count.
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Um....guys?, I have to do a little more research, and replace a few "INSERT MONOLOGUE HERE"s with actual....content? But....I've been working on Chronin all afternoon and...

...I just typed the word "END?"


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I'm writing the epilogue for Chronin. It's staring at me from behind this window. WAITING. WATCHING. And I am afraid.

Thus, a meme. Even though I haven't done diddly squat about the last one yet.

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

I was tagged by [ profile] jlh, and I tag [ profile] rawles, [ profile] erinfinnegan, [ profile] foxysquid, [ profile] soggytoast, [ profile] quezzie, [ profile] yaytime and [ profile] goraina

My list behind the cut )


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