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Horrifyingly, it's already time for my yearly roundup of "Stuff I've Made in the Last 12 Months!"

First off, because the reveals happened a few days ago: I did manage to write a story for Yuletide this year! It's titled "Live. Die. Save the Cat." and it's an Edge of Tomorrow/Alien crossover starring Rita Vrataski and Ellen Ripley. I wrote it to be as readable as possible to folks who aren't familiar with one or both of those films, so if you're interested in reading about 13,000 words about ladies learning to be badass and helping each other out through an alien invasion, perhaps you would enjoy it!

That's pretty much it for Fun Time Fan Stuff. But as for other things I've made....!


A Leaf in the Night -- wordless sequel to A Stray in the Woods
Hourly Comics 2014 -- One or two panels per waking hour of last February 1st.
Boyfriends of Brooklyn -- co-created with Paul Starr, who wrote the flavor text
Pilgrimage -- a short science fiction comic about the cultural history of Mars
Going Up -- another short SF comic, this time about running late for your space elevator trip
Accidentally Indie -- a short that I'll be putting online soon, featured in Dirty Diamonds #6
A 6-page comic for The Tribute Album, a collection of art and comics about The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal which you can download as a PDF for free

I also wrote large portions of two non-fiction graphic novels for First Second Books. Looking forward to passing them both on to their respective artists!


King Tide -- a SF short set in a drowned near-future Brooklyn (on Motherboard)
Authenticity Soup -- about nostalgia for the Colonial Era and a not-terrible-well-planned camping trip on Mars (on The Sockdolager)

Also, two of my older Sockdolager stories are now available to read online for free:
Moxie -- basically Mulan, only with yacht racing
Off Nominal -- a science fiction novella about the first manned mission to Mars, in which there are mundane-but-potentially-deadly technical problems and awkward romantic entanglements

In Summary:

I spent a lot of time on small personal projects in 2014, but the majority of that time was in the first half of the year. The fall was basically devoured by paid work about which I'm very excited, which is great, buuuuuuuuuuuuut....I'm feeling pretty twitchy about getting some more self-pub comics work out the door. I really, really want to have some new minis done in time for this year's con season.

I'm tentatively excited about having made three prose sales in 2014 -- to Motherboard, to Strange Horizons, and to The Sockdolager -- but I'm nervous about whether or not the trend will continue. I'm not nearly as well-established in prose as I am in comics, and keeping up with comics has been challenging enough! 0___0
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I've mostly been over on Tumblr and Twitter these days, but I know some folks still mostly keep track of what I'm up to here, SO! :D

I’ll be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD in just over a week, and I’ll have TWO new books for sale at table W17!

The print edition of my webcomic A Stray in the Woods, which came out really beautifully!

And Visiting NASA #1, a minicomic version of a 27-page NASA comic I posted to earlier this summer!

Plus lots of other fun stuff, Cat and/or Rocket-related and otherwise.

The show is on September 14th and 15th and admission is just $10! I AM SUPER EXCITED TO GO, and I hope to see some of you there!
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I went ahead and gave it a shot this year -- the results are over on my other LJ, if you're interested! I was a little freaked out by how much time it ended up eating out of my day, but you know, there are worse ways for a comic artist to waste time than drawing a lot of semi-elaborate backgrounds and attempting accurate portraits of real people.

My birthday is in a couple of weeks -- two days after the iPhone FINALLY comes out on Verizon (yes, I'll be preordering mine at 3AM on Thursday, the earliest possible moment). It's actually kind of a blessing that I won't get it earlier, as I'm making a big push to see how much of Chronin V1 I can finish before I turn 30, and the last thing I need is a brand-new long-coveted iPhone 4 distracting me with its technological wonders.

Although I am kind of looking forward to coverage-quality experiments with [ profile] hoshizora, who jumped ship to AT&T back when the first iPhone came out and has been beating his head against crappy signal since he moved to NYC. Will Verizon be completely hosed by the flood of "JFC FINALLY!!!!!" Verizon customers? TIME WILL TELL.
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[ profile] gallo_de_pelea asked over on Twitter if there was a list of all the indy/small press comics shows in the US and Canada, and while it seem like EXACTLY the sort of thing that would be handy, I can't seem to find one!

I already know about MoCCA, TCAF, SPX, APE, Stumptown, the Olympia Comics Fest, and Staple. What am I missing? That can't possibly be it, right?

Other shows mentioned in the comments: SPACE, Main Comics Arts Festival, Expozine, Canzine,

Not indy specific: Heroes Con, Emerald City Comic Con
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As promised, here is the first installment of RICKY + HATS + CRYING

See all the HOT HAT DRAMA behind the cut! )
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The MoCCA Art Fest, independent comics show of destiny, will be taking place this weekend! And just my luck, I have comics in TWO anthologies this year! "Advanced Frame" will be in volume two of Combination Platter, which premiered at NYCC but has a spiffy new printing for this show; and "Turnabout Marathon" will be in volume two of Life Meter, available here for the first time and with over a hundred pages of content! CRAZY! If you're at the con, come visit me at table A60 -- that's the room on the ground floor closest to Houston -- as I'd love to see you!

Previews of both comics can be found below.

Advanced Frame, pages 1-4 of 10 )

Turnabout Marathon, pages 1-2 of 4 )

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So, in a probably-useless attempt to get ready for my MangaNext panel this sunday (which may be at noon or may be at two, I'm having trouble finding out for sure) I've been doing some plot diagrams. The topic of my panel is storytelling in long-format Japanese and American comics, and I thought a good place to start would be boiling a few series down to their skeletons and seeing how they looked against each other. The image below is what I ended up with!

Green represents relatively self-contained "mini-plots;" purple and orange stand for long-term story arcs; the little bits of red and blue show climaxes and epilogues/denouements, respectively.

In case you're curious, the series represented are Bone, Sandman, Rurouni Kenshin and Antique Bakery. Seems an odd assortment, I know, but they had to be series that 1) I'd read in their entirety, 2) I had easy access to, 3) Were long enough to be considered "long-format" and 4) Were straightforward enough that diagramming them wouldn't destroy my will to live. (Which ruled out Nausicaa and its cast of millions)

Things that I'm planning to talk about, in general:
- How the practicalities of the comics industries in both countries affects how stories are written, particularly early on.
- How, structurally, American and Japanese comics are often very similar, and yet provide distinct reader experiences due to the way in which those structures play out. (ie, manga's use of flashbacks as opposed to American comics' preference for explanations via dialog)
- How adaptation into other media will often rework episodic early chapters, extending major arcs backwards to tie together otherwise unrelated mini-plots.
- The relative rarity of endless manga series, as opposed to American comics where most mainstream titles are decades old.
- Anything else that y'all think might be interesting... ;}


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