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CUZ [ profile] hoshizora AND I ARE GONNA TEAR UP THE TOWN. which I mean, we'll stand quietly in a lot of lines, and try to hang out with various friend peoples, and generally behave ourselves.

Looks like my weekend is going to end up structured around the Legend of Korra Panel, the Avatar Fan Panel that [ profile] avatar_mom is running, and hassling folks with whom I'm acquainted, but I'm generally up for additional frivolity!

ETA: So apparently now I'm trying to organize an ATLA fanwork meetup party? Hmm.


Oct. 4th, 2010 07:49 pm
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Ima gonna be at New York Comic Con this upcoming weekend! I made a whole post about it on my other journal, but the salient points are:

- Table T-15, NYCC Artist Alley
- Sharing with the lovely and talented [ profile] gallo_de_pelea and [ profile] rufftoon (Who're bringing "The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal" and "Water Tribe," respectively.)
- I'll have Zuko's Story, a Chronin preview, some prints, and my last copies of that "Enter the Fire Nation" Nick Magazine comic from a few years back! (The one with the "Mai and Zuko go on a date" story, which may be relevant to a few of your interests)

I can only hope I'll have the chance to complain about certain movie franchises with some of you in person. Or, you know, shamelessly fangirl EK and Johane. Whatever, I'm game. ;)
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So far it is pretty great! A couple people seem to actually care about the Zuko Book, and everyone has been super-nice! Say what will will about HP and its fandom -- rarely have I been at a con so overwhelmingly positive and well-intentioned.

I am super-nervous about my reading/signing/keynote panel tomorrow (uuuuuuughgghskdfjksdjfsafksjdf) but that's fine! Because I'm so behind on my freelance work that I have PLENTY to keep me distracted until then!

I am also feeling more nostalgic for my Potter fandom days than I have felt in a very VERY long time. 22-year-old me would have freaked the fuck out at that welcoming feast, let me tell you. LET ME TELL YOU. She would also have been in her Hogwarts uniform, giant-roller-skating-related-ass-bruise-and-roadrash-combo be damned. (oh yeah, that happened. Sitting down was kind of an adventure for a few days thar)

The Ladies have talked me into using some of my super-old Harry/Draco fic as my material for the reading tomorrow, since most of my current work is either ATLA-related or comics or both. I hope everyone is duly entertained by what my younger self thought was TOTALLY AWESOME to put in the first chapter of a fanfic.


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(sorry, I was helpless in the face of that subject line once it occurred to me)

As alluded to previously, I am going to be at Infinitus next month, mostly so that I can participate in the Friday afternoon "keynote luncheon" with Naomi Novik, R.J. Anderson, Karen Healey, and one other possibly-supposed-to-be-a-surprise-guest-so-I'm-not-sure-if-I'm-allowed-to-mention-her-name friend of mine. The topic of the panel will be "fan writers turned pro," an issue which I have some FEELINGS about, many of which I've discussed at length on this journal or perhaps regaled (assaulted?) some of you with in person.

So basically, I am posting to ask:

• Man, what should I even talk about? I assume I should be formulating Notes of some kind beforehand and getting my thoughts in order. Are there particular issues or perspectives I should be pondering? Experiences of mine I should make sure to mention? (aside from the obvious ATLA-related HOW IS THIS MY JOB anecdotes, of course....but even then, what aspects of that situation are other people actually interested in hearing about?)

• Aside from [ profile] pinkfinity and [ profile] jlh and [ profile] bookshop, will any of you be there?

• This is a Harry Potter conference but man, I have NOT really been paying attention to HP fandom in a looooooong-ass time. I have no idea what awesome fics have been written post-canon. So tell me: what should I read? What fic has been EXCELLENT and aligns to some degree with my narrative priorities? ie, what should I be putting on my ipod to read on the plane?

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Apparently you can pre-order the Zuko-tastic prequel graphic novel from Amazon already?! Some of the information is wrong -- the book is probably going to be 100 pages, not 176 -- so I have no idea if that May release date is accurate. But still! *laughs* Although man, who's this "Nickelodeon" guy who's supposedly the author? ;)

I spent this weekend trying to crawl my way out from under a completely insane flu (although not THAT flu) and have only just gotten to the point where I can stay awake long enough to get much of anything done. So...TIME TO GO WORK ON THE AIRBENDER BOOKS? (And various other things that I owe various other people, like the extremely patient [ profile] goraina.) The deadline for the scripts for BOTH of the books is early October, but since [ profile] hoshizora will be arriving at the end of September I have quite a bit of motivation to get this stuff mostly finished even earlier than that. This wasn't a great month for my body to horribly betray me, but you know...I'll manage. I just ordered a giant pile of groceries from Fresh Direct, so at least I'll be able to hunker down in the apartment and slave away without having to go outside for sustenance. (I ordered myself an entire steamed lobster and a pint of cocktail sauce, I am so excited you don't even know.)

Finally: Anyone coming into town for New York Anime Fest? [ profile] jetbaby, you're gonna be there, right?
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I'm still way, WAY behind on practically everything -- the con is over and sadly [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora have left me, but I'm up against a deadline that's still eating up most of my time. HOWEVER! After months of sneaking around I can finally TALK about what that deadline is for.

There was an announcement at SDCC and rumors have been flying in the days since, but here's what's actually going on:

Dave Roman (aka [ profile] yaytime) and I are going to be writing two books for DelRey connected to The Last Airbender -- an adaptation, and a prequel about Prince Zuko's banishment and his time at sea. They'll be drawn by Joon Choi and Nina Matsumoto, respectively, the latter of which I met at the con and was a super-nice gal all-around.

Obviously Dave and I are both huge supporters of the show, and we're going to do all we can to make sure these books are something ATLA fandom can enjoy: different in the details, but maybe not in spirit.
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So Anime Boston actually went really well! I feel like I barely slept and spent most of the weekend somewhat dazed, but sales were good and people were friendly and even though I pretty much NEVER LEFT the Artist Alley, I still feel like I had the full con experience due to how much traffic there was, the fantastic cosplayers wandering by, the brief but AWESOME Avatar meetup on Saturday, and the fact that I was staying with [ profile] gothic_hamlet and [ profile] blinkidybah (and variously accompanied by [ profile] bhanesidhe, her Mysterious Brother Person, [ profile] erinfinnegan, [ profile] emsariel, [ profile] froglartbge, [ profile] gothic_ham and two insane cats.) So many baby seals! So much alcohol-soaked watching of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead! So much eating of a Vermonster! So much time spent looking for reference of Ash and Misty for that one commission I was desperately trying to finish on Sunday!

I also really enjoyed being back in Boston again. Much as it's a pain in the ass, it's where I grew up! Sure it sucks trying to find a place to order delivery at 11PM on a Sunday (turns out, your options are crap Italian and wings). Sure all the good/cheap restaurants on Newbury Street close before 10PM. Sure desperately running to catch the last train at 12:30AM and then sitting in Downtown Crossing for 45 minutes while they wait for connecting trains is pretty lousy. But you know...lousy in kind of a cute, nostalgic way?

But yes. THE CON! Thank you SO GODDAMN MUCH to all of you who took the time to stop by and say hello, even if it was only for a minute! It cheered the hell out of me, and I only hope that in my muddled state I still managed to express my gratitude! I was really, REALLY worried about how this con would go, and y'all made a huge difference.

However, my internet access was total crap at the con, and things were actually busy enough that I wouldn't have had time to use it besides. I'm still desperately catching up on replying to emails ([ profile] foxysquid I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU) and taking care of various business. But I'll be on Cape Cod with my mom for the next few days, which should give me the time/space/energy to get it all sorted out. In particular, I have commissions to finish and a shitload of writing to do. It wasn't practical to bring Chronin work with me, but I'm hoping that clearing other things off my plate will leave me feeling pumped and ready to get back to work once I'm in the city again.

How about you folks? Have a good weekend? <3
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Anime Boston is this weekend and I'm slowly, sloooooooooowly approaching readiness.

The current checklist is something like this:

Revise/reformat older art
Draw new bookmarks
Print/cut/laminate bookmarks (Thank god for [ profile] jlh and [ profile] emsariel and their papercutting abilities! Seriously, I might otherwise have DIED)
Order prints
Print out more "adult" material for the Special Print Book
Finish the custom notebooks/clipboards so I can polyurethane them
Buy storage cube set to use as table display
• Design table display
• Hem the new fabric I'm using as a tablecloth
• Draw new buttons
Print/cut button sheets
Make buttons
Design/print new pricesheet and binder labels
• Organize art supplies that I'll be bringing
• Organize prints in binders
Buy new phone battery?
• Pack suitcase

.....I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Hmm.
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It seems that no matter how hard I try to be on top of these things, I always end up with a week to go and a billion things to do. BUT! Thanks to a tip from [ profile] gallo_de_pelea I'm getting my prints from Adorama this time, so I'll at least save myself the shipping time (they're in Manhatttan and I can pick the prints up myself.)

I wanted to get prints made of some older pieces -- many of which I've never gotten prints of before -- but quite a few of them have...problems. I don't have the time or energy to completely redraw them all, but I wanted to at least go in and fix people's faces and hands, usually the biggest problem areas. So that's pretty much what I've been doing since late afternoon. D:

Here's my art folder sorted by "date modified" to give you an idea:


Tomorrow: coloring unfinished lineart, ordering the first round of prints (to be safe) and starting in on the rest of the bookmarks/pinups/buttons I have planned.

God and I haven't even started making new buttons and bookmarks from the existing designs.

D: D: D: D: D:

Question: I'd like to get at least a couple different poster-sized prints made but I'm not sure which pieces to go with. Any ideas?

Finally: THANK GOD FOR DIGIMON, which has been keeping me sane through all this.



EDITEDIT: ARG Adorama closes at 1PM tomorrow and stays closed all weekend. I'm sure if I had everything in to them by first thing Monday morning it'd be ready for pickup by the time I had to leave for the con but ARG WHY MUST IT ALWAYS BE SO CLOSE! I'm tempted to upload everything now, but I'm tired enough that I'd probably make a stupid mistake :|

EDITEDITEDIT: ORDER MADE. Nothing like spending $100+ before 9AM!? Hopefully I didn't make any major blunders in my sleep-deprived state.
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I'm trying DESPERATELY to be more on top of things, and not be scrambling to take care of all the details a week before the con. BUT! I have a few questions for those of you who run in the Artist Alley circles along with me.

- Recommendations for where to order large-format posters? It seems like expensive overkill to have them printed on photopaper, but that's all they do at the place I get my 8x10 prints from. :/

- Advice regarding displays, particularly the "hang your art up high" kind? I have a setup that worked all riiiiiiiight at MangaNext but it's not the sturdiest thing in the world. I tried browsing around the Home Depot in Manhattan but didn't have much luck.

- How do you organize your prints? I've been keeping the ATLA stuff in a separate binder, but that's about it in terms of categories. I don't have like...tabs for different characters or pairings or whatnot, as I like to mix things up a bit so it doesn't get monotonous. But perhaps this isn't a good strategy?

- I keep seesawing back and forth about pricelists, both for items on the table and for commissions. Part of me feels like I'd rather have people ask? But is that just scaring away shy folk who don't want to have to talk to the Scary Artist Lady who's currently arguing with someone about nerdy shit?

To those of you who aren't (necessarily) artist but like to frequent Artist Alleys: I'd love to hear from you guys, too! Things you think are awesome? Things that really bug you? Things you wish you'd see more/less of? CURIOUS! :D
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First of all, who else is going? It looks like I have table 36 in the artists' alley, and I'll probably be behind it for the majority of the con. I would looooooooooooooooove if some of y'all stopped by to say "hello," though if you know me from THE INTERNETS make sure you say so! Otherwise I'll feel like a jerk later for not knowing who you were! ;3

Secondly, it looks like the friend I was going to share a table with won't be in town for the con after all. So if you need some space to set up shop, let me know, and maybe we can work something out!

I'll also be in the Boston area for longer than usual, at least a week total, so even if you're not at the con I'm up for grabbing a coffee or whatever with anyone who's around. <3

IN OTHER NEWS: The past few days have been crazy busy, and while some of that busy has involved awesome jobs that I'm totally psyched about, I am still sort of SLOWLY LOSING MY GRIP ON REALITY. It's 3AM and I'm not done with this Chronin page, and when I finish it I have to go bang out the ending of a story about Immortal Lesbians. FUN TIMES, DUDES, FUN TIMES. *unnervingly manic giggle*
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Guys, I won't lie. I really really hate April Fools' Day. 1) Because I'm the most gullible person on the planet and I always fall for EVERYTHING! 2) Because I am not a fan of pranks in general and mean-spirited ones specifically. 3) Because sometimes ACTUAL STUFF happens on the first of April, and I don't like spending 24+ hours running all information through my nonfunctional bullshit detector.

So I am just going to post a list of things that are TOTALLY TRUE. BECAUSE SOMEONE MUST TAKE A STAND.

  • I have a new cat! His name is Miles. (My other cat's name is Julien. Yeah. YEAH I WENT THERE.)
  • I am going to a convention on Long Island this weekend, and plan to spend the entirety of it writing fanfiction in the hotel lobby.
  • I just started on the last chapter of Volume One of Chronin, which means I may actually be done with it in...not a huge amount of time!
  • I spent most of this morning drawing Sokka and Zuko's swords. No really.
  • I spent most of the afternoon reading a series of excellent essays about Deep Space Nine
  • I am now drawing Japanese landscapes, using various 19th century prints of Tokaido post towns just east of Kyoto as reference.
  • I am about start my first attempt to watch Farscape.
  • I am way behind on replying to comments and should probably be doing that instead of writing this entry if I'm going to be faffing around on LJ anyway.


Feb. 9th, 2009 09:49 pm
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This is me pretty much all of the time.

The life of an author (original OR fannish, NOTHING IS SAFE) seems to mostly consist of convincing oneself that NO ONE WILL EVER CARE EVER AND YOU MAY AS WELL JUST GIVE UP NOW. *laughs*

Unrelatedly, Comic Con was actually pretty damn rad! Highlights included:

• Thursday night Yakitori feast with [ profile] soggytoast, [ profile] quezzie, [ profile] arambulo, [ profile] whirringblender and [ profile] drhastings in the village, followed by RICE PUDDING YAY.

• Friday night socializing up in Astoria with many awesome folks and piles of delicious food

• Getting to meet and hang out with [ profile] jetbaby, who was completely delightful, and by some strange coincidence ended up knowing all my NY comic friends despite having met me through slash fanfiction. CRAZY!

• Joining [ profile] yaytime, [ profile] aang, [ profile] kimba616 and their posse of Avatar cosplayers for dinner and VIACOM BUILDING ADVENTURES and robotic coffee.

• The "Drawn to Diversity" and "Asian Americans in Comics" panels, which were both excellent and classy

• Having back-to-back Sunday meals with [ profile] marianlibrarian and [ profile] oneangryrabbit at Sapporo

• MY SLAVE LABOR GRAPHICS CON BADGE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

• Monday lunch with [ profile] erinfinnegan, [ profile] froglartbge and [ profile] naniwa at Cafe Zaya, which has the YUMMIEST ONIGIRI IN THE CITY.
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New York Comic Con is almost here, running from February 6th through the 8th, and I get the impression that more than a few of you are planning to be there.

So who's going, and which days? And if I were to try and organize some kind of hangout/dinner/etc (maybe fandom-oriented, maybe not? how many of you Avatar folks are planning to go?) would y'all be interested?

JUST CHECKING! Data-collection is key, after all.
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I haven't really mentioned this BUT: I will be at MangaNext this weekend! I'll have a table in the Artist Alley, hopefully with my Snazzy New Display Thingy from which various shiney objects will be hung, assuming it doesn't collapse the moment it has to bear any weight.

I would love to see you if you'll be there -- come say hi! We can talk of silly things in person instead of on the internet!

Last-minute silkscreening mayhem aside, I'm actually in pretty good shape. I have PLENTY of prints left over from PAC and I'll be getting a few new ones made at Target tomorrow morning; I've constructed eleven portfolios out of cardboard, duct tape and elastic (for keeping art flat, doncha know); I finally found where my huge stash of buttons got to; I made new bookmarks at Stella's a few weeks ago.

Best Thing Of All: AA doesn't even OPEN until 2PM tomorrow! FUCK YES OMFG I love that I can just hop on NJT tomorrow at 1:30 and be only a little bit late to setup. *sighs* Beautiful. So beautiful.

If the hotel has wireless and my table is near an outlet, I may actually pass out from awesome.
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Thanks to kind insta-commissioners and some last-minute purchases on Sunday, Providence Anime Con wasn't as much as a financial disaster as I was worried it might be. However, it was still pretty damn disastrous, to be honest, and so! POST-CON SALE!

A lot of you expressed an interest in the bookmarks, in particular -- hope you like how they came out!

If you want any of what's below, comment with the items you'd like and wait for me to respond. Once I've responded and confirmed that the items are still available, you can paypal your payment to me at !

Anything I have on me will be sent within a couple days. Bookmarks I've run out of or special-ordered prints will take a little longer, but I'll let you know as much in my reply to your comment.

Bookmarks, watercolors and prints behind the cut! )
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I've spoken to some of you about this before. The idea started nibbling away at me a couple years ago, and on the bus ride home from PAC our chatting about the problems with that con led to my thinking about the old idea again.

I've been to a lot of conventions. Not as many as some of you, of course, but a lot, and a pretty wide variety. In particular, I've visited and exhibited in several different artist alleys at anime cons, and I've spent a lot of time at independent comics shows like MoCCA and SPX. As I see it, comic artists like myself and like many of my friends, who have their own original projects going but dedicate a chunk of their time to fanart and fancomics, are in kind of a weird spot. Our interests and our body of work aren't entirely accommodated by either of these sorts of cons.

Let me explain. )

In short: Fancomics artists, even if they also produce original work, are kind of stuck in the middle.

With that preamble out of the way, let's move on to what this post is actually about:

What if there was a con -- even a small one -- which focused on those artists I mentioned? The artists who, for whatever reason, dedicate some of their time to producing excellent fancomics? What if there was a con that supported and encouraged people to develop their craft in the fan community, and showed them how they can use those skills to cross over into the professional world? Which drew connections between fanwork and work-for-hire, and how one can sometimes lead directly to another? Which showed young artists that even seasoned professionals indulge in fun, fannish side projects, and explained how creators they know and respect used the fan community to get where they are?

Of course, I've started hashing out the details of how I'd like this to go. )

Right now, this is all just percolating harmlessly in my brain. What I want to do is gather information. So if you have links you think I should look at, advice or opinions on the things I've talked about, or suggestions for other stuff I should try, please comment and let me know. Also, please link this to anyone you think might be interested. If this con actually happens, its success would depend on the community and its participation, so getting the word out is a big priority.

I should probably be asking you guys to talk me out of this? But then, much of what I do is motivated by stubbornness, so that might not actually go very well in the end. ;3
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I have internet access here, I have art supplies, and I have time to kill. SOLUTION: I'm taking insta-commissions!

What you get: A postcard-sized watercolor. (It actually IS a postcard, with address lines printed on it and everything!)

What it costs: Only $15, because I'm really really bored.

How you get it: Comment below to hold a slot. Once I've edited this post to add your name, paypal me at (make sure to include your LJ username so I know who you are!)

I'll paint it today and mail it this week! When I say INSTA I mean INSTA. <3

I have three slots for today! Let us see how this goes.

1. [ profile] gothic_hamlet

2. [ profile] kittyjimjams

3. [ profile] reflectedeve

4. [ profile] hoshizora

PAC Update

Oct. 4th, 2008 08:02 pm
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So I'm at the Providence Anime Con, and so far it has been a mixed bag.

Good: Free wireless in the Artist Alley!

Bad: Complete lack of customers in the Artist Alley!

Good: Nice people who have interesting things to say!

Bad: Made less than $50 in two days!

Good: Painted a stack of postcard-sized watercolors!

Bad: Did so because no one has commissioned me!

Good: Supporting First Year Cons!


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah I'll be selling some stuff here after the con, I think. Just for perspective, the badge and table ALONE total to $110.

At least the staff took pity on us and gave us free sandwiches for dinner!
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I ended up making seventeen different bookmarks. This is a little bit insane, I'll admit. But that's how I roll.

First year con, 21+, no idea what I'm getting into, LET US SEE HOW THIS GOES!


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Go make some new disaster.

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