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2015-12-29 06:27 pm

Yuletide Recs: Round One!

I’ve dedicated a great deal of my free time since Christmas Eve to working through the 2015 Yuletide archive — here are some of my favorites so far!

(Note that some of the notes and summaries may contain spoilers!)

Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

You’ll Be Mine & I’ll Be Yours
But the time that I feel belonging – the time when I feel safe, and grounded, and all that other stuff my psychologist likes me to find – that’s pretty much whenever I look into Baz’s eyes and see how he looks at me. I know. My life, which was supposed to be the greatest heroic epic saga ever penned, is now a pop ballad as told by Taylor Swift. But maybe that’s OK?
This fic just charmed the hell out of me from start to finish. It really captured the tone of Simon's voice, and was populated with so many clever funny details about Simon's life and his world and Magic and Penny and everything else. It let me spend a little more time with these great people and that's exactly what I'd hoped for when I wrote my request. It also respected Simon's traumas and difficulties — his strange catch-as-catch-can childhood and what happened in the White Chapel, as well as the aftermath of both that he's currently muddling his way through. I love that this is a story about Figuring Shit Out at his own pace, in his own way.
Note: this was written for me! How very lucky I am!

Old Dog, New Tricks
Agatha, San Diego, one year later.
A very sweet, deftly written glimpse into the new life which Agatha is building for herself. Featuring an OC for which I have genuine affection and a load of grin-inducing little details. I love that this is about Agatha setting boundaries, and making careful compromises with her own knee-jerk reactions, and just generally figuring out how to be the kind of person she wants to be, interacting with the Normal and Magic worlds on terms that work for her.

Ex Machina

She watches, silently. She waits, silently. When they meet again, she is not silent.
YES YES YES to robot ladies having each others' backs. I loved this exploration of Kyoko's inner life, her grim understanding of her own circumstance and her perspective on what transpired. I guess I’m just a sucker for short stories of staccato scenelettes!


Twenty years after Oberon's first Gathering, Alexander decides to bring the fight to the Lord of Avalon -- with some help from his friends, family, and adopted Clan. And Puck. With the mind of a Xanatos, the magic of Puck, and the courage of the Gargoyles, what could go wrong?
Someone wrote a 25,000 word Gargoyles fic for Yuletide this year and it is ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD????? This reads like one of the show’s better multipart series, hewing quite closely to the show’s tone and spirit as well as featuring the sort of mystery and twists and cleverness which makes the best episodes of Gargoyles so much fun. Like really, at the heart of things, that’s what I liked so much about this story: it’s FUN, and about kindness and created families, and absolutely dripping with sincere affection for every one of these characters. (FYI: if the wordcount is intimidating you a little, note that the main body of the story is actually only 16000 words long. The rest is made of up a series of related vignettes, many of which are charming but all of which are optional.)

The Goblin Emperor

(NOTE: I have so far only read a handful of the many GE stories written for YT this year.)

Heart’s Ease
Csethiro presents a gift to her granddaughter; master chef Ebremis recruits Csevet into an unconventional birthday scheme.
This is both a story AND a cookbook, so obviously I was 100% on board for this from the start. One of the things I love most about TGE is that, in many ways, it's a narrative of small kindnesses -- people trying to be decent to one another as they make the best of difficult situations. This story does an excellent job of preserving and expanding upon that feeling.

Further Extracts from A Handbook for Travelers in the Elflands
Published by the Press of the Crooked Stair for the Royal Merchants Guild of Porcharn
Remember that handy appendix at the back of the book, with all the in-universe explanations for naming conventions and forms of address and pronunciation? This fic expands upon it with sections on Cuisine, Clothing and Fashion, Art and Craft, Music and Theater, Literature, Religion, Courting, Sport, and Places of Interest. A seamless blend of canon and invention, and lots of fun.

Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie

A Life in Service
Of the three tenets of Radchaai civilization, Ettan had always clung most dearly to propriety, and she would do what was asked of her. It had not escaped her notice that this obedient streak might have something to do with her assignment.
The author describes this as “Scenes from the life of Kalr Five, pre-canon through the beginning of Ancillary Mercy,” but while accurate that doesn’t quite do this story justice. Like most of my favorite YT stories, this is a flawless expansion of one small corner of canon, and just…seriously, a DELIGHT to read. (In case you’re as bad with names as I am: Kalr Five is the member of Breq’s decade who’s moderately obsessed with tea sets.)

There was a plan: to locate the AI cores before the Usurper could, to return to Ship and form a plan to retrieve them. I was to succeed, or I was to die. Bodies are precious, now, but not so precious Ship could not afford to lose one segment, in pursuit of something this important.
A really excellent character study of Sphene, told in small bites. This story clocks in at exactly 1000 words but DAMN does it pack a lot of punch for its length.

Dark Watch
Something broke in her a thousand years ago, or maybe it broke when she came out of stasis. Maybe it was always broken and she just didn't know.
Another small character study. I’ve always found Seivarden a little impenetrable, and this helped me tease out a better understanding of where she’s coming from. Most of this story is a conversation between her and Mercy of Kalr, and I came out of it feeling flush with affection for them both.

Monument Valley

Ida, Walking
Do you remember the stars that we saw from the ground and we knew, if we looked at them from a different angle, we could draw a line to a fixed star?
A quiet prose poem of a story, which fits the canon quite well.
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2012-12-28 04:58 pm

Yuletide Recs: Round Two!

Adventure Time

Sunlight Peering Through the Trees
(Finn/Flame Princess)
Flame Princess is certain she's Evil. She's certain she's Good. She not really sure how to be either.
Very sweet and completely adorable.

Princesses All The Way Down
(Marceline/Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King)
Living forever changes some things more than it does others.
Captures the feel of the show's dialog and cheerfully ominous undercurrents, with all the lovely touches of adult perspective and the time and space to explore Marceline's inner life and history that make me want to seek out AT fanfic in the first place. Funny and domestic and tragic all at once -- awesome stuff.

Allstate Insurance "Mayhem" Commercials

And I'm the Obstacle You Never Expected
"He looked like a washed-up actor who had mugged an accountant on his way to the local bar." Mayhem meets his match...or does he?
Silly, yes, but TOTALLY ADORBS.

Back to the Future

Rewriting the Future
(Marty McFly, Emmett Brown)
It's 2015, and Marty McFly is unemployed with two kids in jail and still bitter about a thirty year old car accident. But this hasn't really happened yet, and if it hasn't happened yet, there's no risk of creating an alternate timeline.
I enjoyed a lot of things about this story, but honestly, it's worth reading for the "1985 Doc Brown navigates 2015 technology" aspect alone. The 2015 it references has been corrected to match more closely with the one a current audience would expect, and there's a bit with an iPod that almost killed me.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cupboard of the Heart
(Mary Svevo/Howard Mierzwiak, Mary Svevo/Stan Fink, Mary Svevo, Howard Mierzwiak, Stan Fink, Hollis Mierzwiak)
"How shall I lose the sin, yet keep the sense, and love the offender, yet detest the offence?" — Pope Alexander Alexander Pope
I really enjoyed this window into Mary and her perspective on the whole sad mess she found herself dragged into. This kind of story is what I most look forward to every year when the Yuletide archive goes live -- thoughtful and complicated.


It's a love story for the new age
(David Xanatos/Fox Xanatos, David Xanatos, Janine "Fox" Xanatos, Owen Burnett)

This is how the story goes:

“Marry me,” he says.

“Are you serious?” she replies.

Oh my god OH MY GOD I loved this fic so much. Such a fantastic take on Fox, her history, her inner life and relationships with Owen and David. My inner teenaged Gargoyles fangirl completely lost her shit.

The Incredibles

The Red Suit
(Edna Mode)
Perhaps Edna was telling the truth when she said she once worked with gods - or, at least, with legends.
Charming and adorable without being saccharine, and hints at a fabulously ancient history for Edna's career.

The Greatest Good
(Helen "Elastigirl" Parr, Bob "Mr. Incredible" Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr)
God must have one hell of a sense of humor, her mother says, to give the gift of elasticity to someone so stubborn.
I really enjoyed how this fic addresses the particular joys and frustrations that Helen's family have brought her -- always feeling cornered into being the cautious "bad guy" who discourages her kids' powers out of fear of discovery, always being the one who has to think practically, loving her husband dearly but wanting to strangle him for being selfish or self-indulgent. LOVED IT.

Jurassic Park

Trixie Seven
(Ellie Sattler, Gerry Harding)
Ellie stays behind to get a closer look at Triceratops, and discovers more questions than any actual answers. Live dinosaurs means that paleontology isn't extinct, it just has to evolve.
Lady scientist frustrated that not everyone understand the awesomeness of ferns! Nerdy dinosaur nitpicking! A Jurassic Park fic with a bibliography!


Einstein's Definition of Insanity
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
The post-canon alternate-ending shippy Looper fanfic I never knew I wanted, but am very glad I found. Does a particularly good job of trying to expand the moderately-apocalyptal-world of the film.

Rise of the Guardians

The Center Cannot Hold… But It Can Change
(Jack Frost, Pitch Black)
Jack was the one to eventually break the silence. He said softly, "I see it. What you're saying. My center… it's the same. We both laughed just now, right? But did you laugh because the children were having fun playing in the water… or because it was funny as hell when the girl pushed the boy in?"
I was sad to see only one fic turn up for this fandom, but if you enjoyed the film -- and if you felt like Pitch wasn't really given a fair shake -- this is worth checking out! (Fair warning: there's a lot of background "sad hungry kids in Africa" othering here, so if you're not in the mood you might want to give this a pass.)


All right, enough of that for now -- back in Brooklyn, back to work!
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2012-12-26 11:42 pm
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Yuletide recs: FIRST ROUND!

So one nice thing about being out of town for Christmas and away from all my productivity machines is that I had more than the usual ammount of time to read Yuletide stories! I have a long way to go, still, but here are some of my very favorites so far, organized by fandom!

The Good Wife

Chasing Names
(Alicia Florrick, Kalinda Sharma, Diane Lockhart, Elsbeth Tascioni)
Not all cases are meant to be won.
My gift this year, and I have to say -- the character voices are SPOT. ON.

The Left Hand of Darkness

Cast No Shadow
(Genly Ai/Therem HarthGenly Ai Therem Harth rem ir Estraven)
“A lack of feeling is a symptom of freeze,” he said, still grimacing. “Perhaps... well.” It was not like him to mince words, and I slowly began to worry. Perhaps this was some attempt at shifgrethor, or another incomprehensible Gethenian ritual which he assumed I knew and at which I could only balk. “To know anything of the intensity of it, I'll have to unfreeze it. To keep it from dying, if it hasn't. I've wasted enough time already; lie down.”
An excellent and thoughtful take on a tricky subject, which made me want to re-read this book SOMETHING FIERCE.


Old Things in Need of Repair
(Summer Qing/Joe Simmons)
Summer Qing learned early to love old things. She also learned early to love dangerous things.
Offers some much needed history and inner-life to one of Looper's most interesting and most neglected characters.


(Werner Locksmith, Tanabe Ai, Fee Carmichael, Yuri Mihairokov, Edelgard Rivera, Hoshino Hachirota, Sally Silverstone, Kyutaro Hachirota)
Following an explosion aboard their spacecraft, it seems all but certain that astronauts Hachirota Hoshino and Sally Silverstone are dead or dying. Ai Hoshino (née Tanabe) believes otherwise, but she'll have to convince the most calculating man in space exploration of her theory, and Werner Locksmith did not get to where he is in life by doubting his own intellect.
A criminally underappreciated fic for a criminally underappreciated canon. This is a fabulous short SF story, and a great device for pitting Ai and Locksmith against eachother in a sort of Feelings Standoff that I really enoyed.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

(Miki Sayaka/Sakura Kyouko, Kamijou Kyousuke/Miki Sayaka, Miki Sayaka/Tomoe Mami, Miki Sayaka, Kamijou Kyousuke, Tomoe Mami, Sakura Kyouko)
Or: Three people Sayaka loved and one she never managed to
I read this on a lark, as the description and pairings weren't really doing anything for me...but MAN. This fic had some really interesting things to say, and it said them well. My series rewatch has been bumped up accordingly!

The City of Witches
(Akemi Homura/Kaname Madoka, Akemi Homura, Kaname Madoka, Tomoe Mami, Sakura Kyouko, Charlotte the Dessert Witch)
Every street in the city of witches leads to despair, but Homura Akemi will never lose her way.
I almost didn't finish reading this, as a device in the early scenes wasn't working for me, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Very smart, very evocative, and some fantastic post-canon scenes.


A Sealed Heart
(Duane Adelier/Sette Frummagem)
Someone has found Duane's organs, and is using them in a pymaric ritual to summon and bind him. Sette is not going to let that happen, though. After all, Duane is *her* attack zombie.
This turned out to be a gripping, well-paced and often kind of touching adventure story, and I really enjoyed it, but MAN! TAKE THE WARNINGS SERIOUSLY! It is for a ship with an underage character, and it is really really violent!


That's it for now -- MORE SOON I HOPE!
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2012-01-04 02:30 pm
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Given that everyone I know who still posted on LJ is migrating over here, I suppose it's time to give up the ghost and try to actually use DW as my primary journaling platform. It's that, or just sit around feeling sad about how Tumblr doesn't have threaded comments.

However, before I can make this jump, I have to deal with a CORE ISSUE that's kept me clinging to my permanent LJ account these past couple years:


You guys, it's like trying to choose between my babies.

I ponied up for a paid account, so I have 100 slots. I have 205 icons on my old account.


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2011-08-16 04:09 pm

Adventures in Netflix InstantWatch: The Associate and Mansfield Park

Now that I'm back to working on my comic full-time again, I've also returned to the only thing that keeps me sane while doing so: watching enormous piles of movies in the background. Not everything is particularly well-suited to this method of keeping-my-ass-at-the-desk -- the media I consume can't have subtitles, has to be relatively dialog-centric so I can follow it even when I'm only occasionally glancing at the screen, and has to be engaging enough that I don't pause it every thirty seconds to check my email.

In my desperation for entertainment, I end up watching a lot of films that I probably wouldn't have bothered with otherwise. Sometimes this leads to muddy mediocrity, and sometimes I discover a nugget of gold buried amongst the crap.

I'm going to try my hand at writing short reviews for the films that I have something to say about. Particularly when what I have to say is, "THAT WAS UNEXPECTEDLY AWESOME!"

The Associate
starring Whoopie Goldberg and Dianne Wiest
On Netflix

Kind of a mess at times, but I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT anyway. )

Mansfield Park
starring Frances O'Connor
on Netflix

This adaptation makes a lot of smart decisions. )
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2011-07-26 02:58 pm
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Sudden Feelings Attack near Gate 37

It probably says quite a lot about me that I'm sitting here on the floor in the San Diego International Airport, watching a video of Tangled crew lip-syncing to "Something That I Want" at the Disney Animation Studio, and it is totally making me tear up.

Sometimes I really miss working in animation, you guys.

Those people are the best people.
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2011-04-19 03:51 pm

A meme?! I must be procrastinating!

As seems to be the COOL THING TO DO today, a meme! Stolen from [ profile] jlh, [ profile] sistermagpie and [profile] kittyjimjams.

Name me a character! I will tell you:

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character (BFFs, mentors, etc)
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I'm sorry I've been a bit dull! I've posted some things on [ profile] wildgoosery, but I've otherwise just been working on comics and taking care of a variety of Grown Up business that isn't terribly interesting! :\
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2011-03-02 02:01 am
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Love Memes are the Best Memes!

I am trying desperately to finish my technically-overdue submission for an ATLA mini-bang, which has taken the form of a Katara-centric Avatar/Harry Potter crossover.* I would have finished it earlier, but I forced myself to plow through a lot of comic-drawing and freelance work first. This explains why I'm up at 2AM! This also explains why I am super-behind on my email, in particular some email that I desperately owe to a certain lady in Yorkshire!

However, this also means I'm awake to witness the appearance of an Avatar Fanfic Author Love Meme on my flist!

Guys. Love Memes are the best.


I'm a little tired to do much with it tonight, myself. But I'll have to think of SOME KIND OF NONSENSE to post on it tomorrow!

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2011-02-02 10:48 am

Hourly Comic Day!

I went ahead and gave it a shot this year -- the results are over on my other LJ, if you're interested! I was a little freaked out by how much time it ended up eating out of my day, but you know, there are worse ways for a comic artist to waste time than drawing a lot of semi-elaborate backgrounds and attempting accurate portraits of real people.

My birthday is in a couple of weeks -- two days after the iPhone FINALLY comes out on Verizon (yes, I'll be preordering mine at 3AM on Thursday, the earliest possible moment). It's actually kind of a blessing that I won't get it earlier, as I'm making a big push to see how much of Chronin V1 I can finish before I turn 30, and the last thing I need is a brand-new long-coveted iPhone 4 distracting me with its technological wonders.

Although I am kind of looking forward to coverage-quality experiments with [ profile] hoshizora, who jumped ship to AT&T back when the first iPhone came out and has been beating his head against crappy signal since he moved to NYC. Will Verizon be completely hosed by the flood of "JFC FINALLY!!!!!" Verizon customers? TIME WILL TELL.
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2011-01-01 03:49 pm

Yuleide recs and revelations

Reveals went up precisely at midnight, allowing me to compulsively stalk the writers of several fics I enjoyed. The passing of anonymity also means that I can mention that my own story this year was a Back To The Future story titled Alternates, written for [ profile] drworm. It's about Marty and his father, primarily, and how the former comes to terms with the strange new version of the latter he's accidentally created. I'll crosspost it to [ profile] wildgoosery soon (I'm not allowing myself to post any fic there until I've finished with the BSSAU) but you can read it over at AO3 in the meantime if you're curious!

I also have some recs! This isn't as complete a list as I'd like, but I'm still clambering my way through the archives as of yet.

No Reservations: Narnia, by Edonohana (Anthony Bourdain: No Reservation/Chronicles of Narnia)
I’m crammed into a burrow so small that my knees are up around my ears and the boom mike keeps slamming into my head, inhaling the potent scent of toffee-apple brandy and trying to drink a talking mouse under the table.
This was utterly hilarious and charming, and I don't even care about Narnia.

The Spiral of Lives, by Damkianna (James Cameron's Avatar)
An AU of the movie, wherein the Avatar Program never existed.
I really hope she comes back to this, because it's a fantastic yuletide fic but it could be a killer novella length story.

"Weaker" Sex, by dropsofviolet (Oglaf)
Kronar's son was named Beth, and she knew from very early on that she was different. She wore the Bow of Honor, after all, and none of the other kids got to fight wolves until they were at least three.
Deeply silly. But then, so is the comic it's based on.

Sharktopus: In His Own Words, by airspaniel (Sharktopus)
I didn't ask for any of this.
Written from Sharktopus' point of view. Listening to [personal profile] hoshizora read this aloud was a highlight of my Christmas, let me tell you.

spiral out, keep going, by heinrichfrei (Moon)
GERTY's life, both cyclical and evolving.

The Lonely Traveler, by Becky (Mushishi)
After becoming snowbound in Adashino's village, Ginko realizes it's no natural storm keeping him there.
A funny, charming little story that fits very well in the Mushishi universe.

AND ALSO, some things friends of mine wrote!

Sincerely, Cindi. by [ profile] sainfoin_fields (Metropolis: the Chase Suite/The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monae)
Being of sound mind and a silenced body, this is your messiah speaking.

No More Alphabet, by [ profile] meredyd (PlanetES)
Sometimes she came up for breath and remembered with a slight shock that her feet were no longer planted firmly on the ground.

Ancient Artifacts and Modern Rituals, by [ profile] jlh (Community)
From TV Tropes: "The Vacation Episode is a one-off episode where the characters leave their familiar grounds for a well-deserved rest. The vacation will invariably be set in a faraway and exotic location for maximum impact; given the higher costs of shooting on location, the episode will often be longer than usual, to make best use of the budget. A Special Guest or three might also be included."
or, the one where the gang go to New York City for spring break.

YEAR OF THE MK III SONICARE ULTRASONIC TOOTHBRUSH, by [ profile] hoshizora (Infinite Jest)
Hal Incandenza struggles to find his way out of his own mind. More or less.

I am no doubt leaving out a ton of stuff, but that's a start anyway!
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2010-10-28 01:26 pm

I just might be the lunatic you're looking for.

I don't usually cross-post from Tumblr, but sometimes there is a thing that's SO HILARIOUSLY AND EMBARASSINGLY relevant to my interests that I pretty much can't help myself.

Today, it's Hussalonia's cover of Billy Joel's 1980 album Glass Houses, which has changed my life forever. (You can alo listen to the first track -- "You May Be Right" -- streaming on my original Tumblr post, if you like)

From their site:

“Pop does not mean popular” is the Hussalonia motto. But sometimes pop is popular. Really popular. Take Billy Joel for instance. I bet your mom loves Billy Joel. Why shouldn’t she? He was handsome and wrote dramatically sweet pop songs like “Piano Man” and “Just The Way You Are.” But popularity wasn’t enough for Joel; he was an angry and cynical guy like you. He was a pop music scholar, like you. He didn’t want your mom’s love, he wanted your love: you, the snobby rock-critic, with your punk and new wave records. Enter 1980’s Glass Houses. Influenced by The Jam, The Cars, Elvis Costello as well good old Paul McCartney (who just made his own “new wave” record: Back To The Egg), Joel was determined to roughen up his image and earn some street cred. Instead, he earned his first number one single and a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Sorry, Bill.

Today, Poor Billy Joel is pretty much retired. He gave up trying to please you fickle bastards. He caved in and spent the 90s pandering to the adult contemporary scene. And time hasn’t been kind to his street cred. It’s less cool now than it ever was to listen to Billy Joel. We here at Hussalonia Lo-Fi Solutions might be inclined to feel sorry him, if he weren’t so fucking rich and well loved by our moms. Nevertheless, we’re offering this: a song-for-song cover of Glass Houses. We feel that Glass Houses represents the struggle between low and high pop culture. And Hussalonia resents that struggle. We hate and love all pop music equally. So what can you expect from our version of Glass Houses? It’s lo-fi, raw, unhinged and full of musical in-jokes. Maybe it will inspire the kids to reassess Billy Joel’s career. Have we lost our minds? Is this a joke? A tribute? A parody? Are we going to get sued? Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe!



I was going to just post a little quote from that, but then I realized that it was all THE TRUTH as I would have written it, were I a talented young pair of musicians, and surrendered to the inevitable.

I grew up listening to Billy Joel. We played our cassette of Glass Houses in the car so many times that we wore it out, and had to buy another copy. I had every song on this album memorized before I knew what most of the lyrics were even talking about (I only figured out why a "walk through Bedford Stuy alone" was such a big deal a couple years ago.) Informed by a punk rock sensibility that I would otherwise never have encountered in elementary school, it directly shaped the musical tastes I would carry into adulthood. And now, covered in its entirety by a two-man rock band in 2006, it's transformed into an album that retains the excellent songwriting of the original but sheds the schlocky veneer that's made Joel so criminally uncool since the 1980s.

You can download the entire cover album (and donate, if you like it) here. You can preview snippets from (and buy) the original album here. Both are excellent and fill me with giddy, inarticulate joy.

My only complaint about Hussalonia's cover of Glass Houses is that it took me four years to find it.

(NOTE TO CLIO: the cover of "All for Leyna" is particularly great)

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2010-09-09 08:33 am

Basically, this stuff is just a potent distillation of my INTENSE FEELINGS about fiction

I generally make it a policy to restrict the posting of fanwork to Wildgoosery, but in this case the work in question won't be over there for a while. Also it seems like something my not-generally-super-into-fanfic friends might like. So....yes.

My fic for the Avatar Big Bang finally went up! It's called Son of Heaven, is 10,000 words, and is primarily about Iroh dealing with the difficult weeks after the death of his son, Lu Ten. There's no kissing of any kind, so no need to worry about being blindsided by a ship you're not interested in.

You can read it over here! Apparently the mod for the community opened up comments to non-members (although they're screened at first) so if you have anything to say, I'd love to hear it! This is a fic I've been meaning to write for years, and it was pretty cool to finally have the time an the excuse to do it.

(, why do I get so embarrassed about posting links to fic on this journal? It's not like y'all don't know I'm a giant nerd... o________o )

Anyway, b-back to working on Chronin! And that other giant-ass fan project I'm slowly crawling my way through....
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2010-09-06 02:21 pm

Super-quick thoughts on "The Suitcase."

So! Watched the new Mad Men. I experienced a great many Thoughts and Feelings, but in particular I was wondering about this one, super-spoilery thing. )
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2010-04-03 10:23 am
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More later, but

At the Apple Store in Soho with [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora. Updating my LJ from an iPad.

You guys, my household is absolutely going to cave on this front within the year.

(And ftr, this keyboard is actually pretty decent! I'm not having nearly as much trouble typing on it as I thought I would.)

Later this afternoon: the story of how my Blue Spirit hoodie saved us from line DISASTER.
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2010-03-15 02:47 pm

The Female Gaze upon (usually masculine) Media, Ladies in Fandom, and my Own Massive Insecurities

I've been surprised by the degree to which Tumblr has carved out a distinctive internet niche for itself. Different users no doubt have very different experiences, but my dashboard is largely a never-ending parade of pretty pictures, collections of stills from beloved TV shows, quotes from awesome people and the occasional miniature essay. It seems to be an "all joy all the time" place for the most part, and I think that's fantastic. I love that it's been a haven of sort for several friends of mine, who appreciate having a virtual fountain of positivity and beauty in their internet routine.

But I've noticed something recently about the content that's been making the rounds. Not a bad thing, I would stress -- not something I'd ever ask my friends not to do. A large part of why I'm making this post is that I'm not entirely sure how I personally feel about it.

Briefly put: there are a great many photos of very thin, conventionally beautiful women on my Tumblr dashboard, often with very little in the way of clothing. And nearly all of them are posted by other women. And I have got to say, it's starting to wear me down a little. )

(And incidentally, WHILE I'M HERE, more pictures of lady factory workers from WW2 would be just fine. Also pilots.)
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2010-02-16 11:06 pm
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Some stuff, while I try to psyche myself up for the ~*~FREELANCE WRITING~*~ I'm supposed to be doing

So I have not posted in a while, at least not properly! This is for a lot of reasons, but mostly I've just been a bit off-kilter -- new year, new roommate, and a complete inability to get things done when I would like them to be done. I've felt a little off-balance for the last few weeks, but fortunately I seem to be getting my feet back under me again and my productivity is starting to crawl back toward where it needs to be.

Admittedly, part of the problem is that I've been making a big effort to be less of a weirdo hermit -- more cooking, more going out on errands and walks and skates when I need to, more actually going to the events my friends organize, more you know...being an adult who takes care of herself properly? ALAS, I have not quite gotten the knack of balancing this with my freelance/personal commitments quite as quickly as I would have liked. So lots of panicking as I try to force myself to meet deadlines while being kind to [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora and cooking real food and getting exercise and seeing friends ALL AT ONCE SOMEHOW?


At least I finished the first draft for the second-to-last-installment of my Giant Crazy Ba Sing Se Fanfic? I am praying that [ profile] jlh and [ profile] kittyjimjams and [ profile] hoshizora can help me beat it into something like acceptable shape, because I have not updated that story in a SHAMEFULLY LONG TIME and I feel like an ass. :|


Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday! I've been feeling kind of down and a little isolated, particularly from internet-friends, so it cheered me up A WHOLE DAMN LOT to be remembered by folks. Y'all are awesome and ILU <3


If you create fanwork and you're in ATLA fandom, you should consider signing up for [ profile] avatarbigbang with me. JUST CUZ. The deadline is very generous and it sounds like it'll be good times!
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2010-01-14 04:46 pm

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January 13th

I'd planned to spend today luxuriating at Spa Castle, but when I woke up in the morning I realized that I wasn't quite up for it after all -- the weight of my goddamn unfinished fanfic was pressing down too forcefully for me to enjoy a day of ignoring it, and so instead of Queens I headed to midtown. More specifically, the New York Public Research Library on 42nd and 5th, which is goddamn gorgeous and a better place than most to sit and write a while. I didn't make quite as much progress as I'd hoped (and I'm convinced that I'm going to have to delete half of the scene I just wrote) but I made SOME, and afterward I met up with [ profile] erinfinnegan and [ profile] kyoto_idol for "Vertical Wednesday" and listened to Ed Chavez talk about the state of the Manga industry for a few hours -- not a bad way to spend a day, certainly.
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2010-01-10 10:13 pm
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January 7th

After weeks of stalling, I finally began the frankly gargantuan task of getting my office in order again -- if I'm going to be sharing it with [ profile] emsariel for the foreseeable future, it might help for the second desk to not be completely covered in books. [ profile] jlh came over to keep me company for a while, as well as reassure me that yes, I was making a dent as time passed. There's nothing quite like organizing your yarn stash while your friend explains the intricacies of various fandom wanks you missed while you were away for the holidays.

January 8th

My mom and sister drove down from Cape Cod for a day out on The Town, which gave me an excuse to do several very New York things that I almost never get around to. In particular, we went to see the production of South Pacific currently running at Lincoln Center. I'd be interested to hear what others make of it -- for me, it seems surprisingly progressive in its intentions but still cringy in the ways it's (inevitably) a product of its time.

January 9th

The spontaneous purchase of two double-decker steel-frame wardrobes for our bedroom kicked off a day of hardcore apartment reorganization, both of us properly putting away things that had sat in bags and boxes since we moved in two years ago. After an afternoon of this, we finally steeled ourselves to go watch Avatar in 3D, which somehow managed to at once be a little better and far worse than I'd expected. There's something uniquely frustrating about watching a film that could have been great, meanders through a problematic but gorgeously realized world for its first two-thirds and then plunges abruptly into explosive WTF-kery in the final stretch, from which it never emerges.


Side note: I caved a little while ago and signed up for a Tumblr, which I'm now using consistently enough for it to be worth mentioning? So you know. That is a thing.
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2009-12-25 10:54 pm
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Two hours of sleep and the baking of several pies later...

Christmas was pretty great this year, despite the little detail that I'm still finishing up my last few knit presents. I didn't really ask for much in particular, so everything was a pleasant surprise. A giant new skillet! Stripey socks! A dress that miraculously fits like a glove without my having been there to try it on! And um....

...t-the iPod touch I'm typing this entry on? Way to make my goddamn holiday, [ profile] emsariel, seriously. *____*

I think my Christmas present to myself wil be to play with it a little longer and then sleep for about twelve hours. And you my poor hands a little.

.....s-so much knitting...



(and btw? app recs would be super swell <3 )

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2009-08-27 05:29 pm

That's great that you're getting paid, friend, but that doesn't make you King of Being Awesome

Recently, John Rogers (the creator/showrunner for Leverage) was asked for his thoughts on fanfic, and actually took the time to articulate some pretty positive thoughts on the matter! I won't repost his entire response here (others have done so already, if you don't want to have to skim his post) but the one aspect of his outlook that irked me can be summed up with this quote: "Sure, a lot of fanfic is crap. Of course it's crap. It's written by people who are not professional writers."

I realize this is an INCREDIBLY minor point in the larger context of his not being an ass about fanwork. But it's a point that I'm particularly interested in for (probably obvious) reasons.

I'll admit: I was a little frustrated by the implication that fanfic is inherently inferior in quality because it isn't professional. )