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I don't know why I even signed up for this thing, other than a vague desire to be forced to write to a deadline. BUT! It's voting time over at [ profile] atla_ficfight, and apparently the holiday weekend made for sparse participation. So if you have some time to kill and feeling masochistic, head on over and vote on this week's entries -- the other "contestants" and I would appreciate it ;}
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Two things which are awesome:

Brokeback to the Future. I don't really think this needs an explanation. My tiny heart swells with JOY.

Life Meter, an anthology of artwork and comics based on our favorite video games, and it's accompanying livejournal! Any and all gamers, modern and classic alike, should totally check this out ^_^
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Harry and the Potters are on tour, and as you can see they'll play Brooklyn next saturday, the 22nd. They may not be musical prodigies, but their shows are fun and their songs are clever and I am SO TOTALLY GOING. Who's with me? :D

This is goddamn hilarious, and yet also strangely badass. Book Seven of HP as envisioned by a Jazz Dance Troupe.

This is an HP parody of Van Halen's "Right Now" music video, and I think it's fabulous. The technical side isn't as clean as it could be, but the wit and appropriateness of the content more than makes up for it. "Right now the trio is planning a world tour," indeed. ^_-

And on a wholly unrelated note, This teeshirt is awesome.

eta: thanks, madame beast, for the dance-related corrections ;}
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Whilst attending the birthday celebrations of my dear [ profile] calloocallay this past Sunday, much time was spent enthusing about and passing around a copy of the Wizard of Oz graphic novel, adapted by my friend Michael Cavallaro for Puffin Graphics (a division of Penguin.) It's really fantastic, but mysteriously difficult to find -- Barnes and Noble doesn't even have it in stock! ANYWHERE!

So I've taken it upon myself to provide interested parties with a link to pages on the publisher's website and Amazon -- even if you then choose to instead support your local bookstore, at least you can nab the ISBN number to special order it with ;}

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Ah, the Cool Things On the Internet post! How I have missed thee!

Thing one: Ninja Consultant, a podcast created by my friends Erin and N! It's mostly about anime and anime fandom, and as I've been a "guest" on it like TWICE, now, it seemed about time to link to it here! Wanna listen to me ramble on and on about panels at Otakon and dressing up as a Genshiken character? Check out shows four and five!

Thing two: My friends [ profile] goraina and [ profile] yaytime just got engaged! And because they are both super-awesome comic nerds, the proposal was made via comic! Said comic is sweet and earnest and totally worth reading, even if you don't know the folks involved -- as much of the "backstory" is explained, it really stands on its own. :)

Thing three: This is mostly just an FYI, but I've shipped all but the most recent of the button orders, so if you sent payment before September 1st you should be getting your buttons any day now. (or have them already!)


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