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A few weeks ago, I and many other people wrote letters to Barack Obama regarding the page on civil rights at his new website, We were saddened that after a campaign in which he so frequently and deliberately included the LGBT community in his comments on the need for consensus, unity and fairness in this country, LGBT issues were almost completely absent from his site.

My friend [ profile] folk just linked me to the revised version of that page.

Like my friend, I'll admit I'm welling up a little right now.

I may not think Barack's policies go quite far enough in some regards, but I'm very glad to see the issues featured so prominently, thoroughly and respectfully in his agenda.

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Dudes, I am actually working on Chronin! SWEET.

I'm also reloading Wonkette, and so discovered TO MY GREAT DISMAY that Prince may very well be a homophobic asshole! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have long enjoyed his ridiculous music and playful androgyny! WHY'S IT GOTTA BE THAT WAY, BB? D:

However, after some thought I think I've come up with the perfect solution to cope with this news )

While I'm here: in case you've somehow missed it, tomorrow is the Big LJ Blackout, scheduled to start at 11AM EST and continue for at least four hours. If only DeviantArt and Ygal would go down at the same time -- then I might get some work done for once! ;3
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I've been thinking about this a lot, lately. I thought about it in the days after the election, and while I was in Florida on vacation, and while I was sitting on the plane home, and while I watched my flist buzz with talk about the protests that took place yesterday. And while I don't usually like to make big, serious declarations on my LJ, this is something I feel very strongly about.

I just want to be absolutely clear about a few things. )
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No, seriously.

Scott and I decided we wanted to do something special for our first anniversary, so we dug into our savings a little and splurged on some Magic Kingdom dweebery! I know many of you are not fans of the big D, but while I have my problems with them I have a deep, deep love of theme parks in general and Disney parks in particular, SO YOU KNOW! What better way to celebrate my marriage AND some serious Yes We Canning than a ride on the monorail? ;3


I've lived in New York for nine years and Brooklyn for six. I've grown to love this city very much and I have a lot of affection for the people who live here -- we may be assholes sometimes, but we mean well, and we're always there for each other, good times and bad.

So you can understand why, out of all the celebratory footage that's been posted today, this clip [ profile] a_hollow_year linked to meant the most.

I'll never say anything bad about the 1 train again.

Well then.

Nov. 4th, 2008 11:50 pm
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Mom called to tell us.

Now we're sort of watching CNN in shock.

The neighbors yelled for about ten minutes.

More later when my brain starts working again.
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In about a half hour I'm meeting [ profile] jlh downstairs and we're heading off to our polling place to vote.


If not, I'll know. And I'll shake my head sadly in disapproval.
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This past Saturday morning I actually managed to get my act together and headed down to Philly to help with the campaign. I was sent to small campaign office on Baltimore Ave in West Philadelphia, and spent the better part of the afternoon knocking on doors, signing up volunteers and urging people to get out and vote on the 4th. I was partnered with a nice, local woman named Sherri (which meant I didn't get lost!) and aside from the fact that I was working on two hours' sleep and the rain that intermittently poured down on us, it was a pretty nice afternoon!

Overall, everyone who bothered to answer the door was very kind and interested. It was just before noon when we started, so some folks weren't really awake yet, but even they listened to what we had to say and were very polite. The neighborhood we were in was overwhelmingly pro-Obama, and some of them were palpably excited about him and about the election. One woman who runs a local business wanted to know where she could get fliers to give to her customers; an elderly man spoke passionately about the need to get involved; a young woman asked for an extra flier, so she could cut out the picture and put on her wall; at one house, a teenaged girl danced on the steps inside and chanted "O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!" while we waited for her mom to come to the door. It's the silly little things that made all the trouble and expense and exhaustion feel worth it.

It's hard to say if I made a difference. I'd like to think I did. Sherri and I collected the names and phone numbers of five very enthusiastic volunteers, and gave out information to a dozen others who were more cautiously interested. At one point Sherri, who is black and in her early fifties (I'm white and in my late twenties) grinned at me and said how glad she was that the two of us were canvassing together -- it seemed appropriate, in a lot of ways.

I'm very glad I did it, certainly. As the man running the campaign office said: if Obama wins, you'll want to feel like you were a part of it; and if he loses, at least you'll know you did everything you could.
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...[ profile] jlh and I checked out the very end, when Barack and Michelle were working the room once the debate was technically over. And I'm not sure what's better: that one of the ladies in the audience asked for Barack's autograph, or that he pressed a finger to his lips in a "shh don't tell anyone!" gesture once he was done.

Oh, Barack. Never stop being awesome. <3


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Go make some new disaster.

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