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Have arrived safely in San Diego with [ profile] emsariel. As predicted, mildly annoying cold exploded into Death Flu of Doom on the plane -- an airsick bag may have been involved, though the best part was the vertigo (Me: "Has the plane been banking for the last few minutes?" Scott: "...No." Me: "Well, shit.") Parallel Mythbusters (Graaaaaaaaaaaaaant) and ST:TNG marathons were a welcome distraction from my inability to coordinate fictional characters due to my head being full of fluid.

Car ride to Dad's house almost did me in; immediately crawled into bed, and very nearly went to sleep without having checked my email, despite the fact that I had not had internet access since leaving JFK at 2PM EST. Those who know me will recognize this as being pretty dire.

More later, including Yuletide recs! Right now I just want to lie here and move my head as little as possible.
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No, seriously.

Scott and I decided we wanted to do something special for our first anniversary, so we dug into our savings a little and splurged on some Magic Kingdom dweebery! I know many of you are not fans of the big D, but while I have my problems with them I have a deep, deep love of theme parks in general and Disney parks in particular, SO YOU KNOW! What better way to celebrate my marriage AND some serious Yes We Canning than a ride on the monorail? ;3


I've lived in New York for nine years and Brooklyn for six. I've grown to love this city very much and I have a lot of affection for the people who live here -- we may be assholes sometimes, but we mean well, and we're always there for each other, good times and bad.

So you can understand why, out of all the celebratory footage that's been posted today, this clip [ profile] a_hollow_year linked to meant the most.

I'll never say anything bad about the 1 train again.
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I ended up making seventeen different bookmarks. This is a little bit insane, I'll admit. But that's how I roll.

First year con, 21+, no idea what I'm getting into, LET US SEE HOW THIS GOES!
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(Not that I ever let that stop me!)

- I'm in the middle of the first big flashback-to-the-future sequence in Chronin, and it's actually going really well! I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening drawing the inside of a diner and people drinking coffee, and it ALMOST LOOKS LIKE A REAL COMIC THAT SOMEONE MIGHT PAY MONEY FOR! Shocking, I know, but there you are.

- I made an Avatar AMV last week that was so sad I almost made myself cry. Oh, me. *sighs*

- This, combined with a few other recent projects of mine, has led to the decision that I am calling a MORATORIUM on the creation of sad shit for the time being. Enough is enough! Only puppydogs and butterflies from here on in. Uh, and diners? I guess.

- Speaking of which, I had lunch today in a diner that's in the lobby of a hospital (I had to get a hearing test) and it was pretty great! I love diners to begin with, and for some reason the idea of a diner INSIDE OF ANOTHER BUILDING amuses me to no end. I was like, I'm in the hospital! AND YET, CREAMER CUPS AND COLE SLAW! Then I put the cole slaw on my burger and life was pretty fucking great.

- I figured out some plot stuff that had been bugging me for months in the space of about fifteen minutes. I feel I have the burger to thank.

- My hearing is fine, FTR, despite wandering around with my iPod shuffle turned all the way up while I listen to "I2I" and plan my Avatar Vid of Destiny (which, btw, is also making me cry EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NOT YET ACTUALLY MADE IT.)

- Tonight I am going to see a band called I EAT PANDAS. What else needs to be said?

- I'm leaving for Seattle at 5AM on Thursday. My paranoia regarding sleeping through my flight again is mitigated only by the fact that Scott will also be there, and he has a hard time falling asleep in public places. WIN. (Bonus: the return flight on Sunday is also at 5AM!)

- Does this count as a bulleted list even though I was too lazy to type actual bullets? Hmm.
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After weeks of pointless freakout (mostly concerning the cost of flying my ass across the country) I have purchased my tickets to San Diego! HOW ABOUT THAT! I'll be getting there Tuesday night, which means if you are staying with me and are getting there EARLIER than that you should let me know, such that I can make sure Dad's expecting you <3

Now if I can manage to actually email my editor tomorrow and beg her to scrounge up a pro pass for me, life will be just DANDY.

In any case, HAY [ profile] catiechu! I EXPECT TARO YOGURT, WOMAN!

This was a pretty good weekend, actually. I think I wrote about 4000 words total on various projects in the past two days (most of it in the company of [ profile] jlh), and the fourth was totally rad thanks to my friend's parents' fabulous pool party and delicious BBQing! The only drawback is that I STILL have water in my ear. -_-

Ah well. Back to writing! And then, tomorrow, back to Chronin!
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A broken lightbulb (I'm not kidding) meant our ATA flight took off from Maui at 7PM instead of 3PM. Which meant we missed our connection. Such that instead of landing at JFK right now, we're sitting in LAX for another three hours.

To add insult to injury, our newly issued tickets? Marked with the "SSSS" that gets you pulled aside for the deluxe security screening.


Spring Mix

Mar. 27th, 2007 10:53 pm
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A few completely unrelated notes:

Today was GORGEOUS! I walked from Houston to 42nd Street just for fun, because it was THAT NICE OUT.

The new Turtles movie kicked my ass. )

Click only if you're interested in Avatar fic )

Finally, I suppose I'd better post about the end of my trip to Italy before I forget about it entirely... )
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OH MAN, was I spoiled rotten in Florence. We had an internet cafe right around the corner, and I was able to go at least once a day the entire time we were there. Rome, however, proved a bit trickier -- we're across the street from the American Embassy to Italy (as opposed to the Vatican) in a very businessy sort of area. Which means lots of restraunts but no shops....and no internet cafes, either. I ended up having to hike down to the train station to find one!

I have no clue how to sum up the last three or so days of this trip, either....there was belltower climbing and aimless wandering and church viewing and sculpture admiring and fresco gazing and vatican entering and even the Pope! Also, LOTS AND LOTS OF FOUNTAINS. I really wasn't ready for the fountains. There are a kabillion of them, and each has a slightly different color of water, it seems, due to the fact that they're fed by natural springs. Aside from a visit to the catacombs, today is my chance for exploring -- I suspect that several dozen photos of Aang sitting by assorted fountains will be the result.

Tomorrow, it's off to the airport and back to the states. And while I'll be sad to leave with so much left to do here, I have to admit I'm a little eager to get home. If nothing else, I have some SERIOUS work to get done -- I haven't had the time or energy to draw or write anything since I got here, and it's making me anxious!

That, and the fact that I have five or six cover letters to write and chronin pitches to mail out pretty much immediately.

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For the next couple of days, our tour group will be in Florence. Normally I look askance at the whole "packaged tour" thing, but to be honest it's been nice to have someone else handle all the details. There aren't any lines to wait in, we cover all the "big" stops, and we're still left with enough time to do our own thing.

We also often cover HUGE amounts of territory in one day. Yesterday we had breakfast in Venice, took water taxis to our bus, drove first to Saint Andrew's (?) basilica and then to Pisa, and ended with an evening in Florence. Today we saw the David, the Uffizi gallery, the cathedral.....OH MAN. LONG DAY. They're ALL long days, really, but in the best way possible.

On the other hand, tomorrow is my first day off -- I get to do whatever I want between breakfast and dinner -- and I have to admit I'm looking forward to some unscheduled time.

I'm sorry I've been so lousy about replying to comments -- I've basically posted to LJ every time I've had net access, which should give you a sense of the infrequency. Though at least this cafe, which we just found, is right next to the hotel.

Final bit of news: so far, it seems like the rest of the tour group doesn't hate us. Let's see if we can keep that going, eh?
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In a Venitian internet cafe with my sister, and so far we're having a fantastic time! There's nothing quite like getting yourself delightfully lost in a foreign city, and so far Venice is proving itself especially well-suited. We've covered half of the island just trying to figure out where we're going, and saw some beautiful sites along the way. There was even a rainbow over the lagoon -- AWESOME.

Though I was wondering...are there gondalier hangouts? Do they all go to the same bar and yell at each other all night? I wonder....

Also, I finally managed to call JFK and they HAD MY WALLET! Triumph over evil, my ass is saved, etc.

Finally, Aang is proving to be a wonderful traveling companion....and I think the tour group is warming up to him. That, or they've taken pity on us for being totally batshit crazy.
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I've been in Italy for...what? Three hours? And between my last post and now, I've had my connecting flight sent back to Milan due to a mechanical problem, and also discovered that my carry on no longer contained my WALLET.

There haven't been any charges to my cards, but it's too early to call JFK's lost and found. I'll check the one here, in Milan, but in the meantime....? I'm just glad I had our passports and tickets in a different, NOT LOST wallet.


ETA: I filed a police report at the airport, and checked the lost property office. Nothing's turned up and no one's been using my credit cards, so I'm holding out hope that I left it in the airport bar at JFK, and it's now sitting in the lost and found.

ETA2: Finally called JFK, and they have it! WOO-HOO! MY ASS IS SAVED YET AGAIN!
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In about ten minutes, my sister and I will be boarding our flight to Milan. We'll be touring around Italy for ten days, and I plan to eat as much delicious food, make as few important decisions, and do as little useful work as is possible. Because OH I ready for a vacation!

Note that while we were wandering around the airport, I found a store that had overpriced Avatar action figures. I decided that it was worth spending $16 on Aang if it meant I could spend the next couple of weeks taking photos of him wandering around Italy. I'm especially looking forward to his holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. As far as chaparones go, I'd say Aang is MY KIND OF GUY.
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I apologise ahead of time for the fact that this (and all future) London Post will probably be incredibly dull. It's just that I never keep proper travel diaries, and thus inevitably forget half of what I've I thought it was better to have a lame record of events than none at all.

The trip so far...


- Slept for three hours, realized that even after washing my only suitable pair of boots still smelled like cat pee, decided not to let the boots win and wore them anyway, set out on subway for Penn Station

- Rode train to Newark, continually sniffed at Cat Boots and regretted my decisions not to bring any other footwear, checked in, went to gate, read first ten page of Freakanomics in airport newstand, fell asleep in pile with Scott for two hours

- Got on (un)surprisingly empty plane, enjoyed lavish Virgin Atlantic service and delicious sausages, watched "Inside Man" on tiny television, fell asleep, woke up, finished crocheting a giant sock, arrived in London

- Picked up luggage at carosel, discovered that tequila purchased for [ profile] aegeus had exploded all over our clothes, shoved newly alcoholic items into a plastic bag and reekingly departed from Heathrow

- Rode tube into London, was met by the lovely [ profile] folk at the station, drug things to his flat while apologising for Cat Boot, ate large amounts of orangey-blue cheese. (It was oddly green, but also delicious)

- Fell asleep before it got too insanely late


- Woke up, ate Tesco breakfast (DELICIOUS YOGURT!), dropped boozy clothing at the cleaners, bought new trainers and shoved Cat Boots into the bottom of our backpack, set out for central London

- Arrived at Victoria Station, failed to get tickets for Wicked with [ profile] folk but managed to get a pair for Billy Elliot.

- Walked to the Tate Britain, took boat down the river to the Tate Modern, were kicked out at closing

- Grabbed dinner at Marks and Spencer, watched Billy Elliot, were thoroughly charmed

- Met up with [ profile] folk again, returned to his flat, ate unexpectedly delicious Chinese takeout.


- Popped out to Boots while the boys were milling around, bought shampoo and body wash so mooching could be cut down to a minimum, returned home an alternate route and enjoyed looking at Incredibly English Row Houses while managing not to get lost


- Headed into the city again and made a beeline for the British Museum. Failed utterly to see even half of it in nearly five hours.

- Met up with [ profile] aegeus, grabbed snacks and coffee (I ate a side of Kimchee in five minutes and destroyed my stomach for an hour), returned to the Museum and had just started to get back into the swing of things when the galleries closed. Damn.

- Wandered down to Leicester Square (with brief recon mission to Forbidden Planet along the way) and met up with [ profile] titanic_days at Wagamama for dinner.

- Strolled over to gelatto place around the corner and ate gigantic piles of frozen caloric yumminess.

- Headed back to flat, wasted time on internet, planned for further adventures.


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