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2015-01-05 01:22 pm

Mostly comics, surprising no one!

Horrifyingly, it's already time for my yearly roundup of "Stuff I've Made in the Last 12 Months!"

First off, because the reveals happened a few days ago: I did manage to write a story for Yuletide this year! It's titled "Live. Die. Save the Cat." and it's an Edge of Tomorrow/Alien crossover starring Rita Vrataski and Ellen Ripley. I wrote it to be as readable as possible to folks who aren't familiar with one or both of those films, so if you're interested in reading about 13,000 words about ladies learning to be badass and helping each other out through an alien invasion, perhaps you would enjoy it!

That's pretty much it for Fun Time Fan Stuff. But as for other things I've made....!


A Leaf in the Night -- wordless sequel to A Stray in the Woods
Hourly Comics 2014 -- One or two panels per waking hour of last February 1st.
Boyfriends of Brooklyn -- co-created with Paul Starr, who wrote the flavor text
Pilgrimage -- a short science fiction comic about the cultural history of Mars
Going Up -- another short SF comic, this time about running late for your space elevator trip
Accidentally Indie -- a short that I'll be putting online soon, featured in Dirty Diamonds #6
A 6-page comic for The Tribute Album, a collection of art and comics about The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal which you can download as a PDF for free

I also wrote large portions of two non-fiction graphic novels for First Second Books. Looking forward to passing them both on to their respective artists!


King Tide -- a SF short set in a drowned near-future Brooklyn (on Motherboard)
Authenticity Soup -- about nostalgia for the Colonial Era and a not-terrible-well-planned camping trip on Mars (on The Sockdolager)

Also, two of my older Sockdolager stories are now available to read online for free:
Moxie -- basically Mulan, only with yacht racing
Off Nominal -- a science fiction novella about the first manned mission to Mars, in which there are mundane-but-potentially-deadly technical problems and awkward romantic entanglements

In Summary:

I spent a lot of time on small personal projects in 2014, but the majority of that time was in the first half of the year. The fall was basically devoured by paid work about which I'm very excited, which is great, buuuuuuuuuuuuut....I'm feeling pretty twitchy about getting some more self-pub comics work out the door. I really, really want to have some new minis done in time for this year's con season.

I'm tentatively excited about having made three prose sales in 2014 -- to Motherboard, to Strange Horizons, and to The Sockdolager -- but I'm nervous about whether or not the trend will continue. I'm not nearly as well-established in prose as I am in comics, and keeping up with comics has been challenging enough! 0___0
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2013-09-05 09:56 pm


I've mostly been over on Tumblr and Twitter these days, but I know some folks still mostly keep track of what I'm up to here, SO! :D

I’ll be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD in just over a week, and I’ll have TWO new books for sale at table W17!

The print edition of my webcomic A Stray in the Woods, which came out really beautifully!

And Visiting NASA #1, a minicomic version of a 27-page NASA comic I posted to earlier this summer!

Plus lots of other fun stuff, Cat and/or Rocket-related and otherwise.

The show is on September 14th and 15th and admission is just $10! I AM SUPER EXCITED TO GO, and I hope to see some of you there!
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2013-06-06 03:46 pm

cats comics comics cats cats

So I launched my very first Kickstarter earlier this week -- the print edition of the spooky Cat-centric webcomic I started back in September -- and it occurred to me that I should probably mention it here!

I'm actually super excited about this project! I have some fun stretch goals planned if it ends up being successful enough for me to afford them, but honestly, I'm just thrilled to be able to print this book! Offset is almost definitely going to be out of the question, but I've found a really great digital print guy in PA who does a lot of comics like mine, and I think he'll do a fantastic job.

I'm also really happy with how my Kickstarter video came out -- particularly the music, which was composed just for this project by the fantastic [personal profile] pts.

There's something like 26 days left, so WHO KNOWS what'll happen! Probably not much, but after the shock of meeting my goal so quickly, I've given up entirely on trying to manage my expectations.

There's been a lot of stressful, unpredictable, sometimes discouraging stuff going on with my work in the past year...but this comic? So far it's mostly just been a really fun thing that I've been able to share with some folks online. And this week I've felt like a very, very lucky woman.

So check it out, if you're interested! I'd love to have more awesome folks to mail things to the fall.

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2012-11-21 10:53 am

Some Things that have been taking up my time!

Like many folks, I haven't been updating my LJ/DW as much as I once did, but in part that's because I've been pretty busy! In addition to various Chronin-related figuring out of things, I've been working really hard on two smaller projects, and now both of them are in a state that can be consumed by people who aren't me!

Space Stuff

The first is a novella-length story that I wrote over the summer, which follows a crew of six through a harrowing week on the first manned mission to Mars. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out, and I adore the other stories which were included in the anthology it was written for: The Ships We Sail, edited and organized by [ profile] pts. It also features stories by [personal profile] jlh, [ profile] ladysisyphus, [ profile] drmoonpants, [ profile] sistermagpie and more, all of which are excellent!

I'm really excited about this project, not only because I worked very hard on my story, and because the quality of the other stories contributed is VERY high, but because I sincerely believe in small press and independent publishing and I hope this little anthology of ours can find its place in the world. My years reading and working in indy comics has given me a deep respect for the work that people do outside of "traditional" print publishing with large houses, and I hope that The Ships We Sail does its part to show that small press anthologies can be a great home for short fiction.

If you want to read a sizeable excerpt of my story, which is titled "Off Nominal," you can do so on the Ships We Sail site! I hope some of you guys check it out -- I'd love to hear what you think!

Cat Stuff

The OTHER big thing I've been working on is on the other end of the "Things Alison Does" spectrum -- an ongoing interactive webcomic, heavy on the visuals, about a cat and their adventures in a lonely forest. It's called A Stray In The Woods, and every update is based on reader-submitted "commands" -- although of course, not every command necessarily ends in the result the reader may have hoped for! The first installment is here, if you want to go check it out!
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2011-06-23 05:34 pm


I mean that both literally and figuratively!

So I guess [ profile] emsariel and I became homeowners last month? And now we're about to move with [ profile] hoshizora to our new digs? Like, as in THIS SATURDAY MORNING? And I still have countless boxes of crap to pack up, and piles of trash to throw away, and large pieces of furniture to find new homes for?

But you know, I ordered a Hawaiian pizza, so I'm sure it'll be fine. Pineapple fixes everything. (Unless you're [personal profile] jlh, in which case Rhubarb fixes everything.)


With SOME THINGS in it that...I wrote?!!?!?

It's only in comic shops for now (or anyone else that orders through Diamond) but it'll be in regular bookstores soon enough, and it sounds like people's Amazon orders have shipped... I'll just be over here in the corner biting my nails and hoping people like it!

Except that I'll actually be putting shit in boxes and scaring the crap out of the cats.

And eating pizza.
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2011-03-02 02:01 am
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Love Memes are the Best Memes!

I am trying desperately to finish my technically-overdue submission for an ATLA mini-bang, which has taken the form of a Katara-centric Avatar/Harry Potter crossover.* I would have finished it earlier, but I forced myself to plow through a lot of comic-drawing and freelance work first. This explains why I'm up at 2AM! This also explains why I am super-behind on my email, in particular some email that I desperately owe to a certain lady in Yorkshire!

However, this also means I'm awake to witness the appearance of an Avatar Fanfic Author Love Meme on my flist!

Guys. Love Memes are the best.


I'm a little tired to do much with it tonight, myself. But I'll have to think of SOME KIND OF NONSENSE to post on it tomorrow!

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2011-02-08 08:31 pm

More A:TLA comics! COMING SOON!

For reals this time!

Remember, ages and ages ago, when [ profile] yaytime and I made a trailer for the new NickMag Avatar comics we were working on? And how, because of the magazine's untimely demise, over 75 pages of brand-new completely finished Avatar comics were never published in English? Some of them never published at all?

Apparently Dark Horse is finally doing something about it!

I am super-psyched about this announcement, you guys. As much as I'm a little sad that I don't get to be more directly involved, I'm jazzed as all hell that these comics will finally see the light of day!

I'm not sure which of the stories I worked on will be included, unfortunately....fingers crossed that "Swordbenders" is among them.... *____*
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2010-07-15 09:54 pm
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I am at Infinitus!

So far it is pretty great! A couple people seem to actually care about the Zuko Book, and everyone has been super-nice! Say what will will about HP and its fandom -- rarely have I been at a con so overwhelmingly positive and well-intentioned.

I am super-nervous about my reading/signing/keynote panel tomorrow (uuuuuuughgghskdfjksdjfsafksjdf) but that's fine! Because I'm so behind on my freelance work that I have PLENTY to keep me distracted until then!

I am also feeling more nostalgic for my Potter fandom days than I have felt in a very VERY long time. 22-year-old me would have freaked the fuck out at that welcoming feast, let me tell you. LET ME TELL YOU. She would also have been in her Hogwarts uniform, giant-roller-skating-related-ass-bruise-and-roadrash-combo be damned. (oh yeah, that happened. Sitting down was kind of an adventure for a few days thar)

The Ladies have talked me into using some of my super-old Harry/Draco fic as my material for the reading tomorrow, since most of my current work is either ATLA-related or comics or both. I hope everyone is duly entertained by what my younger self thought was TOTALLY AWESOME to put in the first chapter of a fanfic.


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2010-07-04 10:17 pm
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You're always there for me, Clint Mansell

Guys, it is Deadline Night and I have thousands of words left to write, and I am tired. I AM SO TIRED. Fandom is full of fail and shockingly bad judgment and my weekend was not so much full of sleep and it is very hot in this apartment. And I had to stay home instead of going to watch the fireworks with [ profile] hoshizora and [ profile] emsariel. < /whining >

BUT SO YOU KNOW, I am trying to stay positive! I am trying to keep my chin up! I am trying not to waste time feeling pissy when it would be much better to finish this work and you know DO SOMETHING ELSE TOMORROW THAT IS NOT WORK. But holy fuck, it is so hard to concentrate on anything. SO HARD. Like every sentence I type is a battle against my desire to be doing PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING ELSE.

That said. A thing that helps me concentrate? Non-lyrical music. Particularly soundtracky type music.

But there are only so many times I can listen to the "Moon" soundtrack in a single day, you know?

So: do any of you have some good-to-write-to tunes you can share with me?

If so, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! *_____*

But regardless, here, have one of my favorite tracks from the aforementioned Moon soundtrack! It is pretty great!
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2010-06-11 04:00 pm
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Some things

So there are some ~*~Events~*~ this summer that I'll be at, the first of which is tomorrow in NYC and the most surprising of which is being on a panel at Infinitus. If you're at all curious about such things, they're detailed over at my other journal.


• Last night I went to a Newsies sing along here in Brooklyn with [ profile] hoshizora. It was put together by (and a charity event for) the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, which as far as I can tell is a social justice marching band. As a result, the crowd was pretty excellent -- 100% sincere, full of people who recited the opening monologue right along with me and sang their hearts out, completely free of self-conscious hipsters trying to impress their friend, peppered with newsboy caps and suspenders -- and we had a really fantastic time. Watching it with that particular group of people, I was surprised at how very RELEVANT it proved to be to their cause. I don't usually think about Newsies in the context of social justice, but of course that's at the core of everything it's doing. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to sing "Seize the Day" at the top of my lungs in a church basement full of activists. It was pretty rad!

• I spent a lot of the past couple days working on a pair of leather toe guards for my new skates! They came out a lot better than I'd expected them to, and I'll use what I learned to make some more heavy duty ones for [ profile] hoshizora, whose skates have been getting pretty beat up at derby practice.

• I've been rereading a certain giant-ass Zuko fanfic of mine as part of my efforts to FINISH the damn thing already. It's a little strange to be speedreading 100,000 words of my own prose like this, and it certainly doesn't do a lot for my confidence as far as how well I paced it. But I have PLANS for the epilogue, and hopefully I'm in the final stretch.

• I wish that I was faster at reading/writing/drawing/etc. Where did this week go? Where did the SPRING go? I've gotten a lot done, but there's SO MUCH LEFT and it seems like I'm never quite caught up.

• Shit. Have to buy SDCC plane tickets. Blerg. x_____x
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2010-05-03 10:59 am
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The pursuit of a selection of things, sometimes successful and sometimes not

This weekend contained:

• Watching Taiko Drumming (fun fact: I first saw the Soh Daiko troupe when I was like ten at the Black Ships Festival in Newport, and it quite literally CHANGED THE COURSE OF MY TINY LIFE with how much I loved it) and folk dances and saying hi to [ profile] naniwa and loling at the human cartoon that is Borough President Marty Markowitz at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens' Sakura Matsuri.

• Attending the Bell House's Kentucky Derby party with [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora and [ profile] jlh and [ profile] kyoto_idol. The $5 cover charge got us three rounds of free Mint Juleps, a rope and whip show, an excellent vantage point for the hat contest and the race itself, and a venue where Paul and I were not the most overdressed people in the room. (At Sakura Matsuri he was mistaken for a Holmes cosplayer, which only served to further cement my plans for Halloween this year.)

• Picking up some free comics at the new-ish store on Bergan Street, which I hadn't been to before but will certainly go to again.

• Getting a small amount of work done on various projects.

• Watching Back to the Future 2, which I had not seen since the debut of the iphone (and really, the massive popularization of texting) which makes the 2015 scenes seem dated in completely new and different ways. (Fax machines? REALLY? lol paper. But the giant wall-mounted flat-screen video conference where your personal information scrolls by under you weren't actually that far off.)

This weekend did not contain:

• A copy of the Del Rey Showcase.

By the time we got to the shop, they'd run out of the Del Rey books entirely. There was also a preview of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies inside, you see, which made it something of a HOT TICKET ITEM, particularly in a young/hip/nerdy neighborhood like Park Slope. Apparently a LOT of people had a hard time getting ahold of that sampler, such that only a few friends of mine seem to have seen it at all.


(thankfully, [ profile] space_coyote got a copy from her roommate, so she got to see some of her gorgeous artwork for this book in print. And [ profile] halifax_slasher snagged a copy for ME at Midtown, which I'll hopefully have by tonight. But seriously, it's pretty hilarious to find myself in a place where I hope people WILL scan something I've done and put it online. THE SUSPENSE. UNPLEASANT!)
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2010-04-30 07:24 pm
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Stuff that is going on

So tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! At which there will be a preview for the Zuko!Prequel! HOW ABOUT THAT! (more info on the other journal if you're interested)

I signed up for the Gotham Girls Basic Training next month, so I can work on my quad skating skills (or rather, my lack thereof.) I'm pretty excited about it, actually! I'm not a particularly serious athlete but there are some basic skills I've had a hard time figuring out on my own, not to mention the poor shape of my basic form. I've bought the required equipment I didn't already have (helmet, mouth guard, elbow guards) and now you know...COMMITTED!

On a related note: still trying to figure out whether or not I want to buy new, higher-quality quads for myself. The skates I have now were bought back in October while [ profile] hoshizora was first visiting, and I've gotten a lot of use out of them since then. But they're men's vinyl figure skates of moderate quality, and I'm starting to get good enough that quality matters. I tried on [ profile] hoshizora's speed skates the other day, and even though they're like two sizes too big for me they STILL felt more comfortable and better fitted than my current skates. Only problem is, a decent pair of used speed skates is gonna cost at LEAST $200 and probably significantly more.


This would be less of a problem if not for the last item in this post: my cat! Julien! Who I adore and who is over 17 years old! And who had to go to the vet twice this week and is now on antibiotics because of a kitty UTI, which caused him to yowl horribly and pee in places he was not supposed to. Fortunately the meds seem to be helping and he's on the mend, but...guys. GUYS. I don't want to think about how much those vet trips and blood tests and urine cultures cost me. I don't want to think about it at all.

Oh, Julien. You may have cost me a pair of skates, buddy, but you're worth it. <3
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2010-04-26 05:08 pm
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Just some licensed book navel gazing

There was a secret on [ profile] fandomsecrets the other day that...didn't BOTHER me so much as struck me as vaguely ominous with regards to my own situation. And got me thinking. It was about one of the various Buffy comics, and suggested that authors of tie-ins should "leave fan fic to the fan fic writers. They aren't in it for the money, and will (typically) do the story justice."

My thoughts, in bullet points for all of our convenience:

• I write fanfic AND official tie-ins. So where does that put me? Is the integrity of my fic compromised by the professional work? Is the professional work automatically of lower quality than the fic, even though it was written by the same person? I realize I'm being a little facetious with this, but seriously. CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, THE DRAMA!, etc.

• While I will freely admit that writing licensed work and adaptations provided nearly ALL of my income last year, I would stress that said income was laughably small, as in just barely above the poverty line. The work included several dozen pages of comics at a standard rate, half of two graphic novels and an adapted screenplay (that I'm still working on oh god so much to do) and I don't know if packing much more in would have been feasible. Any one who's "in this for the money" should have their head examined as it's not exactly lucrative.

• It's absolutely true that many tie-ins and adaptations are terrible, often because of the constraints of the project or a lack of caring on the part of the authors and artists creating the licensed work. But then, plenty of licensed work is AWESOME, like the Simpsons comics that Nina Matsumoto's worked on in the past. As with so many things, they're only as good as the effort the people involved are willing to invest. But has the reputation of tie-ins been so thoroughly tarnished that there's no point in trying to redeem them? I'm so biased for a whole host of reasons that I can't really stand back and consider the issue objectively. How would I feel about the Zuko!Prequel if I hadn't written it?
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2010-02-16 11:06 pm
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Some stuff, while I try to psyche myself up for the ~*~FREELANCE WRITING~*~ I'm supposed to be doing

So I have not posted in a while, at least not properly! This is for a lot of reasons, but mostly I've just been a bit off-kilter -- new year, new roommate, and a complete inability to get things done when I would like them to be done. I've felt a little off-balance for the last few weeks, but fortunately I seem to be getting my feet back under me again and my productivity is starting to crawl back toward where it needs to be.

Admittedly, part of the problem is that I've been making a big effort to be less of a weirdo hermit -- more cooking, more going out on errands and walks and skates when I need to, more actually going to the events my friends organize, more you know...being an adult who takes care of herself properly? ALAS, I have not quite gotten the knack of balancing this with my freelance/personal commitments quite as quickly as I would have liked. So lots of panicking as I try to force myself to meet deadlines while being kind to [ profile] emsariel and [ profile] hoshizora and cooking real food and getting exercise and seeing friends ALL AT ONCE SOMEHOW?


At least I finished the first draft for the second-to-last-installment of my Giant Crazy Ba Sing Se Fanfic? I am praying that [ profile] jlh and [ profile] kittyjimjams and [ profile] hoshizora can help me beat it into something like acceptable shape, because I have not updated that story in a SHAMEFULLY LONG TIME and I feel like an ass. :|


Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday! I've been feeling kind of down and a little isolated, particularly from internet-friends, so it cheered me up A WHOLE DAMN LOT to be remembered by folks. Y'all are awesome and ILU <3


If you create fanwork and you're in ATLA fandom, you should consider signing up for [ profile] avatarbigbang with me. JUST CUZ. The deadline is very generous and it sounds like it'll be good times!
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2010-01-13 08:29 pm
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(no subject)

January 12th

As I dig down through the clutter in my office, I've discovered little hoards of treasures that I'd almost forgotten existed -- like two entire boxes of toys and such from my desk at KND, unopened since my last day of work. I flipped through my well-worn show bible and dusted off pvc figurines and set aside the cards from my first pitch, and wondered if I'll ever have a job like that again. As excited as I am about Chronin and the Zuko!Prequel and various other projects I've moved on to, nothing measures up to the experience of sitting on Mr. Warburton's couch at Curious Pictures, hashing out story beats and trying to figure out how to rescue ideas from "Purgastory."
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2010-01-06 03:51 am

As soon as I get one fire put out / There's another building burning down

January 5th

Of all the things I really need to work on as a freelancer, my inability to accurately estimate how long something will take me to do is WAY at the top of the list, right next to "tendency to watch entire television series in one go" and "being the slowest writer in the world." All I needed to do was reread a 23,000 word treatment and make the last round of minor changes, which I thought couldn't possibly take more than a few hours but NO -- no, it took pretty much the entire day. (Watching "Turtles Forever" probably didn't help speed-wise, but it sure as hell improved my mood. *______* <3 )
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2010-01-05 04:56 am

The sky is clear and full of common lights / While the earth lies sleeping

January 4th:

It's almost 5AM, and my day is finally ending -- I've finished with the major revisions on this treatment, and after I give it one last readover in the morning I'll be able to send it out and have it over and done with. The script itself will follow soon enough, but I can spare a few days to clean house and turn [ profile] emsariel's home office into a bedroom. And maybe, if I'm lucky, start to settle back into working on Chronin again...which I hope I haven't forgotten how to do.
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2010-01-02 01:38 pm
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So here is what happened

As previously mentioned, my somewhat elderly but dearly beloved ibook, Alphonse, met a sudden and dramatic end on Thursday morning. Fortunately for me, my friends are incredibly kind people (thanks especially to [ profile] jlh and [ profile] calloocallay and [ profile] hoshizora for calling to talk me down from the ledge and/or offer aid in the immediate aftermath!) and [ profile] emsariel and I are of only middling levels of broke-ness, so we had a lot of options to choose from in terms of how we were going to sort things out.

After an hour of wandering around the house thinking about how this was a perfect time to get a ~*~new laptop~*~ and feeling REALLY guilty about it (although Clio and Paul in particular were like, "Alison, seriously, you were going to have to get a new one soon anyway") Scott and I decided that yeah...YEAH...maybe we were actually going to just splurge. )

As it is, I am just FANTASTICALLY PLEASED with every single thing about this machine, from the keyboard to the trackpad to the new OS to the big empty harddrive to the much much much nicer and higher res screen. I am so pleased that I kind of feel like a character in a commercial -- like John Hodgman is going to try and lure me to Windows 7, only to have me pat him on his head before running into the arms of Justin Long.



At least now work is a lot sparklier?
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2009-12-17 10:26 pm
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Brief but INTENSELY WELCOME Zuko!Prequel update

[ profile] space_coyote (aka Nina Matsumoto, the artist) just got word that her pencils have been approved. We have to brainstorm a way to fix a clarity problem in the first couple pages, but other than that?


Here's hoping it'll be smooth sailing from here on in! *____*
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2009-10-28 05:35 pm
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In which I'm tentatively optimistic in regards to tiny!Zuko and my account of his Adventures

YET AGAIN I'm a few days away from a deadline and completely freaking out (which in this case involved running away to my mom's place on Cape Cod in an attempt to prune distractions) BUT! I wanted to emerge long enough to share a mini-update on what's going on with the Zuko!Prequel!

SO know, with these things it's impossible to say what will happen or what problems will come up until the books are printed and on shelves. But right now I'm pretty optimistic! We SEEM to have gotten the script through the approval process with only a few, small changes, and (fingers crossed) hopefully the same will be true for [ profile] space_coyote's completely fantastic pencils. (seriously, I get little shivers of joy just flipping through these things. I feel like between her and [ profile] yaytime I've won the Awesome Goddamn Collaborator sweepstakes.)

Dave and I wrote a book about Zuko being sent away on his tiny boat and struggling to find his place in the world and having adventures with handsome outlaws and sitting beside his uncle on hillsides while they talk about family and loss, and somehow we actually managed to shepherd the thing (INTACT!) through all the obstacles that invariably turn up with projects like this one, and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I THINK IT MAY ACTUALLY BE OKAY? MAYBE?

Again: fingers crossed. I'm still ready for it all to collapse in on itself in a horrific black hole of awful. But I can't help but savor the little glimmers of hope.

So anyway...ANYWAY! I mentioned before that there's an Amazon page up already, which remains pretty great. But today I discovered that I apparently have an author page on the Random House website as well! Given that early on in this process I was usually left off of press releases and forgotten about in panels, it's all the more rewarding to have that dumb little page to open up and gaze upon like an idiot.

You guys.