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I'll be spending most of today in a big, white dress.

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Scott and I got our marriage license this morning. Huh. How about that? *laughs* He only threatened to tear it up about a dozen times, so I suppose we're still on track for happiness.

Spent last weekend at SPX, which was pretty damn awesome! [ profile] foxysquid and I drove down together, as planned, and had a fabulous day of browsing, drawing, chatting, sipping old fashioned cocktails in the hotel bar and grabbing meals with friends! I'm only sorry we didn't get to hang out with our fabulous roommates more -- alas, needing to be on the road at 8AM the next day kinda killed our Saturday night party plans. *sighs* At least we only got lost once! NOT BAD!

This weekend: Someone else's wedding! Other people's weddings are nice because I DIDN'T HAVE TO PLAN THEM. *laughs* Though I spent about an hour on the drive back this weekend planning the wedding of two of my characters, so go figure. (Ugh, so embarrassing! Clearly I have a brain tumor. That's the only explanation for why I could feel compelled to do something that sappy.)

Finally, a meme of sorts, as Foxy tagged me:

Write ten things off the top of your head that make you happy. Spread the love, tag ten people to do the same.

1) Getting thoughtful, in-depth feedback on my writing. I admit it, I'm creatively self-absorbed!
2) Making people laugh. It's better if the laughter isn't at my expense, but I take what I can get.
3) Napping in the sun with my cat on my chest.
4) Watching fantastically well-crafted narratives unfold! See: MY RIDICULOUS LOVE OF FICTION. <3
5) Collaborating creatively with others. I really wish I got to do more of this, it's a special sort of satisfying!
6) Walking on the beach in winter.
7) Long walks in general, particularly when I have good company or an interesting project to consider. Or both!
8) Sunlight through leaves.
9) Baking apple pie. Always make the crust from scratch, that's the best part!
10) Crafting a perfect mix tape.

As for who to tag....hmm. [ profile] rawles, [ profile] emsariel, [ profile] erinfinnegan, [ profile] jlh, [ profile] gothic_hamlet, [ profile] goraina, [ profile] marionv, [ profile] mattbayne, [ profile] spinooti, [ profile] gallo_de_pelea
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Anyone reading this who thinks of me as a friend-like-person should probably take a look at the short comic I just finished. It's nothing profound, but I think you'll get a kick out of it!

Five pages behind the cut.... )

I'd wanted to post this a couple weeks ago, but my trip sort of derailed that plan a bit. STILL! Better late than never, right? >;}


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Go make some new disaster.

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